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  1. Finished this last night and i've gotta pretty much echo @Garwoofoo's thoughts. I loved every minute I spent playing this, I just wish there were more minutes to enjoy! It looked superb too on the PS5.
  2. Not if you're one of us cool guys with charging docks
  3. Just done chapter 4 and wow, amazing. How many chapters are there? Don't wanna Google and risk spoilers
  4. They should just get rid of the "cards" as a failed experiment. I'd like themes back too please. Also no fix for the unreadable disk issue.
  5. I must say chapter 3 was fantastic for a number of reasons. Trying to ration my playtime as I don't want to blast through it.
  6. Is this quite a short game? Doesn't feel like i've played it very long but i've just finished chapter 3.
  7. That's very exciting to hear. This is 100% on my must play list now
  8. Do you still have your PS4? Bizarrely you can play ps5 games with a dual shock if you play via remote play
  9. Finished chapter one and I'm honestly blown away. I love the atmosphere of it all.
  10. Seems to have smoothed out frame rate wise now, maybe cos I've been mostly indoors for a while, who knows. I'm really impressed by the facial animations here and aside from the frame rate it's fantastic graphically
  11. Yeah it's a bit annoying but not ruining the experience for me. Hopefully a patch sorts it
  12. Yeah performance seems a bit choppy. Played half hour or so and it's hooked me already. It nails the dreamy, idillic, constant golden hour vibe of the first 2 games. Can't wait to play more
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