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  1. I'll miss all this when Edgetm eventually goes. at that Poundland Pinata score!
  2. Edgetm 8 Making this the highest rated Yakuza - since Yakuza 0 - game so far?
  3. "Of course they're not as good as the ones released when I was 10. They're even better! WOOF!!"
  4. Start a talk show where you give questionable medical, psychological or educational advice.
  5. I think, sadly, that is indeed the reason behind all this mess. Myfavouritemagazines.co.uk were excellent compared to this.
  6. Oh, a Judgment sequel would be most welcome. Best Yakuza game imo, mainly because I never really got on with Kiryu as the protagonist. Takayuki was much more likable.
  7. Nothing but fantastic customer service. I'll continue using eBay then.
  8. Well, they're out of an editor at the moment, and the last one only stayed for 7 months or so, so things must not be going too well. there's more on it in this month's Edge's thread.
  9. With the question-mark-exclamation-mark combination, it sounds as if Solid Snake just got himself a PS5.
  10. I had the EXACT SAME THING [/trumpmode]. Three (!) issues (2 retro gamers and 1 EDGE) never arrived. I filed probably 6 complaints to 3 different e-mail addresses. They responded only to the first two, simply giving me another address to write to. In the end they didn't bother writing back to the last 4, even though I remained civil throughout. But they did refund my money eventually - without any notice either. Really awful service ever since they switched from myfavouritemagazines.co.uk to magazinesdirect.co.uk. Not helping the people writing the magazines one bit at a time when they really
  11. Their online service is a joke sadly. But I have been buying your mag through ebay for the past three months. At twice the price, but wouldn't want to miss out. And want to keep the magazine afloat as well. With EDGE maybe going, retro gamer would remain the only print magazine that I buy.
  12. But no more scores to argue about will leave a hole in my life which can never be filled.
  13. Freelancing for Forbes these days. Another vote for Prankster 101 here. I hope they still make it to #360. 354 would be such a dreary number to end on. My OCD would never be at ease again.
  14. Yeah, I seem to remember there were allies fighting with me at one point. Hence my question. Which has now been answered
  15. Been too long since I played Demon's Souls. Didn't it have any NPC summons at all then?
  16. I bet if negs were still around, this post would've gotten more than a few, but I think I agree. I wasn't entirely won over by their SotC remake either. As you say, technically absolutely impressive, but artistically something got lost in translation. In the case of SotC it seems to be the foggy ethereal nature of the graphics of the PS2 original, so befitting the atmosphere of Ueda's games. As you say, it seems more like a very competent fan art interpretation of the original work. And at first glance the same seems to be true of the DeS remake. Just watching both the DS III and DeS
  17. I think the fact that's it's being released in the run-up to the holiday season, isn't really helping. Would've been perfect timing a few months ago. Even my kid who used to adore Pikmin 3, decided he'd rather have Age Of Calamity instead. I'll probably get it for myself in a few months from now.
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