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  1. Oaf

    Zool Remake

    And Superfrog, don’t forget Superfrog. Even Alfred Chicken was better than Zool.
  2. Yeah. Judging by what happened to Handmaid’s Tale after they ran out of book, it’s probably for the best.
  3. Maybe I’m just a hollow husk of a man with no soul left in him whatsoever, but that left me disappointed. Three remakes of 20 year old games, and a new Zelda way off in the future. Meh. Kevin_teenager_arms_BBC_comedy_Harry_Enfield.mp4
  4. Nah, I think Nintendo are following everyone else’s lead at this year’s E3, and not bothering to announce anything of worth.
  5. I'm hearing announcement on Friday, release in October.
  6. Coincidentally I told the Mrs last night she can continue watching it on her own. I’ve seen every series, but this one has literally bored me to sleep twice now. Wooden acting, huge plot signposts, cartoon baddies, and to be honest I just don’t care what happens any more.
  7. This week’s beer tasting featured this bad boy. Deep, chocolatey porter aged in bourbon barrels for 440 days. Absolutely delicious! Although its a whopping 11% it doesn’t taste overly alcoholic or ”special brew”-y, but I think anything more than two could put you into a coma. Oh, and it’s £15 a bottle.
  8. Perhaps it was the half bottle of port, but I quite enjoyed the Christmas special. If you go into it expecting Scooby Doo with a bigger budget, and perhaps ignore Jack Harkness’ infinite pockets of bomb storage, and the Eastenders scenes, then it’s not too bad.
  9. It’s the mega Christmas sale! £2.99! Steam, Play Store, App Store! Feed two starving indies! (Well, help pay our business loans). http://branchingnarrative.com/page4.html
  10. I'm just waiting for the inevitable "I've been telling you for years to get checked out and you do nothing - but once Bob Mortimer mentions it you're off there like a shot!" argument from the Mrs....
  11. I feel like joining one of these beer clubs, or availing myself of some online retailer. Any recommendations?
  12. If you set up a new account, you can use code “VCUK15”, which gives you 15% off. So you get it for 39 quid!
  13. How Lovecrafty is that, then? Are we going to see Cthulu and lots of Shoggoths?
  14. Omar from The Wire! I thought he looked familiar. (Is that a spoiler?)
  15. Hmm. That second episode was all over the place, and not in a good way. And that mansion was far too shiny!
  16. Originally it was an iOS game, written in Unity v2, back in 2010, by yours truly So glad to see it finally see a release after all this time. The concept is as valid now as it was back then! I’ll be deffo getting a copy
  17. https://www.pcgamer.com/this-fmv-game-trailer-was-so-poorly-received-the-publisher-took-the-whole-announcement-back/
  18. Oaf

    The return of FMV

    Don’t forget this rllmuk’er produced one! http://branchingnarrative.com/page4.html Lots more wider-audience stuff to come, along with more FF titles.
  19. Atari’s marketing guy commissioned us to make a VR game using their remaining IP, for an “indie budget”. We came up with a mashup of Centipede and Missile Command, for Vive and Rift, which they really liked. When marketing bloke went to the CEO for sign off, the CEO revealed that by “indie budget” he meant “about five grand”. At least marketing bloke was visibly embarrassed when he apologised for wasting our time.
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