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  1. KRP


    I think this is a bit unfair, I would never say one player was responsible for the teams overall performance - particularly a keeper. On the subject of getting a new keeper I would rather we get another Matt Ryan-alike and use the rest of the money for outfield players.
  2. KRP

    Doom Patrol

    I know what you mean. Perhaps I should have said the ending is more of a Sopranos ending than a Breaking Bad ending.
  3. KRP

    Doom Patrol

    Season 2 does have a good ending, there's no real cliff hanger.
  4. I had a couple of crashes, I think due to Quick Resume being a bit flakey, other than that it has been fine.
  5. You can stay for the sweet tunes though.
  6. That's true and tbh, if this had come out before series X I might have got this instead. But as it is, I do not think I would get 400 pounds or more, value out of this
  7. Love the form factor of this - it's big and king of ugly but I would never have it leave the house anywayid just use it for sofa/bed/bog playing. My only reservations are: - already got a Switch and Xbox Series X with three years GP. I can't really justify the expense financially or from a time perspective; and - worried that it might slow down over time (never had a gaming PC but I imagine this is something that happens).
  8. I enjoyed what I read, it was definitely interesting to me. I do wish the pieces were a bit longer though, and once a day would be too much of a commitment for me!
  9. I always start these jrpgs with the intention of really sinking into the atmosphere and absorbing the dialogue, but by around hour ten the strict adherence to genre tropes means I eventually end up mashing through the dialogue. In most cases the writing is so uninspiring, that I struggle to see why jrpgs are so popular.
  10. KRP


    Well this is as bad as I have seen us all season
  11. Would the ground staff have known which end the teams were playing from at the point they were clearing the boxes?
  12. I'm really hoping that the rumoured Nintendo MS crossover is real. Would love to see Gamepass on a Switch Pro, as playing handheld is by far my favourite way to consume games. Would probably make my Xbox SX redundant to some extent, but I can live with that. Not sure whether this would make business sense for Nintendo. On the one hand I get the impression they sell fuck all big budget third party games on Switch, but the indie sales are big.
  13. KRP

    Nintendo Switch

    Goddammit, I just forked out 6 quid for that dodo bag. It's pretty nice, but much smaller than I was anticipating. It's not worth 6 quid imo
  14. Received mine today. Are g@m3rs usually way bigger than me?
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