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  1. Make sure you set up the game as your own main account because other profiles that join your island later are slightly crippled in that they can't advance 'story' or 'quest' type things. Surprised no one warned you about this, hope I'm not too late!
  2. Nmbr9 is a really satisfying little puzzle game with zero conflict, fitting together little Tetris-like pieces is always a win.
  3. Close! It's the Triratna Buddhism symbol
  4. Really pleased with my flag! Love this game so much.
  5. Jackson

    Nintendo Switch

    It's got an alright story mode, with co-op it's a nice distraction.
  6. The new rhythm mode is a nice distraction, it has Jump Up Superstar which is great but could do with a few more songs like the Dk rap if it was to be a proper selling point. As a silly freebie though, good stuff!
  7. Yeah you have to load the actual disc in. Can't have it on your wall, but the cool thing is the songs count as registered in every single music player on your island.
  8. Jackson

    Nintendo Switch

    XCom 2, free Ringfit update, 51 games All nice surprises for me!
  9. I mean that nobody arrived new today. She probably didn't do that! Thank you
  10. My wife completed the tasks to get the three new villagers yesterday but none moved in today. Is it likely that she's messed up somewhere? It is Louie's birthday and she had the museum and bridge open, so maybe the game delayed it because of all the goings on
  11. It just fixes a duping items glitch.
  12. Just to be clear; Hit the rocks but you don't actually want to 'break' them, I found the stone axe works well. And use nook miles tickets to go to randomly generated islands to find fresh rocks to abuse.
  13. Got one for £190 from Argos eBay with a 5% off code. It's her first console, she's so happy
  14. I think I need a switch lite for my wife! She's hooked. Any bundle deals? I can't see anything.
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