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  1. £7.49 on Steam currently for TGC2.
  2. I have it on the blu ray of Apocaypse Now that came out about 5-6 years ago. Maybe it’s cause of that to do with licensing as I remember it being readily available on YouTube etc before then.
  3. Apocalypse now is quite the story. Leading man had a heart attack, Marlon Brando rocked up about 10 stone overweight, sets destroyed by the weather. The whole crew went fucking mental as the shoot ballooned into 18 months in the jungle. The whole thing just degenerated quickly into total fucking craziness. Can't find the full documentary, but trailer is here. It's an amazing watch:
  4. Who's the lady in the maroon leggings in the first and the lady on the left in the third? New characters for S4?
  5. So far the merchants I've found don't even stock that many purses anyway. I've cleaned all of them out of small and large. Now I tend to buy the prosthetic ammo at the idol when I have cash that needs spending.
  6. Iiiiiin two. Jim Bowens mate is down. Essentially ran around for 5-6 minutes occasionally hitting it in the arse. Not the most graceful boss battle I've ever been involved in. It was certainly no 'Me vs Artorias where I took no hits at all 2013'. That's still quite famous in my house and gets mentioned pretty often. But whatever, onwards.
  7. Wait, get me in a corner or get him in the corner?
  8. Hit a bit of a wall with Butterfly and Bully last night. Iiiiiin, one. Bully feels like a bit of a random fight. I veer between just getting tonked quickly and being able to stay alive and chip away for a while, but the camera really doesn't help and when I use the firecrackers I'm only able to get in a couple of hits. Fire damage just builds and builds and then I'm done. Can't seem to parry reliably at all with this one. Butterfly I can reasonably reliably get to stage 2, but I just can't seem to stay in her face enough to keep the other stuff from happening. I think I'm trying too hard to constantly do damage and instead I need to just keep her engaged rather than trying to clock her. Balance between R1 and L1 needs to be better.
  9. What does this mean?
  10. @robdood Caught some of the stream last night, excellent stuff. You explain stuff really well and I like your informal and chatty manner. It's also very refreshing to see a streamer who isn't trying to be outrageous and hilarious all the time. The 'normal bloke playing a game' works much better. For anyone struggling with the Mikiri Counter I find it vastly easier to pull off if I'm guarding when I hit circle (and no direction on the thumbstick). I can't see anything saying this should be the case, but I can do it very reliably with guard up and less than 50% of the time with guard down.
  11. I banged a couple of hours into this last night while very slightly worse for wear. Question about death/revive/dragon rot: I like it so far. The stealth seems to me to be a way to gain an advantage rather than a way to play through the whole game. This seems to me to be very much an action game with stealth elements. The combat is excellent, very weighty and it has a lovely rhythm to it. Looks amazing on the Pro, I've not noticed any frame rate problems or choppiness at all so far. It does seem quite difficult so far (not the grunts, the higher level guys). It does seem to be learnable though - it feels like when you first meet a new boss in DS/BB and the first couple of goes are all like 'whoa, how the fuck am I ever gonna make a dent in this guy' and then you start surviving long enough to start reading the windups. Where this is faster, it's easy to get overwhelmed, panic, and start button mashing (if you're an un-finessed galoot like me). But, I think once I adjust to the speed and maybe play it while sober it'll become easier to read.
  12. You poor bastard
  13. From the write up: Framerate is plenty variable on all consoles (generally high 30s-high 40s for the plus consoles), Pro has the higher average framerate and looks smoothest if you have a 60hz TV - but if you have a 120hz TV the X1X ends up looking better because of witchcraft (extra midpoint for the frame delivery rate). Resolution 1800p on Pro and X1X, 1080P PS4, 900P XBone. Loading times much better across the board compared to previous From games. Every version looks kickass apparently.
  14. Think someone said 1pm
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