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  1. yeah, i played the game at the weekend a bit with a modern wrc car with great grip and suspension and was doing ok...then trying the McRae dlc and have been all over the place in that escort!
  2. Not really imo, some of the tracks are slightly wider which is good but it’s still really difficult. But also ace.
  3. ^ thanks for the explanations scoobysi i played some more of the single player timetrial and unlocked the pace ranking, next time i'll try the special events and championship mode. really liked the timetrial challenges with gold/silver/bronze times to aim for in the first game so it's a shame they aren't in this one.
  4. Had this since launch for the cheap early access price but only just got round to trying it, the handling is great...but there doesn’t seem to be the time trial challenges from the first game? Shame because they were ace. Well there was a time trial event thing I tried but it says my times are invalid because of stability control, which was true the first time but I turned it off and it keeps saying the same thing, I tried starting it a few times. Also started a career mode and it lists a load of boring stuff you need to do (like learn how to come into the pits properly) so I backed out of that, is it worth sticking with? Or what modes are good for doing time trials? Sorry for the stupid questions. the rating thing for pace sounds like it might be what I’m looking for, I guess I’ll keep driving round a track and see if I can get to it
  5. spatular


    https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/Dezatopia-1736562.html this came out today on switch, think its the one by the people (person?) who made mecha ritz - which is ace. it's on steam too. i've not played it so can't comment but plan to get it at some point.
  6. yeah it sort of does work like that...i think anyway - when one team gets 1 million the game goes into a sort of overtime bonus mode for a few mins i think - when that finishes the team with the most cash wins.
  7. finished this the other day, generally really enjoyed it, but yeah it probably isn't as good as the first game, and some bits were pretty frustrating. i really like the escape sequences and timetrials though. and after not really liking the combat at the start i got into it and enjoyed fighting some enemies later on, and brute forced some bits with loads of health. like the first game i think the bash ability makes the game, bouncing around the place off enemies/projectiles is loads of fun when it all comes together - although i think this stuff is better in the first game, maybe because of less moves? had to use a guide a few times where i had to do stuff with things that i thought were part of the background - maybe a downside of everything looking so nice. playing on pc i got lucky and avoided most technical problems, it did crash twice in 20 hours but didn't really lose any progress.
  8. yeah i was thinking that too, had to retry two different combat bits loads. I seem to remember the first game was similarly difficult at the start then unlocking a certain move made the combat much better so hopefully it's the same here.
  9. spatular


    ^ i don't fully understand the scoring but basically you want to collect as many '5' chips as you can and you get higher number chips from killing enemies close up. you want to do loads of mini chains - shoot and kill something close up with your shot/auto fire, this gets you a 5 chip and starts a chain then you can laser/lock onto stuff further away and still get 5 chips for a bit - just keep repeating this. you can use the small enemies that spawn closer to the bottom of the screen to start chains, and i think you extend the chain by killing stuff close up. there's a counter on the left that shows how long you've got before the chain ends, i never look at that tbh. there are 2 other counters on the left that do stuff...i don't understand those. and there's something called empty locking which i'd just ignore for now. there's some info here: http://www.world-of-arcades.net/Cave/Ketsui/ItemsAndScores.htm i'm sort of interested myself so i'll have a look for some more info - will let you know if i find anything useful
  10. spatular


    ^ cheers! and nice work no missing to the stage 3 boss! stages 2 and 3 are really tricky. and yeah it has some really cool and interesting bullet patterns, it's one of the few games where i like the bosses too, i usually prefer stages.
  11. spatular


    even though i was really happy, and relieved to get a ketsui 1cc previously, i was a bit disappointed in the execution, got really lucky a number of times and it was generally a bit messy, it's odd because if it wasn't on youtube i think i might not have played the game again for a while, and would have forgotten about the flukey/messed up bits. but as it was it motivated me to try and do it a bit better, so i've been practicing the later stages for survival and a bit more scoring possibilities - the scoring still gets ditched a bit when on a good run as it's more risky. there are still some lucky/messy bits but it's generally much better than the first clear. had 6 lives on the backwards scrolling section (pretty close to the end), i've never had 6 lives in stock before, but then fell to bits a bit at the end and lost 2 lives pretty quickly on that section. had a score target of 100million which i wasn't sure i could get without taking too many risks with my current plan (got 88 three times, but not with a clear), but just scraped it.
  12. spatular


    nice work on the ikaruga 1cc Jonster, great score too! the garegga demonstration is amazing, i'm up to the bit where she puts a can on the fire button and goes for a break! also there's a shmup tournament thing going on if anone wants to sign up, it's not a shmups forum thing but the info is here: https://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=65113&sid=a625e8af51dfcb978412bb0efeb4192d
  13. spatular


    ketsui and esp ra.de. are the best ones imo - i don't know if you'd count them as they are both technically old arcade games, but if you've not played them before, like bullet hell stuff, and aren't put off by having to import or download from japanese psn (and the cost ~£33 each) then yeah they're the ones to get, especially ketsui - one of the best games ever made imo. other, easier to get/cheaper stuff - score rush and jamestown are both really good. battle garegga is good too (and dangun feveron) but the same applies as for ketsui/esp ra.de. - actually you can get garegga in english from USA psn. and ikaruga, if you haven't got/played it already.
  14. had a go of this on the switch/snes version, need to remember which colour bells to get, blue are speedups, i kept collecting too many which makes it hard to control. think pink was a shield which is useful. not sure what others colours do what - one is a wide shot, one is a more powerful forward shot (edit - apparently not more powerful, just bigger). https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/snes/581816-popn-twinbee/faqs/34318 according to that you mainly want to be collecting green (mini ship/extra life), pink, and flashing ones (bombs).
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