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  1. Does it cost anything to have Spotify host a podcast?
  2. While I love Assault, any tension in that scene, (for me), is dragged down by Kim Richards' attempt at 'acting', that would get you kicked out of a school play. It's so, so nearly perfect.
  3. More scenes with Morena Baccarin running, please...
  4. Pretty much anyone associated with Geeks & Gamers.
  5. Aquaman: Not As Wet As My Wife Watching Aquaman
  6. Yes, it's the usual cadre of fuckwits.
  7. The whinging from the usual Youtube bellends regarding this show, has been delicious.
  8. There's no such thing as a 'professional review', nobody's getting paid for their opinion on these things. Hence why I only trust my own eyes. Anyway, this showed up today: Wasn't gonna buy it, but FOMO and all that lol Fair play to The Entertainment Store, I only ordered it yesterday morning.
  9. My wife would gladly be his human poo-loofah.
  10. Plot twist: Jackman's P.I. died from drowning while having a crafty wank in one of those futuristic bathtubs. It's his memories that are being accessed.
  11. I imagine it's more of a "LOL Taika, you cheeky scamp!" as opposed to a genuine bollocking. Massive LOL as well at certain Youtube channels trying to paint this as 'problematic'. Fuck off.
  12. Well, now I wanna see a show with old Joey running a sandwich shop in Venice Beach.
  13. Picard wouldn't stand for any of this shit, a blatant disregard of The Prime Directive...
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