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  1. You also have to make sure you are standing by his head, preferably with it between you and the oncoming snow ball as it will aim for Mario.
  2. FWIW I moved a few feet further back from my screen and upped the FOV and didn’t feel sick in about 3 hours worth of play last night, so that might be worth a try if some folk are still having issues.
  3. Another one who’d booked time off for this. No chance of moving the days either. Fuck.
  4. Squires absolutely killing it this week https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2020/oct/27/david-squires-on-marcus-rashford-boris-johnson-school-meals
  5. A little bit of catching up here: Super Mario Sunshine – 02/10 I was never a Sunshine hater. I had a few issues with it (Ferris wheel, pink boos) but I have 100%ed twice on the ‘Cube. I still really enjoyed this All-Stars replay but found the urge to explore levels lacking. I mostly just did the shines as expected and picked up the odd blue coin when they presented themselves and I had absolutely no desire to put myself through Yoshi’s Fruit Safari. I do love the way Mario controls in Sunshine, for me, it’s the tightest outside of Odyssey. Due to it being slightly rushed it’s
  6. Will Give this a try thanks Moosey. Had a quick Google and it seems quite a common complaint for this game. Someone also mentioned turning off motion blur so I’ll try that also as I really don’t want to quit.
  7. Well this is fucking brilliant but having played a couple of hours, I too feel proper sick. I don’t suffer from motion sickness and don’t even get sick in VR so something is amiss here. It’s such a shame as it’s put me off playing it again but I really want too.
  8. Is anyone having an issue with GP? It’s asking me to sign in or renew subscription even tho I have an active Ultimate sub. Worked fine yesterday. Edit: Nevermind, it worked after several sign in-and-outs. Odd.
  9. Souness more bitter and salty than a round of tequila shots where they forgot the booze. Good grief.
  10. BabelRich

    NFL 2020!

    And Hoyer is going to playing against the Chiefs. Poor Jarett Stidham.
  11. BabelRich

    NFL 2020!

    Hadn’t seen that. Proper horse shit call.
  12. BabelRich

    NFL 2020!

    Seriously Atlanta. Becoming quite the habit.
  13. Super Mario 64 - 23/09 Do you need me to tell you about this game? Didn't think so. Showing it's age in many places but it's still the masterpiece that defined 3D games (no, Jumping Flash doesn't count ). What showed it's age worse during my playtime was me. So much so that I daren't go for 100 coins on Tick-Tock Clock for fear of doing myself a real mischief. I would have loved a proper remaster with the super tight Odyssey controls but I guess that would ruin the spirit of the game. On to Sunshine.
  14. Please don’t kill me for yet another GP question, but if I want to take advantage of the quid offer do I need to let my current GP sub lapse before adding the Gold vouchers? I’m worried that I’ll add Gold the. The upgrade will just be for the next month.
  15. I wouldn’t buy one from them just for that font!
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