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  1. Received today from Coolshop: Looks gorgeous and shows just how poor the current bitrate starved Disney + stream is.
  2. $30 million, my hole. Watch that creep up and up.
  3. Very soon, if it's anything like Amazon and My Spy.
  4. MGM actually, but Fox have the US distribution rights, (except home video). Don't expect to see it over here, Lionsgate have the UK rights.
  5. They do now... https://www.coolshop.co.uk/product/rogue-one-star-wars-story-4k-blu-ray/234Q68/
  6. Into The Night (1985) Jesus, when John Landis goes off the boil, he really goes off the boil. A dull, plodding affair that not even quirky Jeff Goldblum and a very edible looking Michelle Pfeiffer can salvage. Plays like someone lost most of the actual footage, so it was cobbled together from outtakes. Gets a point for said edible Pfeiffer and another for hitman David Bowie, so... 2 out of 5.
  7. No, Amazon.de. They had a 20% off, last week. Coolshop don't have Rogue One. I received this today: One word: Avoid. I know that most people aren't going to bother importing it anyway, due to the cost, but the amount of DNR fuckery going on here, forbids me from any sort of recommendation. The new Japanese 5.1 is also hilariously bad. If CDJapan weren't so bloody efficient, I'd have cancelled it long before it shipped.
  8. So far, the making of The Mandalorian has been about anything but the making of The Mandalorian. We get that these people are fans, tell me how the fuck the show was greenlit in the first place.
  9. Yay! Disney UK being typically shambolic with their treatment of... well, anything.
  10. My Spy (2020) Poor Dave Bautista. He takes a swipe at the F&F franchise, stating 'I'd rather do good films', then appears in Stuber and this cinematic gem. Released theatrically in a small number of territories before lockdown, it's US release date was yanked when distributors STX Entertainment sold it to Amazon in April. Well, Amazon didn't fuck about and it's now available for Amazon Prime subscribers to 'enjoy'. Big Dave's voiced his displeasure at this decision, being extremely proud of the film and wanted it to have a fighting chance at the Box Office. Well, I'm sorry Dave, but... it's a piece of shit. I had a glimmer of hope seeing that Greg Bryk was cast as the baddie, but no. 1 Kindergarten Cop out of 5.
  11. The UK theatrical release, VHS, DVD and Blu-ray all had the Taco Bell version. I know it popped up here in TV showings, but I didn't see the Pizza Hut version until 2011, when I made the mistake of buying the German Blu-ray.
  12. I turned it off halfway through, it was dull as fuck. "It's the new John Wick!" Fuck off, internet. For all its faults, at least 6 Underground was fun in its stupidity.
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