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  1. Silent Runner

    A movie watchers blog

    I've not seem any of his other films. Any one you'd recommend?
  2. Silent Runner

    A movie watchers blog

    Shoplifters https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8075192/ A family of small-time crooks take in a child they find outside in the cold. This is a Japanese film that was nominated for the Best Foreign Film award at this years Oscars but lost out to Roma. It's about an unorthodox family (grandmother, her two daughters, one husband and one grandchild) who live together in quite a rundown part of Japan. They live on the poverty line surviving and sometimes resort to shoplifting to survive. One night they find a young girl on the side of the street, they hear her parents arguing so decide to adopt/kidnap her. I enjoyed this a lot. It's quite slow-paced but the characters and story are really compelling. The cast are all fantastic and the little child actors are particularly good. I loved how this was filmed lots of wide and long shots - the wikipedia tells me they used some special film that's known for its grain and it does give the film a certain texture. The lighting also stood out for me. I liked the way it didn't judge it's characters and just let them get on with what they had to do to survive. Despite being two hours long it never felt like it was dragging. I found the last 20 minutes or so understated and very moving. Recommend for sure. 4/5
  3. Been thinking about this film a lot over the weekend and I don't think I liked it. I really liked Bone Tomahak, liked Cell Block 99 a lot less and this even less again.
  4. Silent Runner


    Apple pie-racy.
  5. There’s one scene that’s so OTT it’s almost funny - but still stomach churning.
  6. Silent Runner

    Steamed Hams: A Simpsons Story

    It's Steamed Hams but...... oh you know the drill.
  7. Silent Runner

    A movie watchers blog

    Holiday https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7328154/ A love triangle featuring the trophy girlfriend of a petty drug lord, caught up in a web of luxury and violence in a modern dark gangster tale set in the beautiful port city of Bodrum on the Turkish Riviera This is a Danish film about a family of drug dealers on their holidays. We don’t see any drug dealing happening but it’s hinted at pretty clearly. Victoria Carmen Sonne plays Sasha the beautiful girlfriend of the head of the family. We see them spending time at a rented villa somewhere in Turkey. This was a decent debut feature. It looked great and had a nice, bleak atmosphere. Sasha is the star and the film revolves around her - she meets some guys at an ice-cream shop and you just know it won’t end well. The rest of the crime family are either dislikable or idiotic. It was nice to watch a sub-90 minute film after Dragged Across Concrete and Under The Silver Lake. And this moved at a good pace. There’s lots of shots of pretty women being abused and hurt - the director and editor are both women. From what I’ve read there’s a version of this film with an extended violent, rape scene. That wasn’t in the version I watched. 3/5
  8. Silent Runner

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Goooal. First bit of decent football we've played. Tasty finish from Hendrick.
  9. Silent Runner

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Lucky not to go 1 down there. Great save from Randolph.
  10. Silent Runner

    A movie watchers blog

    Bad Times...had one of my favourite scenes of last year, when Cynthia Erivo is singing You Can't Hurry Love and clapping on the beat to cover the sound of Jeff Bridges pulling up the floorboards. It failed as a film for me though, the constant flashback ruined it. Putting a flashback in the middle of the climax of the film was a brave, but totally daft, move.
  11. Silent Runner

    What are you reading at the moment?

    I picked up the newest one from George Pelecanos on Monday, The Man Who Came Uptown. It's the story of 3 people in Washington DC and the way their lives intersect. An ex-con trying to go straight, a prison librarian who finds herself stuck in a rut and a bail bondsman who doesn't exactly live the straight life. I was a huge Pelecanos fan from the time I read his first book over 20 years ago. He was one of a handful of writers whose books I'd pick up as soon as they were out. I was delighted to see him go on to TV success and he did some great HBO work on The Wire and other shows. But in recent years his books haven't been great. He started a new series that I wasn't crazy about. So I was delighted that this was a real return to form. His books are so well written. He has that gift some writers have where their prose and dialogue are quite 'plain' (I don't say that in a pejorative way) but they're full of heart and character - very similar to Elmore Leonard or Donald Westlake. You feel like you're walking the streets of an American city with the characters, driving in their cars, going on robberies or just out for pizza. I burned through this in two nights and I'm fully back on the George Pelecanos fanboy train now. Gonna be a long wait for the next one. I got it for an outrageous 99p on Kindle. An essential read for any crime fiction fans or any fans of 'Americana' in general.
  12. Silent Runner

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    I watched one over the weekend called The Invitation. A nice little 'dinner party goes wrong' thriller. A young couple are invited to a party being thrown by one of their exs somewhere in the Hollywood hills - things soon start to go bad. I thought this was a little slow to get going but once things started to happen it was a proper, gripping thriller. Some nice twists, good characters and mystery and a great ending. Recommended for sure. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2400463/
  13. Silent Runner

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    'The Men Behind The Wire' and 'Come out Ye Black and Tans' absolutely floored me. You know when you're laughing so much your face hurts? That x 100. Staggeringly good.
  14. Silent Runner

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    Oh my god, is that a real doll? That CPR/Queen sequence was amazing incredible.
  15. A fairly bland poster compared to other QT posters.

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