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  1. Shmups

    ^ nice scores! i'd been trying the normal/spirit mode and a bit of the graze mode but they're really hard so tried easy/spirit, got to the last boss but only ~24 million. fun game. i really struggle when it throws a mix of fast and slow bullets at me at the same time. not really looked into the scoring, as you can probably tell from the score, i'm usually pretty rubbish at scoring anyway.
  2. I don't know sorry, i was using an xbox one wheel (thrustmaster tx).
  3. cool, the rally dlc is ace. i had a quick go last night, really impressed the steering wheel and force feedback worked. it started the game from scratch though, i need to get the save off the 360.
  4. Monthly Release Dates - March 2018

    thanks for the heads up about this, had a look to see if it's on the store yet, search for it on the website and you can get a demo, there's no sign of the full game, or anything at all through the ps4 itself yet. similarly superbeat (and technika tune) always looked more interesting to me than the standard dj max games, but i've enjoyed the demo, 11 songs and the difficulty even on just the 4 button mode ramps up really quickly. i'll probably get it.
  5. Help me pick Ten PlayStation games

    oh yeah! i'm on a roll getting things wrong on the internet today. ps1 port of dodonpachi is apparently decent.
  6. Help me pick Ten PlayStation games

    ignore me, i'm stupid more shmup recommendations - DoDonPachi Dai Ou Jou, and Espgaluda. also frequency and amplitude if you like rhythm action.
  7. Shmups

    Aka to blue looks nice, but sounds like it's going to be a while before a possible console/pc port. bullet soul is cheap on steam at the moment, £2.74.
  8. Shmups

    ah right, it was years ago i played it but seem to remember it makes you play through the levels 1 by 1 till you unlock the normal arcade mode? which might be called something strange too, so yeah i get where you're coming from. i really enjoyed the challenge mode too, which is something a bit different for a shmup. also maniac is obvs the main mode in mushi
  9. Shmups

    sorry not an in depth review but i really like it, if you like bullet hell stuff i'd say it was worth getting yeah.
  10. Monster Hunter: World

    i'll try and get in now if you're still on, if i could get an invite that would be great edit - Thanks!
  11. Xbox One Console Thread

    that's interesting, wonder if it'll come out over here. battle garegga got a release in some countries but not the UK iirc.
  12. Shmups

    ha, cheers clippa. quite a lot of bullets get canceled by killing certain enemies with the normal shot.
  13. Shmups

    well i had a go, fun game, cheers for posting about it, got to the stage 5 (last?) boss, score was: 14'425'530 edit - reading up on it a little, i think i missed a whole other attack button
  14. Shmups

    ah, well I don't know too much about refrain myself, got it but only played it a little, that's why i wanted to play it some more
  15. Shmups

    that looks fun! but i'm not really in a shmup mood at the moment, entered the shmup forum tournament and barely put any time in. anyway i'll try and give it a go, especially if refrain is the next game, keep meaning to play more of that. as for strikers - i'm useless at psikyo games.

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