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  1. Totally this. If they really must put voice acting in Zelda (they shouldn’t) then at least give us something like how characters talk in Shadow of the Colossus or The Last Guardian. The English voice track is fucking atrocious while the Japanese one has stupid squeaky anime female tentacle victim squealing that just turns my stomach. Load of shite, get it to fuck. I ended up playing it in Russian because it was the most alien to me of the options available, but even then the accents had me thinking everyone was pished on vodka and drove a Lada.
  2. Does playing it multiplayer make something like Champions Road easier? Like, does the whole group continue to progress so long as at least one player is still alive and able to revive the other players kind of thing? Cause if that’s the case, that ain’t Champion’s Road. That’s Chumpion’s Chode
  3. It’ll be on the rails and you’ll be able to use all sorts of gyro-motion bizness when the Switch is in handheld mode (I’m thinking of the minecart level in Captain Toad) and you’ll press ZR to snap and the HD rumble will make satisfying clicking and whirring sensations and it’ll print money.
  4. They’re not going to spend BotW money and resources on a Pokemon photography spin-off ffs
  5. Just posting this again since I think Mark really nails what makes the game so good:
  6. Not much matches the out there overall concept of Galaxy, but 3D World has just as many playful minute-to-minute fun gimmicks and ideas that are quickly picked up and then cast aside to make way for the next one. It’s packed with great wee ideas that are all fun. I think people need to take a second look at 3D World. If you play it right to the very end of the post game (cough - CHAMPION ROAD) you should see it’s an astounding game. I think the Switch one will play even better. I think the 25% bump in speed will work wonders for it. As much as I love the game, I do concede
  7. Yeah, circle round to the sweet spot and then BAM! The ol’ ‘Zweihander in the arse’ trick.
  8. The only reason you should be doing it is because it’s fucking gangsta and it’s got an epic sound effect. Other than that, it really isn’t worth the risk. Once you’re a decent level you can maybe try busting it out every now and again whenever you’re toying with scrubs during a farming sesh.
  9. You don’t really need to master parrying. I only really started to get the hang of it recently playing Demon’s Souls on PS5. Barely parried anything across two Dark Souls 1 play-throughs and an entire Dark Souls 2 run.
  10. I’m seeing players popping tanooki suits and cat bells right throughout that run
  11. Has Champions Road ever been done in multiplayer I wonder?? Best fucking level ever. Dark Souls is the Champions Road of Souls games.
  12. 3D World is the most underrated Mario game going, and that’s even taking into consideration that it’s rated highly. Bowser’s Fury looks amazing. Like a mash-up between Odyssey and 3D World. I wonder if it’s like a proof of concept for the series’ future direction.
  13. Mate, they’ve made a riotously rip-roaring cunt out of this. It needs highlighting.
  14. Nothing to see here, eh @spork?
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