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  1. Yep, this is great, definitely hooked after the first two episodes! The cast are all cracking. It's very reminiscent of Happy Valley and Broadchurch.
  2. This is so good. Ridiculously tangy 6.9% farmhouse ale
  3. Brad's travelled back from the future to tell us it's all going to be ok
  4. PK

    No More Jockeys

    It's the live show decider tonight. One a piece in the series, winner takes all!
  5. That's actually a little heartbreaking. Poor Big Jeffrey
  6. The number of people who cannot bear to see Giant Bomb criticised in any way is always interesting, it's like they take it as if someone's talking shit about their mates. I suppose their format lends itself quite well to fostering parasocial relationships with them. They're properly fucking militant about it on the subreddit. Fans of any group or team or whatever will always moan about what they're doing, talk about the good old days, nitpick, whatever. It doesn't mean they don't still love the thing they're talking about. Personally I'm sure I've moaned about a lot of their output
  7. Even though it's felt like something like this was on the cards for a while, it's so sad to have it actually happen. I'll miss watching their content and intermittently moaning about their content in this thread so much I'm slightly surprised he's sticking around, he's a brilliant retro streamer. He could easily take the entire GB audience with him and effectively retire on a Twitch account.
  8. That Mercurio tweet is hilarious. "Attempting to explore the real nature of corruption in our society" might've been better received if they hadn't spent the previous five seasons portraying a comic book version of it.
  9. James McCaffrey in Max Payne 2 delivers the perfect amount of melodrama. I loved his Russian mate as well
  10. Yeah but it was a melodramatic TV series not a documentary. They clearly weren't planning a realistic commentary on how institutional corruption actually works when they wrote The Adventures of Lindsey Denton or Attack of the Killer Balaclava Men.
  11. I think I might have preferred some more Morse code bollocks over Hbuckles
  12. That could have worked if they hadn't already implicated him as a stooge mid-season. It might've been quite an entertaining Keyser Sozer moment. What a bafflingly shit way to end it.
  13. Yeah it felt a lot like a late '00s script, even the YouTube stuff she was making seemed quite dated. It's good fun though, and it looks lovely.
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