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  1. Sorry, bought the fake Venus Di Milo so can't help. Popping out soon but will be open unless it crashes. If not I will be back open later this evening.
  2. Redd is in town here today too. He has: Fake detailed painting Real Moody painting (I already have it so help yourself) Fake Wistful painting He also an espresso maker in silver and a throwback container in light blue. Anything from Nook's also up for grabs (one of the items is the Hanging Scroll in green which I have but it's 140,000 so bring bells if you want that). Gates are open now and will be for a while. Help yourselves to recipes near the airport and any watering of the flowerbeds between the airport and museum greatly appreciated as ever. Cheers!
  3. So hang on do people NOT want my badly designed, barely recognisable Arsenal tops that I have quietly placed into a few of your shops when visiting...
  4. No idea, don't think I have even caught one yet. Saw a video that said they are more likely in the rain but not sure if that is right.
  5. Nearly missed her as I was about to switch off but I have Celeste visiting. Oddly enough right on the highest point of my island. Not seen her up there before. Gates open if anyone wants to visit. Not many shooting stars. You’ll need a ladder.
  6. Cheers! Thanks for this. I am basically down to those two and a green mum so will check this out.
  7. Cheers! Back open again now but will be in and out. How do you get the Luna poster @StumpyJohn? Apologies if mentioned earlier in the thread.
  8. Open for a while. Got Saharah wandering around. Help yourself to anything in the shops and couple of recipes in front of the flowers. Any help with watering greatly appreciated, still got a few more to tick off. Which flower guide did you guys use? Found a few contradictory paths for the trickiest flowers.
  9. I gave it a go. Not sure what I was meant to be doing. Went for a quick walk around then left.
  10. Sorry guys not sure what happened there. Open again.
  11. Sorry had some connection problems but open now.
  12. Thanks for that. Might be later today, need to pop out shortly but i'll post here when I am back. Thanks again for the recipe!
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