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  1. About to start this on my PS classic. Probably my favourite FF. Though I still haven't tried XII.
  2. Yeah, fair enough, but those gimmicks each came with great games. Yes, Odama was great. Now leave me alone...
  3. "I can't believe I'm being shat on with a famous solid snake... " Or something. I'll get me coat...
  4. So, Astral Chain's good then :p Time Extend: The Order 1886?! That's some achievement right there... Time to post this again:
  5. That's what they said about Flower, Sun and Rain as well. Best EDGE 4 I've ever played :p
  6. The Revelations games were genreally well received iirc.
  7. If you get that Switch ring, their beauty and success could be yours too.
  8. This is looking very promising. I never played Final though. How does it compare to Delta - which is my favourite R-type game ?
  9. I kinda like the idea, but that ring looks like it'll snap after just a few too excited sessions.
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