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  1. Tried to watch Hyperdrive, after various people talking about it. I lasted one and a half episodes, typical US TV shite with annoying cunts shouting over it.
  2. Same here, but on a One S.
  3. I'd give it time, the three movie set didn't appear until two months after Infinity War was released on UHD.
  4. Yeah, the UHD version reigns in the more garish aspects of Arrow's transfer. I much prefer it, although it has it's own issues. That said, I have the Arrow set for the Ulysses Cut and other extras. I put this custom set together, replacing the censored TV cut disc with the UHD, (which contains said cut anyway):
  5. Angel Has Fallen 2.5/5 While it's technically a better film than London Has Fallen, I missed the quips and trashy Cannon Films quality of that film. No more. Please.
  6. Although I'd a massive hard-on for Pulp Fiction for most of the late nineties, I still believe that Dogs is Tarantino's best movie.
  7. Eh? The entire extended cut on the 4K disc is in HD only. It's also the censored TV cut. The 4K version is the theatrical cut. Don't count on RoboCop popping up anything soon, MGM currently give no fucks about releasing anything catalogue related on 4K, except for Bond.
  8. Hunter Killer (2018) 2.5/5 Pish. Enjoyable pish, but pish nonetheless.
  9. Big Hero 6 (2014) 5/5 Loved it. Kind of embarrassed that I've had the Blu-ray for 5 years, and only watched it today.
  10. Shazam! 4/5 Not bad, DC. We've still a long way to go, but we'll give ya this one.
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