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  1. Their 2000AD stuff is really good. The sound design really captures the essence of MC1.
  2. Partay is such a class act. That turn and pass for Lacas 2nd was so good.
  3. Unlucky not to equalise at the end there but Barca deserved to lose - they're a poor enough team. Got to fancy Real for the title now.
  4. Barcelona absolutely trash in that half - they're losing their minds when Madrid run at them in straight lines. And they should be 3 or 4 down. Pity Messi didn't score that corner at the end though, just to make it interesting.
  5. Great goal from Benzema. Feels like the biggest classico for years.
  6. Another great weekend for VAR so far - the Wolves goal last night and that Leeds red card. Once that clown Walton said it was going to be yellow he was always getting sent off.
  7. I found out recently that the film director S Craig Zahler also writes books. He's written in a few genres but the one that sounded interesting to me was Mean Business on North Ganson Street. A crime thriller about a cop who screws up at work and gets sent to a nightmare precinct somewhere in Missouri - this place is a living hell. On his second day two cops are ambushed and killed and things get more violent and grisly were quickly. This is a very good read but bleak as hell and outrageously violent. The film of his it reminds me off mostly is Dragged Across Concrete - it has the
  8. The Dry https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5144174/ Aaron Falk returns to his drought-stricken hometown to attend a tragic funeral. But his return opens a decades-old wound - the unsolved death of a teenage girl. A decent Australian murder-mystery set in a small town in the middle of a drout. Eric Bana is a city cop called back to his hometown after a murder/suicide. It looks open and shut but when the family of the victims ask him to investigate he finds things are not what they seem. This was a well-made, but slightly boring, thriller. The cast are good, it looks
  9. Think Leno is a bit shit lads.
  10. If Tierney is on that cross doesn't come in as easily, but fuck sake, the marking in the middle and the floppy wrists of the keeper were shocking.
  11. Horrible first half ending with an injury to Tierney. Partay looked good when he got the ball and Aubameyang is holding onto the ball when he gets it but there's no one inside for him. Otherwise pretty bad everywhere. I'll put money on Willian coming on soon.
  12. I watched the WeWork documentary, WeWork: Or the Making and Breaking of a $47 Billion Unicorn. It was good but after 90 minutes of it I still felt a bit lost as to what they actually did that was meant to be revolutionary. Or why SoftBank invested 4 billion dollars into it. It was a good insight into how far a semi-decent idea, a load of charisma and self-confidence can take you (see also Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes). But you can only run that race for so long until you get found out. Still, the main guy walked away with a billion dollars and his backers got hosed so the system
  13. Watched a new one last night called Honeydew. A young couple driving through rural America breakdown and call to an isolated house for help. There's a friendly, but weird, old lady living there who brings them in but all is not what it seems! This was complete drivel and a waste of 4 euro or whatever I paid for it on youtube. Totally predictable with nothing to redeem it except for some nice split-screen shots and a decent soundtrack. Oh, and Steven Spielbergs son, Sawyer, is in it. Avoid. 1.5/5
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