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  1. It's the entire base game and the first two DLCs
  2. Not really as socio-politically focused as the recent BBC ones, but some interesting documentaries about other music scenes: This is an excellent documentary charting the origins and rise of UK Garage Followed by a much shorter one about how dubstep developed out of garage And this is a great documentary about some current Bristol music scenes
  3. I know it's petty, but if the result of them rushing the end of GoT in order to make Star Wars stuff for Disney is that Disney now want them to have less involvement in Star Wars, then...
  4. Did you level two new characters in the other classes or did you already have them reasonably leveled? (reason I ask is I've only ever played one character, a Warlock, and I'm wondering how long it'd take to level up the other classes)
  5. I'm so glad they specifically mentioned Kurt Russell's deflated reaction to that bit. It's like a horror film invades a western and utterly defeats one of its mainstay archetypes in one brutal action, and it stuck with me for ages after watching.
  6. Up to episode three and it's compelling as ever. Although I'm not sure if it's something to do with my setup, but I'm finding the music really loud in the mix to the point that I'm struggling to hear dialogue in what are dialogue-centric scenes (eg, when they're looking around the house at the start of episode 2)
  7. I realise I'm an edge case but that news has just made me want to properly level to 750 while I still can, as I've never done it before. Although I'm already getting a bit sick of The Insight Terminus!
  8. You should, it's ace. He did a prequel book as well, which you've just reminded me I never finished reading! Thanks for adding me. Other than the clan bounties from Hawthorne is there anything else specific I should be contributing towards? And do you guys have a Discord?
  9. Would I be alright joining you guys on PC? Have sent an invite request via the link in this thread. I'm trying to catch up on about 2 years of content which I never got round to playing so can't really contribute a huge amount yet
  10. I've been caning the game over the past few days after falling off it a while ago, and fucking hell I'm so glad they're doing this:
  11. Big Daddy Jeffrey's back with some Game Tapes! https://www.giantbomb.com/shows/11-angela-pickles/2970-19516 (I also then watched this Game Tapes, which I completely missed, which is them talking over a video of the Xbox 360 reveal. It's great, Jeff and Brad were on top form: https://www.giantbomb.com/shows/10-throw-your-xbox-triangles-up-in-the-air/2970-19307 )
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