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  1. 40 Recipes in Total including the 3 you get on the 12th, done mine, now got to put up with 10 days of these pissing Eggs while I wait
  2. Right you horrible lot, I’ve not opened in a few days.... 104PT Have as much fruit as you like, mind the flowers
  3. Apparently unlike New Leaf there’s no way for a Villager to leave without first asking you if it’s OK. He must have said his goodbyes as you merrily skipped through the chat
  4. Tried my hand at a bit of terraforming this morning, must admit I’m quite proud of my Well Island!
  5. If it helps at all the only fish that give the Eggs are the size 3 shadows, as soon as you can figure out which fish is a size 3 you’re laughing, I’ve just caught a Killifish and a Zebra Turkeyfish! Hoping to catch a snapping turtle at 9pm
  6. 12 days has got to be the quickest I’ve ever put 100 hours into a game
  7. I’ve got a couple spare if you need a Stool or Merry Balloons?
  8. Just about finished the Egg set, there’s 40 items in total (including the clothing) just got to make the table next time I come across Earth Eggs and I’m done!
  9. I have caught literally nothing but Eggs! All day long
  10. My 10 year old asked to have a go on AC while I made dinner....I said yes as long as you don’t change anything..... Just come back to this, I can’t put my finger on it but I feel......Different.
  11. I want that written word for word on my headstone
  12. Sorry guys I’m still proper confused who I’ve promised things to, if you could PM me with your in game name and town name and what you want I’ll get it set, I’ll be online now for most of the night so if we’re not currently friends I’m happy to drop off
  13. plant them next to each other, water them and if you’re lucky a new Hybrid may grow next to them, I have a Hybrid field with rows and rows of Flowers hoping to get Hybrids which I g dig up and plant in places around my island that will look most pretty
  14. Oh man, if you get to a Hybrid Island top tip, just bin off whatever’s in your inventory and bring back as many Hybrids as you can. They are end game Gold, all about the Hybrids in a couple of months time
  15. This is my current Wishlist if anyone has any of them knocking around or can send? Shower Cooker / Oven Cash Register Barbells Weight Bench Shell Arch Clawfoot Tub Papa Bear Dartboard Diner Neon Sign Double Door Refrigerator Grand Piano LCD TV 50 in / Wall Mounted 50 in Corner Sofa Pocket Camp Items ie. Camp Sign, RVs etc DIY Recipes thankyou
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