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  1. I thought I was the only one who thinks Ed's a terrible character. I only play the game offline, so I'm not really aware of the online community. Not much love for Ed in general then?
  2. Oh boy. This is American NES cover Mega Man territory. After the delightful inclusion of Akira this has been a complete anti climax. Up there with Ed for worst-looking SF V character.
  3. Get your free Beast Ball til August 2!! Enter your password as PC4F1NALSBEAST
  4. New "Alien Superheroes" trailer: Looks a bit rough around the edges, but at the same time bonkers enough to love it.
  5. Talking about Bravely Default 2 I take it?
  6. Stemming from the recent Nintendo leaks and the overall “gigaleak”, an internal company document has been spotted that reveals plans for early games on Wii – and projects that were cancelled. To say the least, there are some very interesting titles listed. One of the highlights is a Metroid game from Intelligent Systems, which would have launched after Metroid Prime. It also appears that a sequel to Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix was once being considered. Here’s the full roundup of items included in the document (which also includes tidbits on released games), courtesy of MondoMega:
  7. Not sure whether I'll be getting this, but that sure is one sweet Metal Slug backdrop.
  8. At least we now know He-man isn't wearing any pants at all. Nothing at all!
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