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  1. I suppose this has been mentioned before, but for people who love all things Miyazaki, they should check out the anime Angel's Egg from 1985. This was apparently a big source of inspiration for Miyazaki - alongside other stuff like the Berserk series and H.P. Lovecraft lore - and is more or less directly mentioned through the character of Filianore in DS III.
  2. One of the best videogame adaptations ever. And I don't think that's an exaggeration. Can't wait!
  3. Full demo walkthrough in case people are interested:
  4. Blistering barnacles! Another blighttown?!
  5. My guess would be a sequel to Okami, as it's the one sequel Kamiya has hinted at from time to time. Though I'd really prefer a GodHand sequel tbh.
  6. Wait. Am I supposed to finish the main game first before starting the DLC?
  7. Anyone got any idea what the image hinting at next month might be referring to? Big AM2 world exclusive scoop? And this month subs' exclusive cover is actually better than the standard one on the shelves. Excelsior!
  8. Yeah. Got it instantly with a bell summon. But another boss straight after?? FFS And I don't mind the fight in itself but it's the endless vial farming you have to go through each and every effin time that really sours my mood.
  9. The bosses of the DLC are brutal. Been stuck on the living failures for quite some time now. Might ring my beckoning bell. Again.
  10. I had no real problem with Micolash. Ludwig the Accursed on the other hand is making me swear at the game a bit too much...
  11. ... and then you get your ass handed to you time and again in the hunter's nightmare But yeah, From Software's DLC is rarely a walk in the park.
  12. Krysta looking plasticky as well... EDIT: posted just a page ago This "unboxing video" will probably never be beaten though:
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