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  1. PK

    Beat Saber

    Sorry if this is a repost, but I just stumbled across a video of somebody who made a Beat Saber map for the entire audio from Shrek and held a tournament on it and it's weirdly compelling to watch
  2. He looks like he's having loads of fun hamming it up Liar Liar style. I'm actually tentatively looking forward to this now!
  3. I'm ashamed to admit Jim Carrey accepting a latte made me laugh actually no I'm not, that's a great line. Hopefully he carries the entire film
  4. Ah ok. I thought the potential for the traversal gameplay to be completely different for someone picking it up at a later stage might be interesting rather than an issue. Although I suppose opening it up in a year's time to the entire landscape covered in concrete would be pretty depressing!
  5. Are all of the roads in this player-built? And if so, is the system perpetual enough that you could conceivably have highways criss-crossing the entire map making all the deliveries infinitely easier than they were for the first people to play the game?
  6. It was a really strange approach to making the final trilogy in such a high profile series of films. The Force Awakens was great, and seemed to be setting up a fairly derivative but ultimately fun trilogy of knockabout space adventure films. The Last Jedi was also great, but it was the equivalent of No Country For Old Jedis; it challenged the tropes of a derivative-but-fun knockabout space adventure saga rather than continuing it, and doesn't really seem to leave anything particularly exciting to resolve in a third film, which is being made by the derivative knockabout crew again. They should have asked Abrams & Kasdan to write a fun trilogy to finish off the Skywalker story, and given Johnson his own trilogy to tell an interesting story against the backdrop of the Star Wars universe. As a result of the approach they've taken it doesn't seem like we're going to get either, which is a real shame.
  7. PK

    The Grime Thread

    Wow If your house was a car it'd get pulled over
  8. Shit, I haven't read that yet either. Hadn't considered there might be spoilers for it in this.
  9. PK

    Gamer or lamer?

    Another great installment of The Prankster of the Opera
  10. PK

    Gamer or lamer?

    I really admire the commitment to the '15 year old from the 90s who wants to be a videogames writer' character
  11. Thanks for the recommendation, this is a really lovely film. By the end I wanted to reach through the screen and give Nai Nai a hug
  12. Completely agree. Asriel's presentation was like one of those nightmares where nothing makes proper sense but it's all extremely urgent and loud and quick. I've read the books countless times and I even found myself a bit overwhelmed by it
  13. I like Jay's idea about a film that explores what the Connors do with themselves after they change the future in T2 and are no longer the key to the human resistance It'd be great depicting how Sarah deals with the sudden lack of purpose, and John with a sort of traumatised directionless. Maybe John kills himself, and that's what Sarah is having to deal with - the knowledge that they saved the human race, but it cost her son his life, and nobody even knows any of it happened. She's broken, possibly alcoholic. Maybe then she spots Arnie in a shopping mall and becomes convinced that he's a Terminator, and that Skynet is going to happen, and spends a big portion of the film re-energised and trying to track down and kill him. We don't know if she's imagining it, losing her mind and her grip on reality, or if it's really a Terminator. And then we eventually find out he was a technician who used to work at Cyberdyne in the 90s before it got blown up and he lost his job. And then they have weird, awkward sex, and the last shot is her lying in the arms of the figure who's haunted her entire adult life. 23% Rotten Tomatoes
  14. Great cast giving great performances, and they've completely nailed the look & feel of the world. It looks like it's going to suffer from the usual BBC problem of not having enough room to breathe compared to 20-episode US shows though, they barreled through a lot of stuff really quickly.
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