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  1. spatular

    ONRUSH - A New Breed of Arcade Action

    ^ cheers! that is really helpful. i still feel like there's a lot of unexplained stuff mind, like the checkpoint mode, the gates get bigger as more people go through them (or is it over time? or somehing else?), so do you get more points/time for going through them when they're smaller? (and again this might be explained but i missed it) it's odd as usually i don't think i'd care about knowing every little detail here but as this is so different to a normal racer i sort of want to know exactly how it all works.
  2. spatular

    ONRUSH - A New Breed of Arcade Action

    Sorry if I’ve missed it but is there a good explanation of the rules/how to score points/how to win in the various game modes?
  3. spatular

    RLLMUK Driveclub Weekly Time Trial Challenge 2018

    Count me in! spatular--
  4. spatular

    What games did you complete? 2018 Edition

    yeah so i'm no expert but each time you kill an enemy close up with the normal shot to get the '5' chips - it starts a mini chain then you switch to lock on and you still get '5' chips from further away, for a little bit anyway. actually i think it's better to kill big enemies with the lockon shot, just after you've killed a little one with the normal shot. how best to cash in on the multiplier you get for doing that stuff, i'm not sure. glad you're enjoying all these great shmups i haven't played much miku really but keep trying the odd game here and there, anyway, some of them let you change the X/O/square/triangle prompts into up/down/left/right arrows, which for me at least, makes it massively easier to read - so might help on the harder difficulties, if it lets you do it on that version (the latest ps4 and DS versions do iirc). good luck! i'm not really in keeping with the thread here, so i guess i completed DJMAX Respect, well finished all then songs once, mostly on the easiest mode. although getting a bit better at 6 button mode now. great game.
  5. Yeah, thanks for putting this together Benny had xenoblade not come out so late in the year I guess it’d have been in there somewhere, especially for the music.
  6. spatular

    Persona 5 | PS3, PS4 | Out now

    I played persona 3 on PSP but think I’d rather have played it on ps2 for the cut scenes.
  7. yeah i thought it was ace, suffers more from the songs being hit and miss though with there being less songs, iirc anyway.
  8. DJMAX Respect, came out recently on ps4 over here, it's a rhythm action game, and if you like that sort of thing like I do then it's flipping brilliant. It's £35, there's 140 or so songs, 4 different button modes (4/5/6/8 buttons) and within that each song has different difficulty levels - up to 3 (sometimes just the one). You know, notes come down the screen and you hit the corresponding button, the UI is like guitar hero but flatter. It's really pretty difficult, although the windows for hitting the notes are really big, the note charts get pretty crazy, and you get better scores the more accurate you are. I've been mostly playing 4 button mode, just moved up to 5 button mode using a funny grip on the right side of the controller to have one finger for each of the top 3 buttons on that side - this made stepping up to 5 button mode easier but will make any attempts at 6 button mode harder most likely. The songs are a mixed bag but there's plenty of good ones imo, and loads of different types of music. Apparently there's going to be a lot of dlc. Theres arcade mode, free play, online, and mission mode which is really really hard, think I've only done the first 8. It's the first time I've played one of these main line DJMAX games (have played technika tune and superbeat) and I'm really impressed with how good it is. Theres also a demo on PSN, 11 songs, really good demo, worth a try!
  9. spatular


    cheers for the tips! not sure i did a good job of explaining where the second bit was, think we might be talking about different parts, so i had a look at a replay: https://youtu.be/4lQTNx0h6fs?t=1465 i think my best chance for success is to see if a saturn pad works on the pc version.
  10. spatular


    I mess up on the hiding one yeah but not too bad, it's the one with stuff coming from all directions and loads of lasers come down from the top of the screen, I think the other is similar but with indestructible squares (hexagons?) instead of lasers, although I might be getting confused as the graphics are quite samey it all sort of blurs into one. I think I just can't cope with being attacked on all sides at once.
  11. spatular


    yeah dangun is ace! there's an arrange mode too. it's a great port for a game that's never had a port before. worth the £35 for me, think it cost about that for the japanese version on ps4 release, but this new english version is $35 i think so a bit cheaper. really basic scoring tip for anyone who does get it, collect all the disco men, and if any are about to go off the top of the screen it's worth bombing as that freezes them in place for easy collection, and bombing apparently is not as bad as losing the chain. i had some more goes at scoring in danmaku unlimited 3, but didn't do too well, ~40 million on easy. struggling to get the 1cc too, there's 2 boss patterns in particular, one each for the last 2 bosses that eat up all my lives/auto bombs.
  12. spatular

    PS4 Pro

    i got one last week from amazon warehouse, the fan is not quiet but also not really loud either, definitely quieter than the ps4 it replaced. it does make another noise though, like a sort of humming, and it keeps changing - it's not really loud or anything - i was wondering if that's normal? or at least someone has similar and their ps4 hasn't blown up yet? quick google suggests it might be coil whine, which my PC does too, so hopefully it is that and it's fine. although the coil whine on the PC is much higher frequency and more consistent.
  13. spatular

    Nintendo Switch eShop

    yeah keep playing, i can't guarentee you'll like it but it definitely gets a lot harder. i thought it was amazing.
  14. spatular

    Rock Band 4

    i'm happy to be booted out if someone else wants in. I will be back on rock band either way when i've less other stuff to play
  15. spatular

    Nintendo Switch

    more modern arcade machines probably use widescreen displays (16:9), for fighting games and other stuff i guess. but vertical shmups are usually 4:3 rotated, played on older arcade machines with 4:3 rotated monitors. the new arcade version of Aka to Blue might be 16:9 rotated. edit- i'm not sure about danmaku unlimited 3 mind, maybe it is supposed to be 16:9 (no borders) when rotated.

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