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  1. KRP

    Nintendo Switch

    I would suggest you get a screen protector. But otherwise good to go.
  2. KRP

    The Beer Thread

    Yep that's right. Would recommend you pop into the starting gate when you see the hockey, it's not particularly crafty but like I said it's super pleasant. The Prince is crafty though, think they have their own brewery, and it's only about ten minutes away.
  3. KRP

    The Beer Thread

    In turnpike lane? Great pub! My local is The Prince N22 and The Starting Gate, might be a bit out of your way but both worth a look in. The Starting Gate is especially pleasant without being either too hipster or too mumsy. I guess you've also already been to the Westbury arms too? (It's ok)
  4. I spent 30 hours 'completing' the game. My completion percentage was 65% and I'd missed two whole areas.
  5. I usually feel the same way about boss fights (and I gave up on dark souls) but I think the difficulty level is just about perfect in Hollow Knight. I would definitely recommend you give it a go. There are a few bosses where you have to trek back, but the vast majority (in my experience) were close to save points.
  6. KRP

    Incredibles 2

    I had the exact experience. All the kids were like : she ate her son haha
  7. KRP

    Anime recommendations

    Where's best to watch these, is it still crunchy roll?
  8. Why is time going so slowly
  9. KRP


    I listen to a couple of tennis pods and they both go into way more detail about the women's game than the men's. And I have found just listening to the diversity on the WTA mak s it much more interesting. I realise this wasn't anything to do with your original post but there we go.
  10. KRP

    Mario Tennis Aces - Get Served

    I'm getting this on the proviso that we have a doubles tournament
  11. KRP

    Mario Tennis Aces - Get Served

    I quite enjoy the insanely ramped up reactionary takes. From hotly anticipated to seething in one hour.
  12. KRP

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Its a completely standard teen dystopian show. But it goes along a clip and it's fun. A good time sink.
  13. KRP

    I made a silly game about ASMR

    My girlfriend uses asmr videos to sleep sometimes and I always give her shit forit so I'm totally going to try this out.
  14. KRP

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Honestly, I don't think you're missing much. I played it for about 5 hours at which point I was overwhelmed with things to do, and I haven't had the slightest inclination to go back to it.
  15. KRP

    Splatoon 2

    The boarded up subway station in the plaza is going to be used for the dlc isn't it! That's more exciting to me than actually playing the levels.

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