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  1. But this only applies to content put directly onto the PS classic then? I suppose there's no limits when using a usb?
  2. Damn; excellent taste good sir! Most of them are on my list as well. Can't do more than twenty either cause the only low-voltage usb I currently have is an old 16Gb one. Hopefully I'll get that Samsung 128Gb some time next week. The only one that I think you'd want on there, and seems to be missing is the excellent In The Hunt.
  3. I had the same. Just do it through IE, and it works without problems.
  4. I did it through the Benelux one, but usually the UK store has the same stock as the one from the Benelux.
  5. Heads up, Splatfest fans! If you want an offcial commemorative final Splatfest tee, they are now up for sale on the nintendo store. Only one tee per account, so I got the team order one for my kid. Would've loved one for myself too, but it's my son who's doing all the splatting, so it's only fair to let him have it.
  6. Cheers. And thanks for the heads-up. Been thinking about getting it, and this is just the little push I needed.
  7. Is it? Can you post a link please, as I can't seem to find it...
  8. Quick question here. Seems like some multidisc games have problems running proprely in Bleemsync, but when I remove the m3u file from the game directory they load up just fine. Will removing that file cause any troubles later on?
  9. So glad I chose team order. Now I'm jizzing all over the place. #teamorder #teamfiftyshades
  10. You're too kind. It was an open goal really.
  11. Congrats! Glad you enjoyed it. It really is worth plowing through til the very end. Yeah I resorted to youtube for that mage fight. By far the hardest in the whole game, but with the right jobs and carefully considered moves, it turned into a cinch. Felt a bit like cheating, but it was still exciting to see them wiped out without my characters ever really getting hurt. No idea about the second one. But the general consensus being that it's even better. It's on my must-play list, but with a PS Classic and another extra 80 games I just got (so many of which I want to revisit), I don't know if I'll ever get to it in the near future. But like I said, it's supposed to be totally worth it, so if you have another 100+ hrs. to spare, dive right in
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