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  1. If you've hoovered it out (be careful with the fans you can damage the bearings with a hoover spinning it too quickly) It's the thermal paste being rubbish, I've had to replace it on my OG PS4, Pro and a few xbox ones. Made a gigantic difference on all of them although my OG PS4 is pretty 'whooshy' still on more demanding games (Monster Hunter World for instance is instant Dyson)
  2. I've been playing this on Grandmaster difficulty, feels like a Souls game so I figured I'd set the difficulty to match, only had trouble with But fine so far apart from a few rage moments with that fight Just having a bit of a relaxing jaunt around mopping up the bits I've missed on the other planets and topping up the skill points (just a couple of points left to get) before heading off to continue the story on Overall I wasn't fussed to start with but it's absolutely grown on me and now I'm massively enjoying it being a bit more powered up, combat in this is just great fun combining abilities and experimenting, I'll be sad when I 1000G this and there is no more to do
  3. I'd probably recommend just starting a closed crew sloop up and having a sail about to see whats what, check out shops etc then using the Xbox app LFG tool to find a decent crew
  4. Just a tip to those who might not know, adding other players multiplies the hit points of the target monster, so it's often MUCH easier and faster to solo them (and with new Palico revive safer!) Using Gunlance or a HBG with shield customizations/decorations (to lvl3) should help greatly. Tigrex is pretty easy to kill with aerial insect glaive moves too if you fancy a crack at that (takes a little longer but fun!) Don't sleep on collecting canteen ingredients either, you can eat for Feyline Insurance to give yourself an additional cart or use Palico Vigourwasp to revive you.
  5. I changed the radial on ps4 to require a click from the stick (R3) on the PS4 version, I think it's "Type 2" in options, never let me down.
  6. Free sails and emote to commemorate 10 million unique players: "To celebrate this incredible achievement, we’ve crafted two special in-game gifts for you to equip, should you wish to showcase the part you played in reaching that all-important 10 million milestone. All you need to do to qualify for these goodies is play the Legends of the Sea update in its first week – that means before 4pm GMT on January 22nd. Those of you who play within this January 15th-22nd window will be eligible for both of the limited edition items, which will be available for use when they arrive in the game next month as part of February’s content update." https://www.seaofthieves.com/news/10m-players-gifts
  7. you can also set certain crafting items to craft one or craft all on the radial, craft all obviously being amazing for things like ammo in the heat of battle.
  8. If you have Iceborne then you can use the quick claw in base content, imagine how fast things would go if you had that and could tenderise monster parts and bang them into walls too (join ussssss)
  9. you're in for a great time, I'd double dip but I'd literally play nothing else
  10. Summary Next Update: Legends of the Sea - new NPC Umbra; going out and finding easter eggs; reward is commendations and tattoos Adventure Cross Play is coming in next update, Jan. 15 bunch of other quality of life updates: ships in arena sink faster, no more starting in storms in arena, etc. Dev Updates will no longer be weekly; will offer more behind-the-scenes videos
  11. Picked this up last year in the Steam sales but only got around to playing it this week, oh god, it's got me. Really enjoying exploring this, not looking at any guides etc as its all so much fun to blunder though. I love it, the bastard child of Spellunky, Harry Potter, Worms and Citadel on the BBC
  12. Yay, got it done tonight
  13. I just need to capture it so I can get the optional arena quest, it’s the last one I have to complete (there’s a pendant I want for doing them all) and I keep doing other “areas” which lowers the rotten level so I can’t get him to reappear
  14. Longshot but does anyone have the Special Arena Optional Quest for (High level MR spoiler) I keep failing to catch one
  15. Light bow gun, spread shot or stickys to the horn, dance round him, shoot his face off. Easier solo than in a group, believe me.
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