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  1. Have confidence in the Yoshi P factor. The amount of reverence shown to classic FF throughout XIV has got me really excited to see how he and his team handle a mainline single player entry. I think it could be a classic.
  2. I don’t think you screw it in when you lay it horizontally. The screw would burst right through the plastic casing. Horizontal orientation just sits / balances / wobbles directly on the stand.
  3. The time stones were the best thing in Skyward Sword for me.
  4. Got the GBA cart in a drawer somewhere. Wanna play it. This character looks gangsta:
  5. It’ll be a good wee autumn game, going by the footage I’ve seen. I’ll try line it up for then.
  6. New stuff I’m wanting to play that’s coming out before the end of the year (and before Elden Ring consumes me in January): Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania Metroid Dread FXIV: Endwalker Advance Wars Old stuff that I already own and haven’t yet played, but would like to before I die: A Short Hike Guacamelee Hyper Light Drifter Yoshi’s Crafted World Dark Souls 3 Bloodborne Yakuza 6 Judgment The Last of Us Part 2 Metal Gear Solid V Batman: Arkham Knight Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Death Stranding Doom 2016 Limbo God of War Final Fantasy IV Final fantasy IX FFXIV: Stormblood FFXIV: Shadowbringers Uncharted 4 Horizon Zero Dawn Axiom Verge 2 … and about a million others, no doubt. Will also probably buy a stack more JRPGs for playing over Christmas. Persona 5 and Dragon Quest XI and shit. I’m sorted.
  7. It just occurred to me that Insomniac totally did the bizness when it came to weird, wonderful and fan servicey unlockable costumes in the Spidey games. This game will hopefully continue with all of that.
  8. He better have this move or he can GTFO
  9. Yo, wow, I thought this being shown tonight was some big megat0n announcement. Had no idea folk knew about it in April
  10. KOTOR remake is pretty cool tbf. I’m up for that. Never got to play the originals.
  11. Yeah, they truly nailed the glaikit pube of a cunt sort of look for teenaged Boy.
  12. I can’t really remember any of those games.
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