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  1. Oh really? Perhaps I'm wrong on that one then, apologies.
  2. You would both need a ps+ sub yeah
  3. Yes you can do that. You would need to login to your PS4 on your mate's account and set it as his primary console and download Bloodborne onto it. Because it's his primary console anyone on that machine can play his library of games even if he isn't logged into it. Me and my mate have been doing this for years
  4. I like the design too (especially the digital version) fuck the haters.
  5. Question for those who have finished the main story:
  6. I mean they are huge characters in his story though. My memory is shocking normally but I was buzzing when they appeared.
  7. I've played a lot of hours on this game and have honestly never noticed that
  8. Superb opening to the new series, loved both eps. Also the insider podcasts are out
  9. Any idea when this will show up on UK Netflix?
  10. Reminder, this isn't far off. Last series was a bit hit n miss for me. Hoping for a return to form.
  11. I'm in a similar position. How easy is it to fix myself?
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