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  1. They've done a decent enough job keeping the films comprehensible to newcomers I think, Endgame aside. You've always been able to skip certain films. I think even the most die hard fans would admit you don't need to see everything. Still haven't seen the third season of Daredevil, not sure I ever will, but given the MCU has such a problem with decent villans I had always hoped D'Onofrio's Kingpin would make the jump. Yeah that was a gigantic problem with the Netflix shows. They need to decide the story they're going to tell, then decide the length of the run based on that - not the other way around.
  2. Ali is a terrific casting, but shows they are really retconning the Netflix stuff. He had an incredibly prominent role in Luke Cage! Which became pretty boring once his character was offed. If they want to keep a similar tone as the Snipes films, I'd guess they'd struggle to market this as part of the MCU. So maybe it will be better as a TV show. Or perhaps Marvel are experimenting with films that aren't as tightly connected to the main continuity?
  3. The second Raimi one? I'd put Homecoming above that... but there's not a hell of a lot in it. The annoying thing about the Netflix shows is that they started off really strongly. I would have loved to see some of the characters cross over. But it was basically left to atrophy - overlong seasons with boring padding, characters thrown under the bus, no long term vision for where it was all going. I really doubt that will happen now they are being produced by the same team as the films. There is the potential for a nice separation of concerns though - keep the films for the casual fans who only watch every other one, and have the TV shows lean heavily into the kind of fanservicey character stuff we saw in Endgame.
  4. @George Clooney Someone on Reddit said that a lot of people who either cut ties or stopped working the Marvel seem to have come back after Perlmutter became less involved. Favreau, Whedon (hasn't worked with them again, but he seems to be more chipper when taking about Marvel these days) and Portman would be examples.
  5. TDW was a bad film that didn't seem to know what to do with her character, so I don't think Portman can be blamed for how weak her character came off, or for wanting to be done with the whole thing. I'm definitely expecting Waititi to do something better with her. But it begs the question - why her? The films have completely moved on from her character, and even anyone tangentially related. I can't imagine that whatever plans they have couldn't have been transferred into some other character without losing much. I can't imagine Portman fitting neatly into the campy tone that Waititi has established, and that suits Hemsworth so well. As for making her the female Thor - I thought they were grooming Thompson for that role (which she would be very well suited to). But it's intriguing, at the very least.
  6. They have built sets - really bloody nice, expensive looking sets - so part of me wonders if they are actually using the footage of the actors from the performances somehow? I think this might be the rare example of a film that would've been better off produced on a bare soundstage, with the talent having to imagine everything and complaining that this wasn't why they became a thespian.
  7. Alright which one of us runs this account?
  8. The pop culture references reminded me of this a bit:
  9. I always found Cats to be sort of disturbing. So I guess they nailed it?
  10. I don't think the poor sods at my local multiplex get paid enough to have to deal with puns, on top of everything else.
  11. Article says the live action Akira remake is in the wind now as a result. As I didn't want to see a director I like try to make a film that would always struggle to justify its existence, never mind actually elevate the material, I consider this doubly good news. We're going to get a lot of Thor over the next couple of years I guess then, seeing as it was heavily implied he'll be part of GotG 3 too.
  12. Just here to join the general anger and disgust being directed at Hanzo.
  13. It's well made, but not like Hereditary in which certain scenes would just not have anything like the same effect if your black levels are off or you room wasn't dark enough. If you have a decent enough telly and sound system (mostly for the score) then by all means wait I would say?
  14. I know complaining about negs is a good way to get negged, but why did this get negged? Complaining about latter-day Richard Curtis being creatively bankrupt seems pretty standard. Also not sure why it would be controversial to complain that a screenwriter failed to make an obvious connection that would've tied their narrative in a nice little bow.
  15. Sigma have announced a very small full-frame body using the L-Mount system: https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2019/7/11/20690392/sigma-fp-camera-full-frame-mirrorless-smallest I'd question how good the handling can possibly be with anything other than a pancake lens. There is a grip attachment. Might be interesting for people doing video, as you're going to build a system around it anyway so the ergonomics don't really matter.
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