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  1. yeah! digital only back then, now physical, i guess. phone version seemed cool but didn't play it much because of the pricing structure.
  2. been playing this loads, really enjoyed playing to get the win on each track. then been trying to move up the leaderboards, had some tips from here/Donut and went a bit faster, it was fun, but it got a bit frustrating as i can't get the last corner right at all. then switched back to normal steering and using the d-pad - could take the last corner better like this but was slightly slower round the rest of the track and it makes slipstreaming harder, but the car would suddenly slow down for no apparent reason - turns out this was accidentally pressing down on the d-pad (pro controller) which acts as the brake! so now using split joycons. still unsurprisingly behind Donut the last corner is probably where i'm losing most of the time. anyway, this was my first time playing it, great game and amazing port by M2.
  3. spatular


    That’s a shame, hope they gat it back on there soon. It’s absolutely flipping brilliant, I’ve not played it as much as I should have as got distracted by virtua racing and the m30 pad isn’t connecting to the switch at the moment.
  4. either in the original box or in a bin liner in a cupboard.
  5. thunder force is in there.
  6. I think it was any car/track but can't remember for sure sorry.
  7. it's cool but the problem is it's only a really small part of the game that is playable in vr (1v1 race and timetrial unless they've added more stuff as i haven't played in a while?) so if you're not interested in any other vr games it's not going to be good value so hard to recommend. up to you if you want to spend the money and try it anyway. if it was dirt rally you were interested in at least there the whole game is in vr.
  8. Does otomedius count? Think I have a copy of that somewhere if I can get the 360 setup - unlikely tbh. Had sexy but sold it.
  9. yeah similar to mexos i had the xbox equivalent of the T300 and it broke after about 3 years, it was really good though and got a lot of use. i think it's exactly like you say - a choice between better smoother force feedback and possible rieliability issues.
  10. I think the dlc packs are ace. On psvr so don’t have access to customs, but am thinking about getting a pc headset so I can try them. So yeah, both! been playing this loads recently but hurt my shoulder so need to give it a rest for a bit, still might do some of the one handed mode today.
  11. dmc is a tenner cheaper on cdkeys! aaero is £2 on steam - great game if you like the idea of rez crossed with a rhythm action game.
  12. got this when it came out over here, took a while to get into it, i'm a bit rubbish at horis, but really enjoying it now. getting the hang of the hyper-type things, just using them for survival for now, sometimes the second one lasts a lot longer/shorter - is that to do with how many medals you get when in the first one? also on the last run i think i got 2 extra lives, one seemed to be from a mid boss where there's a baddie on the left and right, and i guess the other was score based around 50 million? been playing on casual mode i think. M30 pad is coming in really handy too.
  13. yeah you'll need to make a new account iirc they don't share accounts like some other countries amazon sites do. i think you can just use your own address.
  14. The cpu in this is only slightly worse than the one in my current pc, which plays modern games ok (dirt rally 2 recently), great deal for £60
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