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  1. It’s great. Nice chilled cross between Layton and Ace Attorney. Some excellent characters and writing.
  2. If anyone needs pears I’m opening the gates of Vickiton for a bit. I don’t have a lot else to offer as we’re very early and taking our time but I’ve seen a few folks asking for pears. theres 10 outside the airport and plent on trees. If you could leave another fruit that would be great but no pressure. Dodo is G5V9L
  3. Can someone confirm that only the first islander can do anything meaningful. About to start playing with the wife and was going to let her crack on as the first islander but I don’t want to be stuck not being able to do stuff. or are folks just meaning when it’s 2 players simultaneously?
  4. https://www.90min.com/posts/6576434-12-of-the-best-footballers-who-own-cats?view_source=zoomd&view_medium=zoomd&view_term=Cats a month of this!
  5. Villa utterly gutless and shite once again but fuck me in what world is that a penalty?
  6. Loads of folk in this thread use them. The advice is indeed to use an official PSU. They’re easy enough to get on Amazon. Happy to hold it for you until someone less partisan confirms though
  7. HDMI Type C Hub Adapter for Nintendo Switch, 1080P USB C Hub HDMI Converter Cable for Nintendo Switch, Macbook Pro 2017, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, Google Pixel (Black) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B078RZQJ8D/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_MKnzEbB3MYRN3 Does anybody want one of these? I’ve used it once to check it works and have since sourced a second official dock so have no need for it any more. Don’t have the box as I chucked it once I confirmed it was working but otherwise it’s mint. Call it 15 quid inc postage.
  8. 28/02 – Darksiders Genesis Well this was grand. Not a diablo clone as first suspected but a full blown Darksiders adventure from a different perspective. I’ve had a soft spot for Darksiders since taking a punt on the first game in a Steam sale a while ago. I just find them to be solid, enjoyable, gamey games and this delivers the DS feels like a smashed chest full of souls so if you’ve played one you’ll already know if you like this or not. A few mis-steps here and there (the worst offender being the baffling lack of a player position icon on the map) doesn’t stop this from being a top notch addition to the franchise. 04/03 – Slay the Spire I haven’t fully completed this, but Murder by Numbers has just come out and that will be taking my Switch time up for the foreseeable and I need to take a break for my health. What a fucking game man. Nothing else to add. Previously:
  9. Thanks guys. Thought there had been a delay for a minute. As you were.
  10. Wait! I thought it was out tomorrow and Google seems to agree. What the what?
  11. What format is this? I’m having no issues at all on PS4. edit: shit just noticed it’s Xbox, sorry. Very odd.
  12. I finally won with Ironclad last night. Got home and decided to have a quick go before bed. Turns out it was the best decision I ever made (no hype). Managed to pick up the pyramid which lets you keep unused cards in you hand, offering, demon form and fiend fire. Got Donu and Deca and it came down to exhausting a full hand then hoping heavy blade came out next turn. Booooooooom. See you in the acension levels jerk-ass! (The game; not you dear reader)
  13. Battered that bird-wolf prick senseless with just my second run with the Defect. Got loaded up with extra orbs filled them with ice and dark and went to town. Absolute awesome fun. On the other hand (pun intended) I just can’t seem to catch a break with Ironclad.
  14. I’m loving this. It’s an absolute blast. It really just an isometric Darksiders game rather than a Diablo clone. Combat is interesting and varied with a real difference of feel between Strife and War. Puzzles are classic DS type affairs fun but nothing too head-scratchy just yet. I’m not massively keen on the characterisation of Strife in some parts. He’s mostly good but goes a little bit ‘Poochy’ on occasions, especially shouting ‘This is my JAM!’ after killing some poor grunt. My only other gripes are the amount of reverb on the voice acting in the void and the frankly bonkers decision not to include a player position icon on the map. Overall I 100% agree with Moosey. Fucking Excellent.
  15. Thanks guys. I do jump on bludgeon whenever it’s offered, but that’s some fuel for tomorrow’s run.
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