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  1. This is 20% off on the Switch eShop just now. Have they managed to patch out some of the issues people were experiencing before?
  2. Maybe I’m tripping. Could well have been 21 hours. Fuck, I dunno. I dicked about plenty, like.
  3. I smashed Shenmue 1 in 11 hours last month or so, managed across maybe 4 or 5 sessions with it. Don’t be daunted by the perceived / half-remembered epicness. It’s actually a easily digestible enough wee game by modern standards. (Can anyone remember / confirm if 2 is similar? )
  4. What a brilliant fucking article. Thanks for sharing.
  5. I couldn’t face those bastards on my own last night. I just summoned a jolly co-operator and we kicked their cunt in first go.
  6. Still plenty ghosts, orange soapstones, summon signs and goddam muthafuckin invaders when I’m trying to do Anor Londo fuck on Switch.
  7. 50 banger for the collection digitally ain’t too bad actually: https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP0177-CUSA15360_00-YAKUZAREMASTERED
  8. Mayhem and Muggs up in the Lo mansion
  9. Wish to fuck I watched that Celtic game tonight.
  10. Only really played a bit of Turoks 1 & 2 cause my cousin had them (as discussed earlier, the Cerebral Bore weapon sticks out in my mind), but I think it’s worth noting there’s a lot of that Turok DNA in the Metroid Prime series. Many of the folk involved would go on to be prominently involved with Retro Studios and that series in particular. Crazy to think without these slightly duff N64 FPS games, Metroid Prime might not have landed quite as spectacularly as it did. You can sort of see it in the environments, the gated level design and the platformy bits. Hmm.
  11. Play all Gok’s shit and follow the Celeste devs on there. Do that, and it’s GOTY without even opening the level editor.
  12. You say it like they’ve destroyed it intentionally. You can see the guys just fall through it celebrating at around 0:15 of this video (it’s quite funny even), the shelter with the yellow roof just behind and to the side of the goal: https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1158064289955155968 The pitch invasions continue to be moronic, but the Scottish football authorities set a risky precedent when they did fuck all about Hibs fans and their “over-exuberance” in that Scottish Cup final. Also, less of the Champions League chat. I’m sure you understand that the significance of any given goal is relative and that one for us today is fucking massive, believe me.
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