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  1. There's an excellent 2-part documentary about the Dreamcast on the equally excellent Archipel Youtube channel:
  2. One of the nominees of this year's Crunchyroll anime awards for best new series. Which is where it caught my eye. Looks like a promising new series indeed - introducing Appare-Ranman! : Trailer's in French, as I have yet to come across an English version.
  3. Hail to the king, baby!! Seriously; this is starting to look good. This gen really has been the versus fighter's favourite gen imo. SF V, Tekken 7, SC VI, GG STRIVE, Samurai Shodown, DB Fighterz and now this.
  4. Gyoubu Oniwa? He died. Dunno if this bodes well for the rest of my game, but that guy was easy! One of the easier boss fights in any of From's recent games imo. So far Sekiro really seems to keep track with From's trademark m.o. of finding a boss' weak spot and killing him without much fuss after that's been sorted. And Oniwa had lots of them. If you upgraded a bit of course. I assume it gets considerably harder from now on?
  5. You seem to have to collect "cat shines" in Bowser's Fury. They've basically already jinxed it before its release. But yeah, 3D World is by far my least favourite Mario game from the last 15 years or so. It lacked the focus of its excellent 3DS predecessor, and it lacked the imagination of the Galaxy games. The new Fury addition looks great though, so I'll prolly pick it up anyway.
  6. Ordered mine from amazon, so dunno if we'll also get that upgrade. Prolly not.
  7. I once saw a making of MH Tri which said zinogre was introduced to make the games appeal more to the Chinese market as its design was based on Chinese dragons/mythological creatures. Which also seems the case with magnamala. It's a huge market, so no suprise Capcom would do that.
  8. A few cards I think. If you want the steelbook you have to order another limited edition - the sneaky sods.
  9. Collector's edition looking good, if you managed to get your pre-order in:
  10. Ahh, sorry, I misinterpreted. I assumed you were defending scalpers in general not just for the consoles launch. I don't really know how hard it was to get a PS5 on launch - I stopped buying consoles on launch after the 3DS fiasco - but generally speaking I think scalpers are becoming more reprehensible as time moves on. The magazines scam being one of the most recent. Trying to get a hold of From soft limited editions is another example.
  11. Not sure if serious really. Scalpers are becoming an absolute pest imo. They now seem to have discovered the market of games magazines as well it seems, buying up magazines in bulk so no-one else gets them but for three, four even five times the original asking price. I think most scalpers are scum preventing regular customers to enjoy their hobby. There's no two ways about it really.
  12. Ahh, it's glorious! The only downside is that at the moment I'm not too fond of the flagship monster magnamala (which -like zinogre- seems like an all too obvious attempt to win over the Chinese players), but then again they're never going to top gore magala or glavenus, are they?
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