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  1. OogyBoogy

    4K Blu Ray - anyone collecting?

    I just started down this rabbit hole, with Die Hard, the Martian and Saving Private Ryan.
  2. I forgot to mention Boulderdash.
  3. Game & Watch Mario's Cement Factory (single screen). I bought it for the DSi and I still play it when I get the urge.
  4. OogyBoogy

    Dungeons & Dragons Thread

    Congratulations! This begs for the planning of a DnD wedding where you have to roll the dice to see wether you do or not
  5. OogyBoogy

    Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    I am going to watch this again on Friday, and most like will tripple-dip sometime in the future. This is looking to become my favorite movie of all time.
  6. OogyBoogy

    Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    Best marvel movie so far. We expected the theater to be packed, but I think there were less than 50 in our screening. Experience would have been perfect, had it not been for one asshole who had his cellphone out scrolling through messages at various times during the movie.
  7. I can run both D:OS's on my 3ghz dual core with an Nvidia GT730.
  8. OogyBoogy

    Dungeons & Dragons Thread

    Yeah, in my previous and first campaign I rolled an archer. It was alot of hanging back, hunters marking and shooting arrows from a save distance. My second campaign starts next week, and I am thinking Tiefling Warlock for myself.
  9. OogyBoogy


    GoG is having the Most-Wanted-Games-Sale, where 150+ most wishlisted games and DLCs are up to 85% off. Ends on April 23 Some good deals to be had.
  10. Falcon is available on GoG in case you want to scratch that itch. Also B17 Flying Fortress, F-117A Nighthawk Stealth Fighter and Knights of the Sky. I always wanted to like these type of games, but I was terrible at them. Probably because pirated games didn't come with a manual.
  11. OogyBoogy

    Dungeons & Dragons Thread

    Matthew Mercer just released the Totem of the Duck, a Path of the Totem Warrior extension based on Jon Heder's barbarian on Critical Role.
  12. OogyBoogy

    De Niro

    My personal favorites (besides Midnight Run ofcourse): Heat The Untouchables Cape Fear
  13. I just downloaded episode 99's podcast. Rather than binging, I've just been listening to it while commuting to and from work, while riding lawnmowers and sometimes while driving for work. I think I started in July of last year, but I can't say I feel burned out.
  14. OogyBoogy

    The C64 Mini

    Why do those games need hacks?

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