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  1. Exactly, I refuse to pay £30 for Tremors, of all fucking things. I imported the US release of Flash Gordon and I'll be importing Total Recall. With any luck, The Ladykillers will also get a cheaper US release. I'm all for keeping the format alive, but fuck off with the tat and making people wait for standard releases. I did buy this, though:
  2. It's been 'available' for weeks...
  3. I wouldn't worry, the UK release looks to be just as bare bones. Couldn't give less of a fuck about the black and white version.
  4. I thought Lucas was awful, but I'm reminded of how awkward Noel was at first.
  5. Yes, currently downloading. 8.65gb.
  6. Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous is what a female Bond with none of the character's tendencies dialled down, ends up like.
  7. This is karma for me being cheap and going the VPN/Turkish Xbox store route.
  8. I love Tom, but he's 43, 45 by the time they shoot the next film. This is the usual bollocks, like that time Clive Owen had signed on and was locked in.
  9. Season 3 is shit too, IMO. Made all the more devastating by how brilliant the first two are.
  10. Arrived in a bomb-proof box, that I had trouble lifting into the house. One of the most impressive packaging jobs I've seen in years and I had to laugh, as I bought it knowing there was damage to the outer box. That's how it was listed on eBay. The contents are brand new, which is the main thing. I'll take a dinged box, if it's saving me a lot of money. But still impressed that the seller took care of packing it, as if it was a pristine item. Now, where to put the fucking thing...
  11. She doesn't get anywhere near enough praise for Orphan Black, playing five different characters who you totally believe as separate people with their own personalities, etc. The main character Sarah's shaky English accent removes none of that achievement.
  12. Can't say I'm surprised, they make George R. R. Martin look prolific.
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