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  1. Just got a quest 2 yesterday. Lovely little thing, I'm very happy! The battery did keep dieing though. In order to keep playing while it charges, can I just buy an extra long cable and plug it into the wall/an Xbox to charge whilst playing? Something like this... https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B08CBG8NVW/ref=sspa_mw_detail_6?ie=UTF8&psc=1&pd_rd_i=B08CBG8NVWp13NParams
  2. But then where will he play gamepass
  3. Yeah it's becoming one of my favourite ever racers. The ai is really varied and ridiculous, making the races so fun. The handling system is superb and it looks stunning. Also great online, getting stuck in middle positions fighting for every inch is glorious.
  4. Jesus Christ this talking. "ID @ Xbox is great, it's so easy to sign up, the games are so unique." Show. Us. Them.
  5. Haha yes I've done a few of them now. They're great. Also just discovered slot car racing! Incredible how fleshed out it all is. Not just throwaway minigames at all.
  6. So I put on Yakuza 0 yesterday just so I could delete it and say I've tried it (like so many games on gamepass!). Ended up completing chapter 1 in the first sitting and I can't stop thinking of it today. What a game! The drama and characters are memorable and interesting. The combat is kind of like a 3D streets of rage. Hope it stays this good.
  7. Good shout. This seems the perfect game for easy difficulty I think.
  8. So I've tried the Witcher a few times now and just find it overwhelming. The menus are so dense with information! I even saw on a video that you have to convert currencies! Is it really important to understand all it's systems or can you just play it very casually doing the story and any interesting side quests that pop up without caring about crafting, alchemy, and whatever else?
  9. Just want to add to the praise. Me and the wife are hooked and thoroughly annoyed now we've caught up with everything and need wait for new episodes! Sean Bean is terrific, and I love his mad scientists too.
  10. Quick resume, no load times and auto HDR are definitely all 'next gen' and I think I am just happy in the security knowing that with gamepass, and Microsoft's care for backwards compatibility that the next few years are going to be spectacular.
  11. Pretty sure it's morrowind GOTY edition, which includes the dlc.
  12. Nidhogg 2 and Trivial Pursuit Live for less than a fiver each are the only things for me this week.
  13. Edit: solved my issues. It is just the HDR as someone has said. I've calibrated it and got my settings more consistent across different picture modes now If anyone like me wanted a nice new TV/console test btw .. Tetris effect is breathtaking!
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