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  1. He’s playing out of position but even allowing for that he’s been trash. Is he our only cover at left back?
  2. We used to get a few of these video compilations of the best films of the year, but this is the first one I've see. It's really well put together. I'd not heard of the top 2 and there's a good few others I'll have to check out.
  3. My concentration and attention span seem shot to bits recently and I’ve struggled to get through a full movie. So I’ve been watching more television than normal. These are a couple of horror shows I've watched. 30 Coins (Spanish name: 30 Monedas) A HBO Europe show that's part Holy Blood and Holy Grail schlock-fest and part soapy telenovella. Set in a small Spanish town where weird things have started happening. It turns out somewhere in the town is one of the 30 pieces of silver paid to Judas for betraying Christ back in the day and various bad sorts are trying to find it. Standing
  4. That was quality from Lacazette, ESR and from the rest of the players who hassled Clark into his mistake.
  5. Even yellow is harsh for that.
  6. Uncut Gems was a Netflix original right? That was amazing but that’s an outlier for sure.
  7. Oh no, I was looking forward to it. I half expected Oliver Reed to turn up in that trailer.
  8. TMZ are sleazy but reliable, right? Because they’re reporting she’s still alive. https://amp.tmz.com/2021/01/04/tanya-roberts-still-alive-rep-saying-shes-dead-70s-show-bond-girl/?__twitter_impression=true
  9. Serious football being played now. I'd get Saka and maybe Smith-Rowe off, no point risking them for the rest of the match.
  10. Artera and Alerdyce out on the pitch with the ref. Lots of snow falling. Feels like it might get called off.
  11. Not sure if it has been mentioned but one of the best films of last year, Babyteeth, is on there.
  12. Harpoon https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7831358/ Rivalries, dark secrets, and sexual tension emerge when three best friends find themselves stranded on a yacht in the middle of the ocean desperate for survival. A Canadian film about 3 friends who find themselves stranded on a yacht - as their food runs out they start to turn on each other. I thought this was really impressive. Most of the film happens on the boat and they make great use of the limited space onboard. The 3 characters are sufficiently annoying that you're kind of happy to see bad things hap
  13. The Climb https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8637440/ A look at the friendship between two guys that spans over many years. (I love how terrible some of these IMDB descriptions are) An American film about two friends who don't really like each other and are not good for each other. It follows them over a few years and we see little interludes from their lives as they intersect - weddings, babies etc. I thought this was pretty good. Funny and sad at times with just the right amount of pathos. The cast are all excellent (including George Wendt from Cheers), it
  14. Saka was so good there. Took the ball in his own half, spin his man and hit Laca with a perfect pass. Quality finish too.
  15. Bit of a lucky finish but the move up to the shot was superb - from Leno right through midfield and onto Saka was so good.
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