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  1. There is no filler in Breaking Bad and it's practically perfect in every way.
  2. The mustard yellow Fincher color grading of every scene is a bit too extreme, it's worse if you've set your TV slightly warm (which you should do) and worse again in HDR. It's not just the makeup, because there are moments when they hold up photos of people (like a file containing the photo of one of the missing kids) and the face still looks yellow, despite it probably being a stock photo of a black child. https://www.reddit.com/r/MindHunter/search?q=yellow&restrict_sr=on&include_over_18=on&sort=relevance&t=all
  3. Enjoying season 2 but the colour grading is insane. We get it, the 70s are yellow and absolutely everything is the same shade of brown, gold or yellow. There’s something I don’t know the technical term for crushing this weird yellow orange hue on everyone’s face. The Boys has it at times too. Any skin tone in shadow looks a sickly shade of gold.
  4. Oh that's just an illustrative pic, though I do have something similar. You can buy/print horizontal dividers like that, people sell them on etsy and ebay, or you can get the files in PDF from the files section of the Arkham LCG page at boardgamegeek and print them yourself. I ordered this: https://www.laseredgames.com/?pid=12&ATR_302_Arkham_Horror_Lovecraft_LCG_Card_Game_Case and some vertical dividers from this guy: https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/paragon_star Note the laseredgames guy sent me the wrong box and I'm still in the process of getting the right one sent to me...
  5. Has been said already, but Arkham Horror LCG is excellent solo. Once you've built your decks or assembled one of the suggested ones, you take the role of one or two (one is haaard) investigators and navigate through a chapter of a Lovecraftian narrative, trying to collect clues to advance the story while doom tokens gather on the enemy agenda which can similarly advance. When either the story pile or enemy agenda pile advance, you flip the card and read the next part of the story before moving onto the next, which often rearranges the board and adds new enemies. Get a few candles and a two hour lovecraft music mix on the go and it's pretty atmospheric. The core game revolves around each investigator taking a series of actions to play an item or upgrade into your inventory, move, investigate or fight the ghoulies. Most actions require a skill check which can be supplemented with cards from your hand to tip the odds in your favour, if you don't like doing skill checks, don't get this game. There are some complex-ish rules about monster aggro, when you're in and out of combat, sharing aggro between players, exhausting monsters etc. My common tactic is to bop the monster a couple of times with a guardian (fighter) class and then get one of the high agility investigators to engage it and dodge, which exhausts the monster and stops it from attacking on the monster's turn. There's an added layer where some monsters cannot be exhausted, or always aggro a specific investigator (e.g. person with the most/least health) and so on. The objectives for each chapter change - sometimes it's discovering enough clues, sometimes it's defeating a boss, sometimes you're against the clock trying to do as much of something as possible before the game naturally ends in a push your luck scenario. Whether you win or lose, you note what happened and move onto the next chapter. Between chapters you can accumulate upgrades in the form of additional story cards in your deck plus upgrades and abilities you purchase with XP. Characters can also accumulate permanent damage which carries over to the next chapter. The core box contains 4 starter investigators, a bunch of upgrades, 3 chapters which can be played through multiple times at multiple difficulties. However it's fair to say that you will eventually want more content after playing the initial chapters a few times. From then on, each deluxe box (about 23 quid) functions as the start of a new cycle, which introduces more investigators, more cards, more monsters and 3 more chapters of a new campaign. You can mix and match all investigators and cards (everything is forwards and backwards compatible) giving you a reason to go back and play the old stuff with new characters and increasing your deckbuilding options. THEN, there's a cycle of six further chapters which are about a tenner each, which contains the next chapter in that campaign. So you're looking at 80 quid to complete a cycle, but a tenner a month to keep your game fresh isn't too steep if you play it multiple times. There's a nice element of collection too, especially if you buy/make yourself a nice box and some nice dividers. The downsides are that the theme isn't for everyone - it's Lovecraft firstly, which might put off the wokest among us. The atmosphere is one of creeping dread and gathering doom (there is literally a doom counter) and you often feel like you're limping through a nightmare even when you're actually doing very well. It's a bit tough to teach people until you know it well yourself, and you need to buy two core sets in order to play 3-4 player. If you're not sure it's for you and you want something a bit friendly, check out the upcoming Marvel Champions LCG, which seems like a very similar game with a Marvel theme and a few more concessions. Haven't played the LOTR one sorry.
  6. I think this is a film to see multiple times whether you liked it or not first go around. I'm always really bemused when people complain that "nothing happens" in films without a traditional narrative where loads of things happen. If I started counting incredible scenes I'd quickly run out of fingers and toes. Films are a series of scenes first and foremost, not a series of eventful events. Also, there's a lot of unmarked spoilers in this thread.
  7. Sorry for the weird question, but can anyone tell me if this film has anything about young babies or toddlers or (especially) pregnancy in please? Thanks. - I just read that Sharon Tate is in it, so that answers that? Someone wants to see this with me but really really shouldn't be seeing anything along those lines right now.
  8. New episode is some boring-ass shit.
  9. Garrett Dillahunt. That's the Deadwood fan in me talking, not walking dead (though he's still good in that considering).
  10. He's auditioning for the role of "Danny Dyer ASMR"
  11. Me too until I checked her age in the roster
  12. Wow that's a blast from the past. Good on him for keeping it going!
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