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  1. I torrented it. I think it's on HBO Max so it should come to Sky Atlantic/Now TV soon.
  2. It's the thread bump we've all been waiting for - season 3 has finally been released. I'm 4 episodes in and it's still really good. I could have done with a refresher on the various story lines but I was caught up quickly enough.
  3. Silent Runner


    Delighted for Laca there, really nice finish. And credit to the boss for the change - two subs involved in the goal. Nice little run we're on now but it I don't think it will be enough for top 5.
  4. Surely it can be easily checked if someone made a massive bet in the Philippines on Wigan going down? Is he saying the Hong Kong consortium bought them intending to deliberately relegate them and to profit from betting against their own team?
  5. Silent Runner


    that's the spirit! Must be the first time Mike Dean has given the Arsenal something - not giving that VAR penalty.
  6. Silent Runner


    I know Norwich are trash but Tierney and Ceballos are absolutely flying tonight. I'd love to sign Dani long term, probably not going to happen though.
  7. I can't think of a film in recent years that's got such lukewarm reviews but that's been so well received on here. I can understand the Peter Bradshaw review but I was very surprised to see Kermode and Robbie Collins didn't like it.
  8. Silent Runner


    Good penalty from Pepe there - just inside the post. Don't know what McNamaman is talking about saying it was a soft penalty - Laca was booted from behind.
  9. I watched one on Netflix last night called Malevolent. Florence Pugh and her brother are fake psychic investigators who help bereaved families by pretending to get in contact with their dead relatives. They're hired by Celia Imrie to get in contact with her dead children and to stop them haunting her remote country house. The fake psychics turn up and you'll never guess what happens - it turns out there is some real haunting going on. This was pretty terrible and I'd probably have stopped watching if Florence Pugh wasn't in it. The plot makes no sense and the reason for the actions of any characters is baffling. There's one semi-decent twist but otherwise it's a mess. Avoid. 1.5/5
  10. This is getting really strong write-ups and the trailer managed to creep me out a bit. Should be worth a watch.
  11. Joel Schumacher away. Made The Lost Boys so he'll live forever. https://variety.com/2020/film/news/joel-schumacher-dead-dies-batman-director-1234644961/
  12. Some hit. Shocking stuff from Utd at the back - Maguire like a statue.
  13. It's a decent enough thriller that you'll read in a weekend. But the praise from other writers has been way over the top - I'll always take a Steven King recommendation with a pinch of salt, he's shilled for a few turkeys over the years. It's one of those high concept thrillers that if you think about the plot for more than 30 seconds it falls apart. It was entertaining though. Worth getting if it shows up cheap on kindle.
  14. No Arsenal matches either - but that's probably something to be grateful for.
  15. Doesn't he pretend to be from another intelligence agency and that he's doing a security test of the FBI office where Martha is working? And he recruits her to help him test for security vulnerabilities in the office.
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