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  1. Nice, mechamonkey_mk2 is my psn id, would love a team. Lots more players today it seems, doing a console only search it's been pretty fast matchmaking.
  2. I've been turning off cross play, pc ranged is much better and the console turn speed is so slow you get assassinated very easily. Matchmaking is much slower but the games are more fun.
  3. I've been playing PS5, it's much better with comms but as long as your team is using the pings and not idiots its all fine, I'm lvl 26 and level 6 on Tooke my main and its all been totally solo/quickmatched
  4. Played a few hours of this today on ps5, really enjoyed it, I love medieval themes, team games and melee so I've had a great time. Think it needs a tweak with the rewards as you can be lazy and just net the chest at the end of the winch, earlier objectives don't feel as rewarding (not sure on actual values to be honest so could be wildly wrong) Anyway it's right up my alley so enjoy it immensely. No idea how cross play works but would love to play with peoples.
  5. I was but came off it as it kept breaking my One X and I was tired of fixing it
  6. It was running from a half full 2Tb external drive, doing exactly as your describe, will shift it over later, thanks. Here's a clip to demonstrate.
  7. Has anyone else tried Alien Isolation? I'm getting absolutely chronic stutters as if it's not loading in properly.
  8. Series X is the greatest console I've ever owned, the sheer amount of quality of life improvements made it worth every penny, quick resume, larger drive, easy upgrade to storage and management of it, boost mode, backwards compatibility etc, controller, I just love everything about it. PS5, I am not getting along with, it's massive and ugly, noisy, controller feels horrible (but big up to the fantastic haptics), tiny storage, horrible parties. Regret here. I've no doubt it will improve and some incredible exclusives will come but it's basically my fall guys box at the moment.
  9. I still play HOTS quite a lot it's very much alive and takes no time to get matches. It's by miles the most fun MOBA for me personally. I mentioned this elsewhere but over lockdown I played Everquest with the same people I hadn't spoken to since playing it originally 21 years ago, I was amazed how active it still was and still supported with expansions still coming out regularly. All our original characters were still there on the servers too.
  10. I've barely touched it this season for that reason, no time (the last year has been mental busy for me, no time off etc at all)
  11. This is so great, the perfect antidote to the thought of another humongous 100hr game and a perfect slice of instant fun, I'm terrible at it but enjoying it enormously.
  12. I'm still really enjoying it, once you level up your perks, gear and abilities you can specialize quite a lot which makes the characters play somewhat differently, pretty great fun with friends too. I like to think of it more as a Streets of Rage scrolling beat em up rather than a destiny like to be honest. Loved the Kate Bishop and Hawkeye stuff and to be honest really looking forward to Wakanda etc, I am however dying of AIM, no more plz, theres an entire Marvel Universe out there (this wont change its not like Destiny is swimming in wildly different enemies after all these years etc)
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