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  1. spatular

    Rock Band 4

    Not 100% sure but think they only work with the drums anyway.
  2. unfortunately, as i'd like to vote for futari too, i think that and daioujou are both from before 2010 also i don't like to complain about these as i'm sure it'a a massive hastle to organise, so please ignore this, i just want to get it off my chest - i'd like to play ESP ra.de. (19 dec) before voting but the deadline will make it difficult, it might not even arrive this year.
  3. Not sure if it’s already been said but I googled the pierce upgrade thing and apparently it’s a bug, I was still using it at the end though. i mostly really enjoyed this, combat was fun, it looks really nice, story was mostly interesting and there was some funny stuff in the notes you can read. Some really annoying bosses/check pointing though.
  4. got a rift so i could try custom songs, it's pretty cool, downloaded ~300 songs, the ones i've tried have been mostly good so far, it's going to take ages to even try them all! tracking is clearly better than psvr (although i never really had any big issues with tracking on psvr). rumble is disappointingly weak, didn't realise how much that adds to the game before (mods might help although they're broken at the moment afaik). anyone got any custom song recommendations? and i have no friends on the rift if anyone wants to add me - tag is spatular
  5. On Amazon you can rent it for £2 at the moment.
  6. i think you've solved the biggest problem with them by attaching them to something
  7. i got a rift from ebay in the end, got beat saber and custom songs setup ok (there's so many songs it's amazing ), although not worked out the best way to get songs installed from the website yet. ordered a load of extension usb/hdmi cables - hope they work ok. am having a problem with the controller rumble in beat saber though (maybe i should ask this in the beat saber thread), it wasn't really working at all in the game (in the menus it's fine) - the internet suggests a number of things, i tried deleting the config files and had the same problem with/without mods. changing the USB ports around improved it so now if you hit one block it works very weakly, but if you hit 2 at the same time there is no feedback - don't suppose anyone has some more suggestions to try and fix this? now it's working a little i might retry the first suggestions again, see if that helps. also the face foam thing is going to get pretty horrible from playing a lot of beat saber so will need replacing, the vr cover ones seem to be recommended but £35, can anyone recommend a cheaper option? also god rays are not cool, luckily not really noticeable while playing beat saber. and i keep missing notes, i think because of the pistol type grip being a bit different to psvr, just need to get used to it.
  8. I preferred playing it touch screen on the vita, don’t know if it’d be worth trying that on the switch.
  9. quite easily it turns out, I’ve got quite used to it and just carry on, it’s when there’s blocks top centre, swipe up bending at the elbow, my arms end up near my face. Don’t really have the room to do a full arm swing, might hit the lights!
  10. thanks for the input guys! the S does sound like the one to go for and i really like the idea of the simple setup...i still have a nagging feeling i might struggle with my play style on beat saber though, the controllers are never really in view, usually by my side, and often i hit myself in the face/headset (spongy psvr controllers come in handy there!) which is going to cause problems for the sensors, but despite that yeah i think i'll probably go for the S.
  11. im thinking about getting one of these, mainly to play beat saber custom songs (and some racing games) - not sure if i should go for an older rift or the S. as far as i can work out i should be ok with glasses as mine are quite small, and ipd 66 should be ok for either. the older rift - should be able to get one cheaper from ebay or something and the tracking sounds like it's better for beat saber. or a rift s - more expensive, comfier, easier to setup. it sounds like it's perfectly possible to play beat saber really well on these still but maybe have to play in a certain way with less flailing arms maybe. what i'm not sure about how easy to clean/resilliant to cleaning they are? (as i've sort of destroyed the psvr from cleaning it after playing beat saber, well the rubber eye shield thing is fine but the headband is in a pretty bad way) anyone have any thoughts/tips on any of this?
  12. yeah basically what you said, there's not really any easy/cheap option, it's a choice between the T300 - better/smoother/stronger force feedback but probably worse reliability and not great pedals (i used them for a bit so they are "useable" if youre careful with them, but they are light, move about/tip over quite easily - if you've got something to attach them to they might be better - and i was very happy to get an adapter to let me use g25 pedals instead) - or spend more and get the better pedals. or the G29 - better pedals, imo better build quality and cheaper. there's a 3rd option of the T150 which i believe has the smoother/better (but i think weaker) force feedback from the T300 but should be a bit cheaper.
  13. the leeds thing is on amazon prime if anyones interested.
  14. I really like 6 and 7 but haven’t played all the others loads so.
  15. i had a go of the xbox version the other day (couldn't remember how to play it, kept crashing), but then saw the leaderboards, not sure i can cope with this right after spending what seemed like 100's of hours chasing times in virtua racing so think i'll leave it alone for now
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