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  1. I’ve never bought comics from Humble bundle before, how are they viewable if I purchase? Via the ComiXology app or the Kindle app or summat? Or do you have to view on a Pc?
  2. YES!! I never finished the series so want to go back to it, I remember being really impressed Thank you
  3. I’m trying to think of a comic series I was reading a few years ago and can’t remember for the life of me what it was called, it was a version of one of the Superhero clans like a Justice League or Young Avengers (but wasn’t actually the young avengers series I looked) it didn’t have the main cast of characters in I remember that, Its probably 5 years ago, all I remember is they all got dropped on to an island and had to fight each other Battle Royale stylee..... Anyone know what I’m talking about?
  4. Anybody reading any of the Hill House comics? (Basketful of Heads, Dollhouse Family, Low Low Woods etc) They strike me as right up my street, any good?
  5. And that’s why I keep paying for Humble even though I do t have time to play any of them, I’m like a gaming Cilla Black, matching forum members with great games
  6. I see it as my way of giving back to my friends on the forum! That and if one game every 4 months catches my eye I haven’t really lost anything
  7. Back once again (with that Ill behaviour) Same rules mateys, only ask for a code if you actually want to play the game, if not leave it for someone who wants to give it a go. First person to PM time wise gets the code and if there’s a couple you want feel free to state two in case your main choice has gone.... Goooooooooo! Shadow Of The Tomb Raider - @Gizamaluke Blasphemous - @Unofficial Who Ancestors Legacy Phantom Doctrine Dead in Vinland Horizon Chase Turbo Dark Future - Blood Red States X-Morph - Defense Aegis Defenders Desert Child Also if anyone wants to “Pre Order” either of the following from next months Humble Bundle let me know as I already have them - Two Point Hospital - @stefcha Graveyard Keeper - @spork I recommend Graveyard Keeper, it’s excellent
  8. How do you guys store your comics? Them comic boxes you can get on eBay?
  9. I’m the opposite, I spend most of my life looking at a screen, for me there’s no better feeling than a comic dropping through your door and reading it cover to cover, in your hand
  10. Best I spend some money then! Just set up 20 ongoing subs, paying weekly. Can’t wait to read me some comics again! Funnily enough it’s 6 years to the day that I sold my collection....worst decision I ever made
  11. Amazing thanks, and @Mr. Gerbik is Swamp Thing known as Swamp Thing Giant? Already got 15 in my subs list, and that’s just the well known ones, can’t wait to find some indie gems!
  12. thanks guys, that subs place seems perfect, how does it work? I’ve added 9 series to my Subscriptions, but there are 0 on my “pull list” how often do you pay? And how do you pay?
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