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  1. It stays on better with my el-cheapo custom black plates, than it ever did with the official Sony ones.
  2. Just dip the other's in some tea. Problem solved.
  3. Not as odd as Universal's LE of The Thing being made to look pretty much the same as those older Studio Canal sets. Shit, they even hired the same artist.
  4. Oh, the days of running down to the local US DVD importer, to grab things that had only opened in the cinemas here.
  5. Cinema over here, cinema and HBO Max in the US.
  6. I'm in the mood to throw on some Rog tonight, trying to remember what ones of his me and the missus have already watched together.
  7. I thought I could actually smell her at one one point, but the dog had simply shit in the hallway.
  8. As much as I loathe Skyfall and Spectre, I do want old Craigy to have a decent final outing. Bless em.
  9. He hasn't been in prison since 2014. However, he remains in Director Jail.
  10. I'm surprised Redmayne wasn't asked to return his Oscar, that's how much he stank Jupiter Ascending up.
  11. Looks alright for an Asylum movie. Oh...
  12. I'm usually a sucker for daddy and son issues being part of the overall story, but Wenwu is such a colossal wanker, he could straight up go and fuck himself.
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