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  1. The original cringe knockerstm. Nippon ichi !!
  2. Yeah. I saw a job ad for the Dreamcast team in Sega EU as well, in an older magazine.
  3. That's something Horribleman would've said, not Lovelyman.
  4. This been posted yet? >> https://segaretro.org/Edge Every issue of EDGE completely scanned from October 1993 til Christmas 2001
  5. Indeed. I honestly don't get the negativity in this thread. Apart from the demo being a bit janky, I really think it looks like they stuck to the series trademark action, and delivered a neat looking sequel to the PS2 classic. Hopefully the rest of the game will be as good as what the (admittedly very brief) demo's given us so far. As I didn't have a PS2, I didn't really get to play R-type Final back in the days, so I've been wanting a new R-type game for ages. The seminal Delta still being my favourite.
  6. Dunno dude. I think it's pretty standard R-type stuff, in a good way. It is a bit janky, but apart from that, it looks like an R-type Final upgrade to me. The frozen dobkeratops was a nice touch too.
  7. Another vote for Odin Sphere Leifthrasir - preferably on the VITA, as that leaves you with a nice Vanillaware collection on one handy portable machine. And LocoRoco Midnight Carnival, the final and download-only game in the cheery PSP series .
  8. Can you have more than one PS3 activated at the same time on the same account? PSP and VITA seems restricted to only one for every account, but I haven't tried the PS3 yet.
  9. Is it just my impression, or does this look almost as good (graphically) as MH World on the PS4 ?
  10. Well, I hooked up my PS3 to make sure I have everything I need on there before the shop closes in a few months' time, so I might as well give it another go.
  11. I was excited when I first started this back in 2012, but soon tuned out because of the extremely shallow gameplay. More an interactive movie than a proper game imo. Worth another look?
  12. IGN says "no". A do feel sorry for the devs, as it looks like they had to make this with limited means and time, but still tried their best. The sonic cycle has come full circle it seems.
  13. Well, as long as they keep supporting that, and you can still re-download your purchases, I don't have too many problems with them closing the stores. They did support it for 15 years. Except the VITA. That one is closing down maybe a bit too soon.
  14. Great thread! Some of the games that came out of Sony's C.A.M.P. (or Creator Audition Mash-up Project) are worth picking up as well. Echochrome has already been mentioned, but Patchwork Heroes and Numblast are definitely worth a look as well. And flOw is still the best on a portable console imo. Others that have already been mentioned but are definitely worth getting, are Rain, The Last Guy, Trash Panic, Tokyo Jungle, Black Knight Sword, Journey, Stacking, Contra Hard Corps Uprising, Into Dust and I Am Alive.
  15. I'm still waiting for W release of Grand Knights History .
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