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  1. Goal of the tournament in against ye comes as standard every time. Was Scottish af
  2. Czech game fucked us, actually. We should be doing better in that game. Again, it’s the lack of quality in key individual areas that’s cost us. EDIT: it also comes down to a dodgy team that day. Fair play Tierney was injured, but Gilmour would have been a good shout for that one.
  3. Scotland man. Just not good enough. No way we’re getting a result against Modric et al with Dykes and O’Donnell in the team. We actually did well not to lose by more, all things considered. Patterson should have played every game ahead of O’Donnell, he offers so much more as a footballer, defensively and creatively. As for Dykes, sadly we’ve got no one else. There are some very good players in this Scotland squad by our standards (Robertson, Tierney, McGinn, McTominay, Gilmour), there are some decent B-tier players around them (McGregor, Armstrong, Adams, Fo
  4. Which 5pm game is everycunt watching? What’s the best bet with the highest stakes and / or quality?
  5. The reason I bumped that Castlevania Advance Collection post was intended to establish this as a Castlevania Advance Collection discussion
  6. Hungary guy just went tonto celebrating that goal. Slapping laptops off tables and shit
  7. Gat-dayum that’s a big crowd at the Hungary France game
  8. Beautiful, man. This post legit made me well up Moneky Ball is that game, people. Utter glory.
  9. Shite game but I’d probably have taken a draw. Pity the game never lived up to the occasion.
  10. Fuck it, would probably have bit your hand off for 0-0 HT We go again. Can’t believe I’m relying on Lyndon Dykes and Stephen O’Donnell to get my team a result at Wembley tonight
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