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  1. Yeah this is perfect when you want to just immediately play something for a bit
  2. Yeah, it's been surprising how dull Nextlander is. Never been a fan of Alex but I thought Vinny and Brad would have more of a fun chemistry with each other. I cancelled my Patreon and only watch it if I see Austin is on. That and Jeff G's solo streams are the only content from the extended GB family I'm watching at the moment.
  3. I'm re-reading the Revelation Space books at the moment in anticipation of Inhibitor Phase coming out and they really are just absolutely fucking great, aren't they? He obviously had a big problem with writing too much, then realising he only had 50 pages left, but apart from that the universe is so well-realised and he fills in the details at just the right pace to keep you just as invested in finding out more about the setting as you are in the plot. I love how he just casually throws in names like "Conjoiners" or "the Rust Belt" and then doesn't bother elaborating on them until 200 pages later. And the post-Melding Plague techno body horror is fantastic. Can't wait for the new one, only 21 days to go!
  4. Ibiza sounds fucking great from what she's said in the first episode, I had no idea there were bars where you could just go "Yeah we'll have three Pina Coladas, a gram of mandy and one of ket cheers"
  5. I'm not complaining, as I've done it loads myself, but do you think it's interesting/depressing that most of the posts in this recipe thread are now about processed vegan food, a lot of the time sold by companies who continue to pour millions into the meat industry? I was sure that when I gave up meat I'd be cooking loads of healthy plant dishes but I've found myself gravitating almost exclusively towards processed meat & dairy alternatives. I suppose the idea of meals as "lump of protein, veg on the side" is heavily ingrained if you've been a meat eater for a prolonged period, and is probably a big part of it?
  6. Paul Giamatti's accent is the highlight of the film!
  7. Yeah the series with Mel Giedroyc and Noel Fielding is superb
  8. The homage in the lead up to that is great
  9. Yeah I enjoyed it too, it's a fun film. Very early 2000s, everybody's hamming it up at just the right level, and it was really refreshing that the action was all fairly low-key. They could have trimmed quite a lot of fat from it and made it a much tighter 90 minute film, but it's still very watchable. Surprisingly I thought Jack Whitehall was very good in it. He fills the John Hannah role really well.
  10. Do you mean you've caught up to where the show is? If so, the last series isn't going to cover all of the remaining material from the pulp-based nameless objects, so probably best to stop with those for now and wait for series 6 to come out. Then crack on if you want the rest of the story.
  11. Jungle Cruise - 3.5/5 The Mummy is one of my favourite films, so take this with a pinch of salt, but this is actually surprisingly good fun. It's got a sort of comforting early 2000s feel to it, and everybody hams it up at just the right level. It's about 25 minutes too long and there's one really disappointing joke in it, especially given the sensitivity they show for exactly the same subject matter about three scenes beforehand. But other than that, it's quite good! If nothing else it's worth seeing purely for the absolutely astonishing accent that Paul Giamatti attempts in it.
  12. Yeah, the shooting's reasonably good fun but I can't help wishing they'd made some sort of detective adventure game in that world instead, it could have been wonderful.
  13. Christ, it's completely obvious now you've said that, but I hadn't considered that they're going to use the multiverse premise as an excuse to fucking reboot everything
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