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  1. Seems unclear whether we paid off the rest of his contract? Does seem like Sanchez is interested in continuing to play football to a high level (judging by the pay cut), and not just rot on our bench earning a fat wage, so I would guess we met him somewhere in the middle.
  2. Coming out today that the players are unhappy, they took a 12.5% pay cut (which will have saved much more than these redundancies) after being given reassurances no-one else at the club would lose their jobs.
  3. Martial has come on and instantly looks a level above anyone else on the pitch.
  4. Lingard continues his hot streak. edit - and he's off! Bit rough that from Solskjaer I think.
  5. I've got for the monthly BT Sport pass, so I can watch the final stages of both european competitions. Just watching the game between our two potential opponents (assuming we can survive the onslaught later tonight from the mighty LASK). Audio is massively out of sync. Should've just found a stream, obviously.
  6. I'm very happy with Maguire and Lindelof as the first choice centre backs. I think to get better we'd need to spend stupid money. Again, our defensive record this season is fantastic. I think if we want to improve on that, it would be better to focus on how the team is defending as a unit. Plus if we improve our attack, that means less pressure on the defence too. @spork Don't tempt fate, it's not done yet! @ckny Yeah I saw that too a few days ago, dissapointing. He could've just stayed with us and asked for a loan. Maybe once he was a free agent, there was less interest than he was expecting and he had to rethink things. I think he would've been best off trying to join a mid-table La Liga side personally.
  7. Shaw has been good this season. Wan-Bisakka is a complete rock at the back. Brandon Williams (who has just signed a new 4+1 year deal) seems like a good enough option for cover on both sides, and potentially a starter depending on how he improves - he is only 19. I don't think the back line needs touching tbh, we have one of the best defensive records in the league. AWB could be more productive in attack, sure. I'd rather see us try to coach him in this area rather than make a signing - this is only his first season playing in a team that spends so much time on the front foot, after all.
  8. I think this is unfair, Tuanzebe has spent most of the season injured it seems.
  9. Also Ellie was 14. I think given you've commited such a basic factual error, we can safely disregard everything you're saying.
  10. Well the first game doesn't slap you over the face and tell you Ellie is willing to die, but that's to its credit. Much as in real life, most people don't engage with such morbid possibilities in a direct way. At the end of the day, Joel knew Ellie well enough to know she would've wanted to go through with it. Marlene calls him out on this. Ellie is essentially ashamed of the way people around her keep dying, while she survives because of her immunity. When Tess tells Joel to get her to the Fireflies, she looks like she wants to disappear into the floor. When she tells Joel the story about Riley, she emphasises "I'm still waiting for my turn". If there was a way to absolve herself of this guilt - and dying to provide a cure for mankind would certainly count - she would take it.
  11. Neither party gave her a choice. Both of them were wrong in their own way. However, the Fireflies didn't lie to her face about it for three years. Or keep shutting her down every time she tried to discuss her immunity and what it might mean, or anything that might question his version of events. She wasn't just upset by what he did, but the way he kept up the lie. That's always going to be deeply hurtful - to know deep down that something is untrue (and she obviously has her doubts as soon and she wakes up from the anaesthetic in the car), but to have nothing to substantiate that. It would knaw away at your self esteem, making your anxious, unable to trust your instincts. Then to learn that the person you should be able to trust wholly has been responsible for that feeling, effectively undermining you the whole time? It would be devastating. We can go on and on about the wider implications Joel's choice had on the world, and on what Ellie's life "meant", but in terms of the harm to their relationship it's surely the years of dishonesty and borderline gaslighting that is the real sin. All because of his own selfishness - he avoids owning up to what he did in fear of losing her. But that's nearly what happens anyway.
  12. Maybe I have noticed it more as I've had some mammoth play sessions of late (I played God of War and then TLOU II basically back to back). If I play ~6 hours two days in a row, then with the light on full brightness, I only have to forget to charge it once and then I'm having to plug it in to be able to play to a point where I'm happy to stop. So that extra hour and a half might be making all the difference. Or I could be talking nonsense. Regardless the longevity is dreadful compared to the Xbone controller, which has the added benefit of running of AAs, so you can just switch the batteries out and carry on playing.
  13. Well, it's like any of the other functions of the device have a high current draw, so every little helps. I do think it's safe to say the default settings signficantly impact the battery life, I notice a big difference when I turn it down. Even then, I can still see if reflecting back at me during darker scenes (TLOU II was particularly bad for this). edit - okay someone has actually gone and tested this so the "big difference" I noticed is presumably just confirmation bias. I still find the way it reflects back off the TV very annoying, mind.
  14. I don't think the battery capacity is the issue, it's the fact that it shines a stupidly bright light back onto your TV by default. If they just made it turn off when you're not using camera tracking / playing multiplayer it would probably have 10x the longevity.
  15. Oh that's sick Does seem like the perfect match for a TV show that needs to film episodes quickly to make the most of their budget, but also requires a lot of SFX work. I thought these LED walls were still incredibly expensive though? Good to see a UK-based studio getting this kind of heavy investment, shows the kind of ambition they have.
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