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  1. I was convinced I’d get this today having been dispatched Tuesday. I nearly chased the postman down as he walked past my house empty handed, bastard.
  2. I think the most important thing here is can someone please tell me what QOL means? I’m hoping my stupidity will get lost amongst the arguing
  3. Borderlands 3 You would struggle to find a bigger fan of Borderlands 2, I completed it multiple times on every difficulty, something that isn’t generally me as a gamer, one play through then I’m done until the DLC, 2 however was a different beast entirely, completed it on normal and went straight into True Vault Hunter mode, completed that and straight away hit Ultimate Vault Hunter mode, which I completed to its fullest. So before 3 came out they released a DLC for 2 that bridged the gap between the two games, rather than just playing this DLC I thought right, to really get my juices flowing I’ll play through 2 one last time with all the DLCs resulting in the new DLC, also not on 360 this time, with the settings maxed out on my new PC, which I did. Did I burn myself out before 3 came out? Possibly, or is it just an inferior game to its predecessor? A lot of what made Borderlands great for me was missing at the start of 3, namely the Badass Ranks, little tiny steps forward between levelling up, I loved them because you always felt like you were getting better bit by bit, 0.7% accuracy here, 0.5% damage there but still progressing bit by bit. With 3 this is missing completely until you’ve completed the game, however the achievements still pop up “Kill 25 of 25 Skags” pops up, however doesn’t actually do anything at all.....Also in places 2 was hilarious, it was genuinely funny, however 3 tried to recreate this but instead found itself being disastrously unfunny to the point I cringed so much in places I had to turn the sound off, So Borderlands 3 was my most anticipated game in years and ended with me 10 hours in thinking I just can’t be bothered.
  4. 9/10 - Gamespot https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/pokemon-sword-and-shield-review-the-cliffs-of-snov/1900-6417363/ ITS NOT SHIT
  5. I got my dispatch E-Mail from ShopTo yesterday
  6. Apparently season 19 started with the patch that came out this morning but it’s not showing for me... https://www.gamespot.com/articles/diablo-3-patch-starts-season-19-adds-new-sets/1100-6471387/
  7. I just can’t agree with this, for a franchise worth so much money I don’t buy the “situations can happen” angle, they’ve got such a huge pot of money to throw at it and literally no expectation of this releasing this year considering Let’s Go didn’t come out that long ago, If its unfinished and not the game you wanted to make, delay it. Animal Crossing has. I’d prefer to wait for the first console Pokemon and make it amazing than sighing every time I read a feature they’ve cut
  8. Genuinely if this is as good as S/M and not some featureless stripped down version of a Pokemon game I’ll be a happy man, I can live with that
  9. No chance I’ll cancel my Pre-Order or any of that jazz but there does seem to be a few glaring omissions from what I would expect for the first mainline Switch Pokemon game, to actually cut a lot of what makes the games great just doesn’t make sense. I hope to god I’m wrong and this is amazing I really do
  10. The parts I loved are seemingly missing, the National Dex, the trading to help you complete your Dex, it just seems like they’ve proper rushed it out for a franchise so huge and the first main console game. ”Gotta Catch Em........Well some, you’ve got to catch some of em”
  11. Apparently, the review embargo set for today has been extended, I've got a horrible feeling this is going to be a shit show. I’m gutted as I have played to death every main line Pokemon game
  12. I’m like this with football, ignore the scores all day, completely skirt social media then get giddy and check 10 minutes before Match Of The Day, Deal, I’m going in blind, bring on Friday!
  13. When are reviews expected? and can anyone link me to a vid that covers pretty much everything we know about it thus far please?
  14. First game I’ve Pre-Ordered in about 3 years, All aboard the Hype train! I’ve also read nothing of it, going in fresh
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