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  1. The ultimate Summer game
  2. Me and it does, but the story is also giving off some Vagrant Story vibes I think, which could make this something special rather than an also-ran FE clone. Will probably wait for the reviews before diving in, as I don't have enough time as it is.
  3. Turns out the music is composed by none other than Ramin Djawadi (best known for the famous GoT intro music) and Brandon Campbell, both of which have previously worked on Game of Thrones' soundtrack Seems like this release is higher profile than I'd assumed.
  4. I never really liked The Wind Waker. Loved the new art direction, but the final game felt unfinished to the point where I didn't like playing it anymore. In the end I much preferred Twilight Princess that came after it. I also still think Breath of the Wild is still (marginally) better than Elden Ring. Mainly because Nintendo managed a family-friendly open-world epic which can be enjoyed by a wider public thus having a more universal appeal while at the same time appealing to hardcore gamers. Also because the weather has next to no effect (a capital sin in open-world games nowadays imo) in Elden Ring.
  5. And Skyward Sword's main theme is Zelda's Lullaby backwards too.
  6. Plus 1 for the choice of music.
  7. I beg to differ there. Coincidentally I watched a top 10 with all the best VS fighters, and there's still plenty to choses from. They are not as popular as they used to, but they are far from forgotten or a niche genre.
  8. Me too, but if it's by Limited Run games, I'll pass. Don't like their numbered boxes. Maybe we get lucky and they'll release an Asian version with Eng. language support. Meanwhile, Japan got this:
  9. Just did a few hours on this one, and I can confirm that if you liked Attack Of The Friday Monsters, you'll love this too. Unless you can't stand the Crayon Shin-chan series of course. Polygon.com:
  10. Yeah, I was more thinking about rllmuk rather than the general public.
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