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  1. Thanks, didn’t notice this thread till after I’d posted!
  2. I’ve read Diablo 3 on Switch allows for different controller setups. Can someone who’s bought it tell me can it be played with one hand? Ta
  3. Oaf

    The Walking Dead!

    My wife has taken over my role of shouting “JUST KILL HIM” at the tv; I just sigh and wonder why we’re still watching this shit. The scene with the flare was just so pantomimingly bad.
  4. Oaf

    The Walking Dead!

    I think it’s been reduced to a soap opera for a few years now.
  5. Oaf

    The Walking Dead!

    I was reading yesterday about all the upcoming court cases against AMC from previous writers, who’ve been diddled out of their royalties. I think in total AMC owe around $1bn. i wonder if this shitfest of a season is a deliberate attempt to run the thing into the ground, or they’re spending as little as possible (hence lobotomised script writers) in preparation for the big pay out.
  6. Oaf

    The Walking Dead!

    Another episode where I found myself shouting “JUST SHOOT HIM!!!”. I don’t know why I still watch this shite.
  7. Oaf

    Pink Floyd

    See if you can get hold of "Nick Mason's Fictitious Sports". Delightfully bonkers. Wet Dream is worth a listen, especially Pink's Song.
  8. Oaf

    Tin Star - Sky Atlantic

    Watched the first two episodes, and wonder why Tim Roth had anything to do with this. From Rillington Place...to this? Cringing in particular at the pantomime villain and the crap assassins.
  9. Oaf

    Star Citizen, a new era of gaming?

    Didn't they just apply for a loan, putting up the game IP as collateral?
  10. Oaf

    SNES Mini

    Pre-ordered! Crikey, its over 20 years since Yoshi's Island was released...I nicked my copy from the Ocean games library!
  11. Oaf

    SNES Mini

    That's what I feared
  12. Oaf

    SNES Mini

    Any details on what the video out is?
  13. Oaf

    Venom (2018) - Boring. Silly. Funny.

    Damn, I thought this thread was going to be about my favourite black metal band!
  14. Oaf

    Legion - X-Men TV spin-off

    I enjoyed it, liked the 60s feel to it, but whoever thought naming one of the main characters Syd Barrett deserves a proper run-up slap.
  15. It's an awful programme, and shows the sad state games tv programming is in, that anyone could consider it anywhere near 'good'. Despite that, I record it each week and condense each episode down to about 3 minutes, by the time I've skipped past the 'oh aren't I so clever and funny' intros, pointless talking heads and that annoying austrailian twat whom I'd gleefully punch on the nose. They did a review of a game once that I was really interested in, but they were too busy tossing each other off that they forgot to mention what platforms it's available for, or its release date.

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