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  1. I'm on a bit of a musicals binge at the moment, so I'm looking forward to checking it out soon.
  2. Yeah, we made three it episodes in and couldn't be fucked any more. Same with Modern Family. In other news, Warrior Nun can fuck right off. A cool premise turned into meandering pish, with an ending that'll have you throwing shit at the TV.
  3. "Why don't you get a horse and live in the mountains? Don't bother anybody." "You've got a personality like a dead moth." Don Rickles, Dirty Work (1998)
  4. Holy shit, I'd no idea he directed Bad Company (2002).
  5. Being handed a smelly old done-to-death franchise, is almost a fitting punishment for unleashing Birds of Prey on the world. Almost...
  6. A man with no critical faculties likes something. Wow...
  7. Revisionist historians will try to tell you that Batman Forever wasn't a massive hit, that actually rescued the franchise. Batman & Robin's another matter altogether.
  8. Just about every line by Mark Wahlberg in The Departed.
  9. UK Blu-ray's out at the end of the month, can't wait.
  10. They've also replaced the book type packaging with a massive fucking fold-out digipack, that dents if you even look at it.
  11. It's been the only interesting thing about this utter damp squib of a making-of.
  12. Sounds utterly implausible, there's no way Lucasfilm would attempt to erase certain parts of Star Wars history...
  13. Jack Reacher being capsized after that shit second one, really fucked me off.
  14. It's not just Disney though, is it? Lionsgate probably spunked themselves, whenever Suzanne Collins announced she was writing a Hunger Games prequel. But yeah, you don't magically come up with a franchise. I get fucked off now, when I hear studio announcements about the number of sequels that they're planning for X, Y or Z movie, when the first one still hasn't been released yet. Nine times out of ten, there is no sequel, never mind six of them.
  15. When we were in New York in late Feb, we fell into a portal of TLC and 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days. TLC was one of the free channels offered by Virgin during the start of lockdown, so we dipped into it again. My wife is also addicted to repeats of Toddlers and Tiaras.
  16. In the 21 years since, he's made Fun With Dick & Jane and Red 2, so I'm not exactly jumping up and down with excitement.
  17. Not watching any of that, just hoping it's better than the first movie.
  18. Wee delivery from Zoom today, plus some ebay cheapies. FYI, the Blu-rays included with Top Gun and Days of Thunder are also new and not exclusive to some shitty overpriced HMV exclusive sets, as previously thought.
  19. I dunno, as fantastic a director of animation as he is, both of his live-action features are forgettable wank. Tomorrowland especially.
  20. He should be apologising for the rest of his career.
  21. Dunno about it being back to full bitrate, but I checked quite a few 4K streams last night and they were not the poorly compressed shit that they were previously.
  22. For me it falls under the bracket of comfy Sunday viewing, that doesn't hold up to any serious scrutiny.
  23. Guardians of The Galaxy (2014) We've been a run of all the current MCU movies, but in chronological order. Did the first GotG last night and it's still my favourite MCU film. Some of the banter between the characters is brilliant, I genuinely never tire of viewing this movie. In contrast, I remember fuck all about the second one, so that should be interesting. 5 Trash Pandas out of 5
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