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  1. Left a 10% fee. Thanks for opening dude, and may I say what a smashing blouse you were wearing, great looking island you have as well.
  2. Latest DLC character is a bit meh imo:
  3. A new ending you say? Yeah, this series looks like they're gearing up for expanding the TWEWY universe. A sequel would be most welcome. The original was a true NDS cult classic.
  4. Now getting its own anime series: >> https://subarashiki-anime.jp/
  5. Third installment in this massively underrated series is coming: Debut trailer: Like previous games in the series, Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 will once again feature Gunvolt. This time around though, a new character named Kirin is also being introduced. Kirin uses a katana in battle. Release date tba.
  6. A few fragments short at the moment, but I'll keep your offer in mind. Thanks.
  7. This! Still a brilliantly addictive game decades after its first release. Loving it.
  8. Looking for a lunar rover and/or moon and/or race-car bed if someone's got one to spare or for sale.
  9. Is that a level set in Blighttown?
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