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  1. There's a real Vagrant Story vibe here. Really looking forward to seeing more of this game. In 2024 :p
  2. So I finally won this. Final (ho-hum) thoughts on this; overall it turned out a pretty good game. Graphically it's impeccable, and the soundtrack is phenomenal. I think the game could've been really great with a lot less fetch quests and less repetitive setting like endless sewers, junk yards and factories. Chapter 14 was downright terrible imo. The game needed more combat as well, as the new combat system is frantically awesome once you get the hang of it. And why hide the best summons behind yet other fetch quest structure? Gimme the grind anytime. In the end, I didn'
  3. So many really. More recent examples are imo: The Last Guardian, Super Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild, The Phantom Pain, Death Stranding.
  4. Controls don't seem as tight as the Wii original, but it's great to have this on the Switch. Blood and all :p
  5. Evil Within. Four times. Dunno why really. But it was always dirt cheap. Once as the lim. ed. for PS4. Another time on PS3, another time physically on PS4, and finally as a download on PS4. And I never got past ch. 3.
  6. Latest showcase trailer: Now delayed til 2021 unsurprisingly. But the game does look super-moe and we're getting uncensored NMH and NMH2 remasters as a delicious appetizer today Oh and dat bike
  7. Gerbik's just no the same without Ron...
  8. Was it titled: 'This video will make you feel old'? 21 years.
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