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  1. Watched one tonight called The Wretched. A mix of folk-horror and teen-horror. A teenage boy comes to stay with his father for the Summer but he soon realises something is wrong in their small town. This was decent enough but with a weird tone that kept shifting between YA horror and something more grisley - there's also a bizarre Amblin-esq score that felt out of place. It's quite short and the monster has a clever gimmick but I wanted more lore and background on the town instead of boring teen-age hijinks. 3.5/5
  2. Finally, after 6 episodes something happened. That episode was a good reminder of how much fun the show is when they're on an adventure together, instead of splitting them off on their own side quests. More of that would be great.
  3. Yeah, first one is fine I suppose. Plays out exactly as you'd expect an American version to play out - instead of meeting at a Comic shop they meet at Comic Con etc. But I'll probably not watch more. It just made me want to rewatch the original.
  4. Moyes, Diop and Josh Cullen have the Rona. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/54258226
  5. That episode didn't land for me at all. I'm not really into K-Horror. I just wanted it to go back to America and the main story. And not waste half an entire episode on characters I bet we never see again.
  6. 3 from Succession nominated for Best Supporting Actor but Billy Crudip won. I guess they split the Succession vote. Shame Culkin didn't win.
  7. I read both of these last week. The Ann Cleeves, The Darkest Evening, is excellent. It's the 9th or 10th in that series and they are a little formulaic but it's a winning formula. A murder in the countryside, Vera and her team investigate and everything gets neatly resolved 300 pages later. The Richard Osman, The Tuesday Murder Club, was good fun. A group of friends in a retirement home meet every Tuesday to discuss famous murders. But they soon find themselves involved a real murder case. This was very easy to read but maybe not as clever as it thought it was. And it did resort
  8. Watching MOTD, can’t understand what Bilic is raging at the ref for. Gibbs hit James in the face, it’s an easy red card.
  9. That pass to Ceballos is the only decent thing Saka did all night.
  10. I know West Ham are a fair better team than Fulham but the drop off in quality since last week is staggering. Saka/Kol are trash compared to Tierney and Maitland Niles.
  11. That was poor enough, especially in midfield. So many changes from last week seems to have unbalanced the team. Saka hasn't been good and Ceballos is mis-hitting passes all over the pitch.
  12. First two of the new season are out and they're really funny. I liked some of the coma seasons but spy Archer is best Archer for me. Good to have it back.
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