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  1. It wasn't until I reached England, that this clicked for me. Running about the English countryside, terrorising folk with my massive Viking phalic extension axe, has been hilarious.
  2. The Mask of Zorro, which still doesn't have a UK release, is currently around £13.45 shipped over at Amazon.es. **EDIT** Never mind, out of stock.
  3. It's not hard to overshadow Batman Begins, it has some of the worst DNR on the format. Which breaks my heart, as it's my favourite out of Nolan's trilogy.
  4. Boom! Wasn't expecting the bundled in theatrical poster artcards for each trilogy, WB Shop must've added those to pre-orders at a later date. Might actually get them framed, as they're a decent size.
  5. It's £67.45 at Amazon. Also £72 at HMV, using 20% off code HIDEF20.
  6. Yep, waiting on LOTR and The Hobbit sets. Don't really care about the extras, which is why I was also happy to pick this up: Nice and slim, unlike that overpriced UK monstrosity.
  7. There's comedy to be mined from Peter attempting to train Miles, when he's basically a child himself. Miles could have obtained his powers during the blip.
  8. What a crock of shit that was. How did that barrel of piss Laura, get anywhere near the final?
  9. Wonder Woman was a mildly diverting romp, with questionable CGI and a shit baddie. Harley Quinn was a fucking abomination. WW84 looks more like Harley Quinn, on the shit end of the spectrum.
  10. Adding the Amazing Spider-Man movie suit, has pleased me no end.
  11. I was exposed to the 60s animated tales as a child in the 80s, so knew full well who they were. Still have the Captain America one on DVD, as the story The Sleeper Shall Awake is fucking brilliant.
  12. The best thing about it, is the intro song.
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