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  1. One of the best films of the year, Calm With Horses, is on there now.
  2. It’s definitely worth revisiting. The last 20 minutes are particularly good.
  3. I want to give Laca the benefit of the doubt, but he’s not a good striker. Guy couldn’t finish his dinner. Beat 30 minutes of the season that. But we should be at least one up.
  4. Are those VAR clowns saying that was (1) a foul and (2) inside the box?
  5. I thought The Mortuary Collection was a lot of fun - good heads up, cheers.
  6. Servant is the best show on it for me. Season 2 is due soon.
  7. I don't remember helicopters putting out fires in Die Hard.
  8. Rocks https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9067182/ Low key British movie about a young black girl trying to look after her younger brother and their mother abandons them. I thought this was really impressive. Sad but uplifting at the same time. Great performances from the young cast. It never lapses into pity or judgement and it plays out in nicely understated way. Definitely recommended. On Netflix. 4.5/5
  9. I watched a Canadian zombie film last night a called Blood Quantum. It's about a zombie outbreak but the twist is that the native Canadian people aren't affected so can't be turned to Zs. This was OK but couldn't really seem to decide what it wanted to be - there are some pretty schlocky kills, little animated inserts, some Mad Max bits and some efforts at social commentary. But it never really landed on anything. There were some interesting ideas, like how native reservations were safe places to be and how white people carry the zombie 'disease' with them. But there's too much ha
  10. We were all right in the first half, Saka and Tierney especially, but we’re trash now. Need some changes. Get Laca on at least or maybe Partay.
  11. I watched the second Blumhouse film tonight, Black Box. It's much better than The Lie but isn't anything special. A man survives a car crash that kills his wife and undergoes some experimental surgery to try to restore his lost memories. Some spooky stuff happens. This was all right but really felt like a single idea dragged out to feature length. And there wasn't enough story to justify the running time. A 45 minute episode of the Twilight Zone or Black Mirror could have done something decent with the premise. I'll probably not bother with the rest.
  12. The Lie? Yeah, I watched it over the weekend and thought it was terrible. More a thriller than a horror film but so badly made and acted it was a real struggle to get through. The trailer for Black Box looked good though, I'll probably watch that tonight.
  13. I watched the first one of these, The Lie, tonight. It's about a teenage girl who kills her friend then her parents cover up the crime. This was pretty terrible - stupid behaviour from characters, overwrought acting and a real cheap feel to the whole thing. I was expecting this to be a horror film but it was more of a psychological thriller. Really not worth anyones time.
  14. Nah, Skarsgard as Flagg is class casting. Once they stick him in a decent pair of boots he'll be grand. No Harold though?
  15. Can you still get a Now TV day pass for a tenner?
  16. Damn it anyway. We left that on the pitch, hitting the post and missing a tap in. Painful stuff.
  17. Don’t know why Hourihane didn’t put his boot through that chance right at the end. We were the better team in the second but they had the best chance, the one Duffy took off the line. Reasonably confident for extra time.
  18. Scream https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0117571/ The first in Wes Cravens trilogy of self-aware slashers. A teenage girl is stalked by a masked, knife-wielding killer a year after her mother was murdered. It’s years since I watched this and seeing as it’s spooky season I decided to revisit Woodsboro. I’ve always liked this film and I was pleased to see it still holds up almost 25 years(!) after it’s release. The cast are all excellent, it’s funny and meta without ever being annoying. And the mystery is strong and well executed. A superior, meta slasher.
  19. Kieran Tierney has had a corona close contact and will have to isolate for 14 days, so will miss the Manchester City game. Strikes me as nuts internationals are still being played with all this going on.
  20. Deadline is 11 right? Plenty of time to announce we’ve re-signed Jack Wiltshire.
  21. That was a lovely bit of football. Credit to Pepe and ElNeny and to Artetta for the change.
  22. The game plan today seems to be just pass the ball aimlessly around midfield until it's worked out to Tierney. He then fires in a cross towards Nketiah who's jumping against 3 defenders who are all taller than him. It's so flat and uninspired. Third game in a week though so they are probably well tired.
  23. I'm enjoying this up to a point and I'd like to watch some of the live event but the version on the HBO Facebook is 6 and a half hours long! Is there an edited version anywhere?
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