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  1. Now planned for a Spring 2020 release on the Switch (and Steam, the PS4 and the Xbox One) as Fuga: Melodies of Steel. Digital only, but seems a physical copy might be on the way as well:
  2. Just a quick question here: Will the DS experience be just as good if you start playing in a few months' time, or will the game world be ruined by then by trolls and/or all sorts of stuff having been built/left behind in the game world? I don't really fancy hooking up my PS4 right now, as I'm busy going through a lot of unplayed stuff. Also, the amazon excl. Higgs edition looks pretty sweet:
  3. That looks so good it's almost sinful. #strIVe
  4. Confession: I've never really played any of the Shenmue games properly. In fact I started playing the first one on the DC many moons ago, but after getting to the arcades (in the game), I was so blown away by how accurately they'd managed to get the 80s arcade atmosphere right, that it triggered a retro arcade phase that lasted for ages, resulting in me buying a Japanese PS2 with a Hori arcade stick and most of the Neo Geo collection games for it, and me never getting back to Shenmue. I have the remasters of pts. I & II lying around, and now with pt. III's release imminent, I might go back to the game I abandoned almost two decades ago.
  5. Thanks for the heads up, but the one up on the EU Nintendo store, though similar, isn't quite the same.
  6. Same here. The early 3DS system transfer tool was notoriously clumsy. First time I did it I lost everything as well. Thank god for home SpotPass, so in a way I managed to recuperate a lot of stuff in the end.
  7. Absolutely. Even their logo embodies 90s arcade games imo.
  8. I remember getting that issue of EDGE... "Someday you go through the rain. And someday you feed on a tree frog." This shit writes itself.
  9. It's cringeworthy, and, tbh, he's not even THAT fat? Wtf, how is this still OK these days??
  10. From what I've read in this thread so far, it seems like the beeb's own review is spot on?
  11. It was a joke of course, seeing as the poor guy was even working on SSBU from the hospital. KI Uprising is one of my favourite games from the past decade though, and honestly, I wouldn't want anybody to touch the franchise except the master himself.
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