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  1. BongoInferno

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Congratulations to PSG on winning the FA Cup final.
  2. BongoInferno

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Ha! I stand corrected.
  3. BongoInferno

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    I think we have more chance of knocking out Barcelona than we do of City dropping points now. They never lose at the Etihad. It’s nuts (and fucking annoying) how many 1-0 victories they have had on this winning streak.
  4. BongoInferno

    The Long Game: Games that have been improved since release

    I’m currently playing through Mass Effect Andromeda which got an absolute pasting at launch and had various issues patched afterwards. It still has issues like weird looking character models and your team mates falling out of the sky when you exit the Mako mk2, but despite all that I’m loving it. It reminds me of the first Mass Effect but on a much grander scale.
  5. BongoInferno

    Line of Duty (BBC)

  6. BongoInferno

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    United are going to need to buy a few players in the transfer window and realistically need to be in the Champions League to attract the best. Otherwise it’s £200k a week salaries on mercenaries who don’t give a shit. I think Wednesday is a massive game for them. Lose and they cement their status as the second best team in Manchester and give up their chance of finishing in the top four.
  7. BongoInferno

    Ban Fortnite by Royal decree

    Agree with this. We’re now seeing the original arcade model of ‘one more go and another 10p’ ramped up with a shit load of data and insight on usage which is used to explicitly drive addictive behaviour and dopamine feedback loops. Publishers have also figured out a way of lowering the barrier to entry by removing any upfront cost. I think there is responsibility on the part of developers and publishers to consider their audience and the impact of this type of game - I heard people at Rare talking about it yesterday on the radio. I don’t think these games should be banned but let’s not kid ourselves that this is the same as playing a C64 game 30 years ago. There wasn’t anything like the same level of social engineering going on in games back then.
  8. BongoInferno

    Gremlins 2 Appreciation Station

    Yeah like I only said Gremlins 2 in the worst movie thread so I could post the Key and Peele sketch. It's one of my favourite sketches ever. Gremlins > Gremlins 2 though.
  9. BongoInferno

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    I'll go with Gremlins 2 partly because it is objectively awful and an insult to the wonderful original, but also because its an excuse to post one of my favourite sketches courtesy of Key and Peele:
  10. BongoInferno

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    I’d recommend playing through the uncharted games in order if you haven’t played any of them before. The first one is a bit pump but Bluepoint did a great job on the remasters. You can blitz through 1-3 pretty quickly and it makes 4 more enjoyable when you know the backstory.
  11. A class action suit will mean the case will be heard in the High Court. It will be years before the claim is heard once it's been issued, assuming it's not settled before a final hearing (and it seems unlikely it will be settled if the company is wound up). Class action suits are complicated and take a lot of organising before you even get to issuing the claim. The best advice I heard from a Judge about bringing a claim for money was to properly consider if you think there is a realistic chance of getting your money back. Even if the case is found in your favour in a final hearing, getting a court order in your favour doesn't mean you will ever see the money you are owed, regardless of the enforcement options it opens up for you. It will also cost you time and money to get there. I would imagine this is what many of the 4550+ are thinking.
  12. BongoInferno

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Looks like the Chelsea players have almost certainly got another manager the sack then. What a gutless bunch they are. No pride at all. It’s absolutely shameful getting turned over like that regardless of how good City were.
  13. BongoInferno

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    We’re 2 points ahead with West Ham away and Bournemouth at home this week. City have Everton away and Chelsea at home and will have played an extra game in the same week. They have a much tougher week than we do.
  14. BongoInferno

    Now TV

    I think we'll see 1080p this year, if only to bring it inline with Netflix and other streaming services. I don't think it's a patch on Netflix personally. Most of the new movies are straight to video garbage, and the entertainment stuff is way more limited. Otherwise, it's good for watching the footie if you don't want to get rinsed for Sky Sports and essential for the short periods of new GoT or new Billions. They also block outputting from tablets and mobiles onto the TV - unlike Netflix and Amazon Prime. This is proper bullshit.
  15. BongoInferno

    Hitman - Sapienza currently free to download!

    I've been a long term fan of the Hitman series from the original Hitman 2 to Blood Money (Absolution was ok...). I've halfway through the Club 27 level and am really not feeling this at all. I don't have the time or motivation for repeated playthroughs of games these days and it seems to be designed around that - presumably as it was originally episodic. The level design is fantastic (like Sapienza) but the levels also feel too big. There is so much going on and you're constantly uncovering new opportunities and not knowing whether to go with them or not. I miss the smaller clockwork nature of the older games. The AI is properly annoying. I don't like the disguise system (which was also in Absolution) where certain types of character are instantly suspicious of you in certain outfits. I'm sure in the older games there was a suspicion meter instead which you could manage by maintaining a distance or even looking away as you walked past people. Together with alerts that are so quick to trigger, it feels like any improvisation on the part of the player is being discouraged - unless you want to go loud and die in a hail of bullets. You need to know exactly what you are doing and be quick saving all the time in case something goes wrong. It's brutally difficult to play most of the time. I'll keep going I guess, but I can't see me getting Hitman 2 if its more of the same. Maybe I'm just too casual for Hitman these days. Or maybe I'm just doing it wrong.

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