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  1. CovisGod

    Your shameful gaming secrets

    Thought of another one actually, I used to charge £10 to lads at my school to "Chip" their Dreamcasts overnight allowing them to watch porn VCDs. Obviously the Dreamcast played VCDs anyway but they didn't know that, so I'd charge them £10 for "chipping" the console and a further £5 for some dodgy pornography VCD out of my vast collection.
  2. CovisGod

    Your shameful gaming secrets

    The day of my Dad's funeral, I got back from the service, the after do was round our house, we were the first back and I noticed I had a red card through the door saying I had a package waiting for me.... Knowing full well it was my copy of Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic for the Xbox I snuck out of the house for an hour to walk to the post office to pick it up while people stood in my house balling and eating sausage rolls. Bad person.
  3. CovisGod

    Have you ever completely mastered a game?

    Borderlands 2, Completed it atleast 8 times, on every difficulty, including True Vault Hunter and Ultimate Vault Hunter mode
  4. CovisGod

    Have you ever found a game too hard?

    I disagree, I'm certainly losing a bit of edge as I get older, my reactions on games like COD where you have to be on point are certainly getting worse as my hands and joints ache more now than they ever have.
  5. CovisGod

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo

    Love this! https://metro.co.uk/2019/01/14/87-year-old-grandma-plays-animal-crossing-3500-hours-still-hasnt-caught-fish-8342233?ito=social
  6. Have you ever come across a game, that despite all your best efforts you lack the necessary skills to play? Until now I've always thought that with a bit of practise, no game would be too hard eventually, I've played through a lot of games on Normal and then played through them again on their hardest settings, never really having a problem.... That was until this week when I started playing Cuphead. I can't get passed the first level, it's so unforgiving. I'm sure with hours and hours of repetitive play I'll remember where stuff is, but I've spent a good few hours on the first level and havent even come close to finishing it, maybe the 15 year old equivilant of me may have been able too, but the mid thirtys me with ever slowing hands can't hack it. Has there ever been a game you've come up against that you've totally dismissed as too hard for you?
  7. CovisGod

    Gaming meet ups

    Got nothing near me like this, looks awesome. Infact I've just figured out that I'm probably the only one of my friends in this area that's into gaming I need to find a meet up somewhere around Norfolk And some new friends...
  8. CovisGod

    Do you cheat on games?

    Only game you could say Ive ever "Cheated" on is probably Football Manager, saving the game just before a Champions League final, losing and loading up the save again because I wasn't happy with one of my players getting sent off in the 3rd minute or 5 of my players getting injured. I try to be as realistic as possible but when the game absolutley pissing screws you when you've just put 12 hours in to a season only for it to go nah, not winning that, even though you've got a better team, better tactics, I'm just going to send 3 of your players off before half time to even if up
  9. CovisGod

    Final Fantasy 7

    I'm also playing through this at the minute, I've played through it a few times before but I can't remember how far I got each time, I know I've never completed it. Looks ace on the GPD Win 2 screen, perfect game to play on a handheld
  10. CovisGod

    PSX/PS1 rare gems

    Alundra, Jade Cocoon, Chase The Express, Wild Arms, Suikoden 1&2
  11. CovisGod

    Quick fire poll: will the PS5/XB2 have a disc drive?

    I'm not sure they'll be remotely worried about people with slow Internet connections when the inevitable time does come that a console is launched without a disc drive. Some games now require day one updates of sometimes 30gb-50gb and nobody seems to bat an eyelid about that. Up until a few months back a 30gb update would have took me about 6 months. Like others have said I can see companies launching a console with a disc drive and a slightly cheaper one without, maybe with a bigger HD? It will certainly be interesting this time around as it was talked about before the Xbox One launched wasn't it? Add a few years onto that and who knows
  12. CovisGod


    I also bought Cuphead in the sale, absolutely adore the style of it, it's bloody lovely but oh my god is it hard!
  13. CovisGod

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo

    Bugger that, I used to hate inviting people over. Get the town looking like I want I for months on end then some little scrote comes in and runs all over your flowers
  14. I love reading about others experiences with games and consoles as much as I like talking about them so it's gave me an idea for this thread. What I want to know, and you can be as breif or detailed as you like, a little look back at the consoles you've owned, any stories you may have surrounding the purchase or the launch of said console, a bit about the games you liked for each and an overall favourite game. I'll start, I probably won't go into as much detail as I'd like as my kids need feeding but I will come back and edit the thread later. I look forward to reading some of your experiences. Part 1.... Sega Master System My first console was the Master System, the one with Alex Kidd built in, it was released in 87, I was born in 86 so I pretty much grew up always having had a console, it was the first console I remember all of us playing as a family, playing stuff like Sonic, Mickey Mouse Castle Of Illusion, Lucky Dime Caper etc. Favourite Game - Alex Kidd in Miracle World Sega Mega Drive I remember having a Mega drive but can't remember when we got one, as I was still incredibly young the games we had were a who's who of kids titles and Disney games, stuff like Alladin, Tax-mania, Lion King along with a couple of random games I loved, the cartridge with both Dizzy Egg and Cosmic Spacehead on and my personal favourite.... Favourite Game - Cool Spot PS1 I got one for Christmas not too long after release, I remember asking for one but by no means expecting one, It came with 5 games as I remember, Pandemonium, Andretti Racing, Worms, Adidas Power Soccer and Tomb Raider. Now this was the console that I probably spent most time on even to this day. It launched in 97 and I played it a ridiculous amount every single day until the launch of the PS2. It came on holiday with me, round mates houses for sleepovers the lot. I remember vividly having a 5 minute demo of Resident Evil 2 before it launched and me and a load of mates sat around a telly at 12 years old trying to get a little bit further each time. I had one from 94 to 2000, taking me from 8 years old to 14, my entire misspent youth was on a PS1. Favourite Game - Final Fantasy 9 Dreamcast The Dreamcast is an incredibly special console to me, I got one for my Birthday in March 99, It came with Power Stone, Sonic Adventure and Jimmy Whites Cueball. I remember firing up for the first time, sticking in my space age looking VMU and thinking Holy shit this is the future! I've mentioned in a thread previously about me becoming the porn King of Norfolk due to the Dreamcast, I must have kept the Dreamcast going single handily for the last couple of years of its life as everyone in my school kept buying them and renting porn VCDs off me I got for building a website for a dodgy local company that Chipped consoles. It was a great time, such an underrated console with so many classics. Favourite Game - Shenmue Xbox Released on my Birthday in 2002 the original Xbox was the first ever console I got at launch, as a birthday present from my parents, I was 16 and that was the last console I ever got as a present before buying them myself. I don't remember hardly anything about the original Xbox, don't really remember the games. I do remember thinking that it would probably be my last console, I went off gaming a fair bit for a couple of years until... Favourite Game - Fable Xbox 360 360 came out and I was totally not bothered in the slightest, I'd gone off gaming and the launch passed me by. Until Tomb Raider Legend launched in 2006. It was all over the telly and I kept watching the adverts and thinking how good it looked. I was due to go on holiday with my new girlfriend and her family and I saved up a load of money with the idea of treating them to meals out etc. The day before I was due to go I took all the money to my local Woolworths and bought a 360 and 6 games. Went on holiday with £40 and spent the whole time with the arse on wishing I was playing 360. It was a wise move because the 360 lasted longer than the girlfriend and I got fully 100% back into gaming, I used to have Guitar Hero parties when I moved out, I started a 360 collection at one point and had hundreds of games. Best decision I ever made. Favourite Game - Fallout 3 Part 2 coming later....
  15. CovisGod

    Currently playing...

    I'm currently playing Final Fantasy 7 on my GPD Win 2, not a Rom a legit Steam copy. Now Final Fantasy 7 is a bit of a rare one for me, its a game I would consider to be one of my favourites of all time but its not a game I've actually completed. I've played to possibly half way a handful of times and I'm pretty sure I got to the last boss on my original 1997 game but I can't remember much after around the Golden Saucer point. I'm currently 8ish hours in (I think) and I'm now on the World Map, I knowing this is nothing new to PSP / Vita owners but I'm loving playing this on a handheld, it looks so vibrant on the GPD screen and this time, this bloody time I'm determined to finish it. I got a £10 Voucher for Christmas and bought a remake of Final Fantasy 4 that I didn't know existed so I'm going to start that after

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