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  1. mechamonkey

    Monster Hunter: World

    Mechamonkey_mk2 (sent you a friend req)
  2. Tried it on the xb1x earlier the frame rate difference was ridiculous to the og PS4, like a different game.
  3. mechamonkey

    Monster Hunter: World

    I had a long session last night too (finished about 3), I’m trying to get the completely ring giant and mini versions of a few end game beasts (there’s a trophy for giant and mini crowns) must have killed about 60 of them (it’s quite fast when tooled up) didn’t get a single one, all good fun
  4. I’ll give it another go on another machine, maybe it was launch issues but it was so jerky and laggy it just felt horrible the sessions I had really floaty and laggy., certainly nothing like the performance in the videos at all
  5. mechamonkey


    This is free on the Epic store at the moment.
  6. mechamonkey

    Monster Hunter: World

    I have a Hunting Horn problem...
  7. For the person that downvoted me, I've played 13 hours of this and 700Hrs of MHW, one of these games has terrible matchmaking, combat that feels about as solid as a stay puft and performs like a spectrum loading screen (when you can get in), the other is nuanced with multiple layers, a one off purchase and superbly balanced with free content, excellent performance even on bog standard machines and many more weapons/builds. Thanks!
  8. Played a bit more, this is pretty awful to be fair and I don't rag on many games, go play Monster Hunter World and have a much better time.
  9. mechamonkey

    Monster Hunter: World

    Pretty sure Giant Crown Kushala is a myth.... grrr 75 down so far
  10. mechamonkey

    Monster Hunter: World

    I know what you mean about the combat feeling clunky but honestly stick with it you’ll discover later upon later of tactics and skill, longsword is my least played weapon, I should really give it a proper go again. seems to be a few of us playing again, we should knock up a new guild. mechamonkey_mk2 on psn if anyone fancies some company/help
  11. Had a couple of hours, runs like dog dirt on an OG ps4 in multiplayer and in Ramsbottom or wherever but was pretty much a total mess in a 4 player hunt. It's ok, as a MHW veteran it isnt a patch on that, but it's free and still pretty satisfying so worth giving a try if you can bypass the free to play jank it shoves at you and just fancy bonking some monsters in their parts ;p
  12. mechamonkey

    Xbox One Console Thread

    If you want to look ridiculous like this: No need to watch the trailer from the dashboard advert and unlock it, I've figured out the direct url: https://www.microsoft.com/store/productid/FQS6VL5ZQSF0
  13. mechamonkey

    Monster Hunter: World

    At Nergi is fun, basically as hyperactive and fierce as you’d expect, no gimmicks just an absolute powerhouse. but disappointed the Layered armour is Ryu but the fight was great, still a way to go to finish off his set and not sure yet if I’ll actually use it thanks to the almighty Drachen/Xeno Jiva sets but gotta catch em all
  14. mechamonkey

    Ghost Recon Breakpoint. GOTY

    A mild personal understatement: "I am quite excited about this"
  15. mechamonkey

    Ghost Recon Breakpoint. GOTY


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