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  1. Was negging this post just a reaction to it being from Capwn? Because he's right.
  2. John Edward Gammell

    Mystery Film

  3. My skirt remains down.
  4. John Edward Gammell

    The Batman - June 2021 - New Batman to be cast

    It's still my favourite after Batman '89.
  5. John Edward Gammell

    4K Blu Ray - anyone collecting?

    The Avengers (2012) Ready Player One (2018) John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017) The Lego Batman Movie (2017) Transformers: The Last Knight (2017) (hell, any of the Transformers discs) Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) Sicario (2015) Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse (2018) Paddington 2 (2017) Logan Lucky (2017) Pacific Rim (2013) Aquaman (2018) I've listed those mainly on the basis of their HDR and WCG highlights, with Sicario being native 4K eye intercourse.
  6. John Edward Gammell

    The Lego Movie 2 - The Second Part

    Received the US 4K disc today, and just finished watching it. It's a shame it pretty much died on its arse, as it's funny as fuck and far smarter than it has any right to be. The Ninjago Movie is vastly underappreciated, IMO. Justin Theroux shoplifts that fucker.
  7. John Edward Gammell

    Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy (now cancelled)

    Oh, dear. What will you find time to whinge about, now?
  8. I want a joke somewhere, sometime, about Thor dying his eyebrows.
  9. John Edward Gammell

    How it should have ended

    It's a shit film, but I thought that Constantine (2005), would have been more palatable, if the last shot was Keanu sparking up.
  10. John Edward Gammell

    4K Blu Ray - anyone collecting?

    Some of the best discs out there are 2K upscales...
  11. John Edward Gammell

    Cliffhanger remake

    Who cares? I don't care. Like the Point Break remake, it won't erase the original.
  12. John Edward Gammell

    4K Blu Ray - anyone collecting?

    There's numerous movies not getting a normal blu-ray release in the UK, never mind UHD. Upgrade, for example.
  13. John Edward Gammell

    Line of Duty (BBC)

  14. John Edward Gammell

    Line of Duty (BBC)

    I thought Corbett had Tourettes, the amount of times he shouts something about 'bent coppers'.
  15. Logan Lucky made me re-evaluate Craig as an actor, he was dynamite in that.

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