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  1. If they’re anything like the mobile chips they’re pretty bonkers. But then you’ve got Intel 11 series coming and so on. It’s more important what you’re coming from I think, if it’s a big upgrade either way you can safely save the dosh.
  2. I would definitely wait for the new AMD CPUs for desktop.
  3. Oh it gets worse. Someone’s just found the Nvidia store is disclosing personal information of users to other users.
  4. I’ll get a PS5 when there are reasons to get one (unmissable exclusives that aren’t coming to PC) but zero reason to get an Xbox, I’ve basically already got one.
  5. Just got the auto notify alert, 20 mins after a bot scalped it.
  6. One of the gigabyte cards at newegg is flapping in and out of stock (with no preorder option) but even clicking add to cart a second after it flips to in stock isn’t quick enough.
  7. I know right. Something happened on overclockers a minute ago. Distill went mental and suddenly there were loads of people ordering an EVGA card that was out of stock.
  8. https://wccftech.com/lg-promises-firmware-fix-coming-to-its-oled-tvs-for-hdmi-2-1-compatibility-issue-with-geforce-rtx-3000/ https://wccftech.com/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3080-users-report-crashes-black-screens-during-gaming/
  9. Yeah it's not actually that much use to me until LG release a firmware update for the CX and Nvidia fix the drivers. Plus I'm just playing Life is Strange 2 at the moment. Hopefully the stars will align before Cyberpunk but if not I'll probably wait to play it.
  10. Hey a load of cards went live at Box.co.uk! Hey they sold out in 0.1 seconds to a load of bots!
  11. Haha. 144hz screen, 500Mb broadband and I live right next to the exchange, and I can’t buy shit. Xbox, Ps5, 3080, all completely fucked.
  12. Just got an alert from newegg to say a gigabyte card was in stock. Already had the page open, hit F5 and it’s gone. Distill didn’t even register the change so it must have been in stock for less than five seconds.
  13. It's like an idle game at this point. Apparently newegg got a load of stock at 1am in the UK (unconfirmed) which no doubt got scalped by bots too.
  14. Seems like things are slowing down now. Less engagement on forums, very few new listings on Ebay. Might actually be a good time to keep an eye out for scalpers cutting their losses and selling closer to RRP because the Ebay bots bidding up their auctions have been so effective. https://www.theverge.com/21451144/sony-ps5-preorder-microsoft-xbox-series-x-nvidia-rtx-3080-mess
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