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  1. Also why is "Airships!" always the go-to indicator of an alternate timeline?
  2. Just saw the 'Peter' episode in season 2. For fuck's sake, Walter.
  3. Another great NZ episode: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12p6rxNKnbYf4lLRs3gVzSwDd9hq47o5M/view
  4. James SA Corey are being bizarrely open on their Twitter about a couple of massive plot points from the later books, so I'd avoid that if any of you want to read the books at some point. Although obviously they don't exist. From what they're saying about the announcement, it does sound like Amazon have just decided they don't want to make any more of it. At least they have prior notice and can put a proper ending on it, I suppose.
  5. Yes! That's what I thought they were building up to at the end of season 1, a sort of Bioshock Infinite situation where Good Walter's son dies in a car crash, so he steals Bad Walter's son as a replacement. And then we'd have But who's the real Good Walter hmmmm? for a couple of seasons. I've just had an episode where it turned out Walter had pieces of his brain removed to hide the formula for an interdimensional door, so it's not like the story they actually went for is boring!
  6. Oh, interesting, hadn't seen that io9 clip. I suppose the Free Navy arc plus uncovering the protomythology would make a reasonably satisfying end to the show in its own right. It's a shame we probably aren't going to see Laconia, Nega Duarte, or zombie Amos though!
  7. Reddit seems to be of the general opinion that they're going to spread the Free Navy stuff over the next two seasons and stop at the end of Babylon's Ashes, which would be a shame - two seasons of basically no progression of the Ringbuilder stuff would be a disappointing note to end on, given how much attention they've given that side of things so far. Six seasons surely can't have been the original plan when they resumed on Amazon. They spent an entire season on killer slug world!
  8. Just bumping this because of Amazon's announcement that season 6 will be the last one. Spoilers for all 8 books past this point! I would have thought you could, at a pinch, condense books 7 and 8 into a single season - do the 30 year jump at the start, and then maybe a couple of year/two year jumps during the course of the ten episodes to fit everything in. But then you'd definitely need another season to do book nine, unless it turns out it's three pages long. With only this season (which I assume has to be the whole Free Navy arc?) and
  9. You should spoiler that asap @Hawklord
  10. You always see her doing cool stuff, don't you?
  11. Hurrah! It's very silly and highly entertaining, so I'm glad to hear it doesn't disappear up its own bum. I got a bit worried when someone brandished an Oceanic Airlines plane ticket.
  12. I started watching this for the first time after this thread was bumped and have somehow watched the first 15 episodes in two days. It's good fun, isn't it? It's hilarious how frequently it turns out that whatever horror they're investigating is based on something that Walter built or researched 20 years ago, he's beginning to seem like the biggest threat humanity has ever known. But then he smiles politely at someone and my heart melts. I suppose that's how he's gotten away with it for so long. I think I gave this a miss the first time around because of the sour taste
  13. I think the only reason I want to watch it now is to see if they surpass "H is four dots in Morse code!!!!" in terms of absolute fucking stupidity.
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