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  1. BabelRich

    E3 2018 RLLMUK QUIZ - The answers

    Thanks Vemsie, that was good fun even tho I'm pretty sure I got nearly every question wrong. I'll never be an industry analyst at this rate... Actually, what am I saying, i'm perfect for that role.
  2. BabelRich

    Kingdom Hearts 3

    Can't wait to finally get this but I am quite concerned about the non-Disney voice acting. Sora in particular sounds like a poor Anime dub. Is it too much to hope it was just placeholder VO for the trailers*? *Yes, yes it is.
  3. Another inspirational esports story.
  4. BabelRich

    E3 2018: EA Play - Everything was GARBAGE

    Oh god. Player talk.
  5. BabelRich

    E3 2018: EA Play - Everything was GARBAGE

    Sneaky N7 skin in the javelin there.
  6. BabelRich

    E3 2018: EA Play - Everything was GARBAGE

    Love the fact they are looping the same 60 second “sizzle” reel in the background.
  7. BabelRich

    EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    If rumours are to be believed, we've already spent the majority of the parachute payment, requested early from the EPL, to 'keep the lights on' this month. I presume the estimated £160 million is all costs but don't know where that figure came from. Again, hearsay (not the band) say's Dr. Tone was pumping £5 - 6 million in to the club every month to cover shortfalls. Being unable to do that for two months is what has caused this crisis.
  8. BabelRich

    Easy Allies - Draft Your Tweets

    I'm new to EZA; will that be a podcast as well?
  9. BabelRich

    EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    Spot on.
  10. BabelRich

    EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    Anecdotally, there are quite a few fans who are very suspicious of Xia and are convinced he doesn’t have the money he’s supposed to have. I was very much of the “He’s not Learner!” guys, but this is another level of shambolic for an organisation that has put the ‘bolics[sic]’ in shambolic the last 8 years. Learner should have sold to the Oracle guy.
  11. My go. The questions: EA 1) Will Respawn unveil their Star Wars title? Y 2) Will Jürgen Klopp make an appearance, either real or virtual, in the no doubt awfully boring FIFA 19 segment? Y 3) Will we see a sequel to Unravel at E3 2018? N 4) Will we see a flamethrower in action during BOTH the Battlefield V AND Anthem segments? N 5) Open-ended: How many minutes into the presentation until we first hear the word "immersive"? 6 Microsoft 6) Will From Software's Shadows Die Twice be shown at MS's E3 briefing? N 7) Will we get to see the Rocker class in action at the Cyberpunk 2077 showing? N 8) Will Joanna Dark make her return at E3 2018? N 9) Will we see cars drive in the rain for more than 25 seconds during the Forza Horizon 4 segment? Y 10} Open-ended: How many times do we hear the word "Halo" during MS's briefing? 5 Bethesda 11) Will the Prey DLC/standalone have the word 'Moon' in the title? Y 12) Now that we know about Fallout 76, will we see the rumoured Starfield at E3 2018? N 13) Will we catch a glimpse of the Icon of Sin during the unveiling of Doom II: Hell on Earth? N 14) Will Bethesda spend more than 6 minutes on Rage 2 during their briefing? Y 15) Open-ended: Which song will Bethesda pick for the Fallout 76 trailer that will play during their briefing? Got to be ‘Gimmie Shelter’ Ubisoft 16) Will Splinter Cell close the Ubisoft conference? N 17) Will Ubisoft do a cross-over with Star Fox for Starlink: Battle for Atlas? N 18) Will The Division 2 take place in Chicago instead of New York? N 19) Will we see a new faction being added to For Honor (besides Vikings, Knights and Samurai?) N 20) Opend-ended: How many boats will sink during the Skulls & Bones footage? (cut-scenes or CGI count as well) 12 Sony 21) Will we see Doc Ock during the Spider-Man presentation? Y 22) Will we see Ellie make a bow and arrow kill in the footage for The Last of Us: Part II? N 23) Will Rocksteady's new title be announced during the Sony E3 2018 briefing? N 24) Will Hideo Kojima unveil yet another Hollywoord star for Death Stranding? N 25) Opend-ended: How many sword kills will we see during the presentation for Ghost of Tsushima? (cut-scenes or CGI count as well) 2 Nintendo 26) Will ARMS' Spring Man be unveiled as a playable character for Smash Bros Switch? N 27) Will we see new DLC for Super Mario Odyssey at the NIntendo E3 2018 Direct? N 28) Will we see gameplay for Metroid Prime 4? Y 29) Will we see the appearance of Waluigi in one of the games shown in the Nintendo E3 2018 Direct? Y 30) Open-ended: How many times will we see an Arwing do a barrel roll during the Nintendo E3 2018 Direct? (cut-scenes or CGI count as well) 4 Square Enix 31) Will we get to see a Star Wars world in Kingdom Hearts 3? N 32) Will Final Fantasy VII Remake make an appearance? Y 33) Will SE announce a remaster of the first Nier? N 34) Will we see Lara Croft in or on a vehicle? Y 35) Open-ended: How many enemies will the Hulk take out during the Avengers trailer/demo? (cut-scenes or CGI count as well) 3 Third-party 36) Will Remedy's new game have a slow-motion mechanic? N 37) Will we get to see Resident Evil 2 Remake? Y 38) Will we hear Scorpion say "Get over here!" during one of the media briefings? (a Mortal Kombat demo outside the briefings doesn't count) N 39) Will Vergil be a playable character in Devil May Cry V? N 40) Open-ended: How many games shown at the above briefings will have the word 'Star' in their title? 3
  12. BabelRich

    EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    15 mil? In this climate he's worth at least double that and even then I wouldn't be happy with the price.
  13. BabelRich

    EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    Indeed, we bet the farm on promotion this year and now it would appear the locusts have got to the crops. I just hope the board had a plan B for the very likely possibility we didn't go up. Our loans will go back, some others are out of contract and we've started selling a bit of the deadwood (anyone remember Carlos Gil? Anyone?) so I'm hoping that means we may not have to sell Grealish but it ain't looking good. Our only real assets are Jack and James Chester, maybe Kodjia (coming back from serious injury) and Bjarnason if he has a good World Cup. Add to that we will have Ross McCormack and Micah FUCKING Richards eating up the best part of 80 grand a week for at least the next year and... Yeah, I think we're fucked.
  14. BabelRich

    EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    No big shock in either of those statements. We're fucked.
  15. BabelRich

    Rock Band 4

    I would really, REALLY appreciate it if you could all take a moment to vote for “Guys You’re Not Dead Yet” by BabelFish

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