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  1. Ok, cool. My next question was going to be “what’s to stop someone just paying for the cheaper PS4 version?”
  2. Is it actually true that the PS4 version of Miles Morales will run on the PS5 as if it was an actual PS5 version? I know we’ve been over this but I initially thought this was the case, but then recent news had me thinking it wasn’t. Now I’ve heard again that it is. Like, can you buy this: And when you play it on a PS5, it turns into this: Is that true?
  3. With that in mind, do you think there’s much point in “wasting” one on that first idol mentioned? There’s a tombstone / altar thing behind it that I wanna check out. Without knowing how to use the wedges, I did still manage to continue through the level and got to the second bonfire, which involved getting by I think 3 further idols, so I’m pretty sure I don’t want / need to use them on those guys. That first one though looked like it was blocking some sweet sweet lore.
  4. The first one that you come across (beyond the first bonfire after you cross that shit-scary chain bridge) has a rapid “multiple pillars of fire” AOE attack whenever you get close to it. Are you supposed to duck and weave these flames in order to ram wedges?
  5. Have people preordered their games from the same place as their consoles? I’m only after Demon’s Souls for launch and might try shop around for some of those doss wee sites that sell games for £2.07 cheaper and all that. It’d be frustrating if one or the other of the console and game arrived on separate days though, right? Excruciating in fact.
  6. So I finally worked my way into the Crown of the Old Iron King DLC. I don’t know how to use Smelter Wedges. I understand that I need to equip them in my consumable slot () but when I go to use them on the Ashen Idols, the icon is greyed out, which leads me to believe that using them is context sensitive. What’s the context that allows me to wedge them sideways up an Ashen arse?
  7. Does co-op on a single Switch work with a vertical splitscreen on the telly? I take it there’s also a way of playing it co-op across two separate Switches as well? How many copies of the game would that require?
  8. ^ Weren’t those types of on the fly audio transitions one of Nintendo’s supposed reasons for opting for carts instead of CD-ROM? Seem to remember reading something along those lines in one of their Pravda publications.
  9. I like Nights but even at the time it was nowhere near in the same league as Mario 64. In fact, the “3D platforming” (the non-kite flying bits, where said kite flying makes up the actual “game” part of Nights) with the kids walking around felt like a complete knee jerk me-too reaction to what Mario 64 was ushering in at the time.
  10. Another shocker that immediately occurs to me when I think of Sunshine.
  11. Again, to clarify. Essentially the splendour of Demon’s Souls and the Miles Morales’ Christmas setting jolted me out of ‘being cool to wait a couple of years for a Slim hardware revision / price reduction’ to ‘OMFG NEED, SELL SOME JACKETS NOW’
  12. Since I got my preorder in yesterday, I can now clarify why: watching that fucking Demon’s Souls trailer on loop, for days on end. And I also plan on holding off on shiny Christmassy Miles Morales until Christmas Day It’s going to be glorious.
  13. Have I missed any RE VIIIage bizness?
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