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  1. Seanfl9


    Novak and Rafa will both overtake Rogers GS record I think but my heart will always lie with the Swiss.
  2. Seanfl9


    Can't watch... And after seeing that Fed threw 2 championship points away. I'm glad I wasn't. Horrible.
  3. Yeah this game has a feeling of 'meh' all over it. Hoping the second half sparks into life.
  4. Liverpool seem to have messed Barca up a fair bit.
  5. In that case, I'm going to be an expert shrugger in the decades to come
  6. Even if they did the quadruple this year, I'd just shrug and continue waiting until FFP digs in. So unbelievably unlikeable.
  7. Achievement unlocked. 50 GS.
  8. City should go absolute balls to the wall here and aim for 6 or 7.
  9. Anyone heard the supposedly tasteless song sang by City players about Liverpool? I've not yet heard it but some reports mention Hillsborough?
  10. Barca haven't taken that semi final defeat too well, have they? Griezmann, De Ligt seemingly, De Jong signed up. Really can't NOT win the CL next season can they?
  11. Short lived or what.
  12. Well that was quick.
  13. Ah yes - I forgot about him. Saying that he has to go right away. First day the window opens, let those players that worship him get used to the fact he's fucked off.
  14. Sanchez has to go, as does Lukaku, Bailly, Darmian, Rojo, Smalling, Jones, Young... probably many others too. Honestly, i've been sat here for the past 5 minutes, gradually getting angrier and angrier at the thought of PHIL JONES and CHRIS SMALLING still being in this fucking team. They haven't been good enough since they first stuck the shirt on. Why they've persisted with these two for so long, god knows.
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