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  1. Pub I was in has three classic pinball machines in now. Anyone know anything about them?
  2. I'll be a lot more reluctant to upgrade if I had bought a pro or X, but running the standard PS4 and One, and just buying a 4K OLED, I'm awfully tempted to buy a launch machine. If the PS5 have system exclusives, and the Xbox doesn't, then the question of which one answers itself. Then I'll ignore the PS5, and keep playing my switch.
  3. Ironclad is on A5, The silent A4 and defect is still a bit of a mystery. Just A1 done. 60hrs in. Can’t wait for the switch update. keep trying to get into other games but come crawling back.
  4. I never got on with the 3DS sequel. But this tempts me due to all the positive feedback.
  5. Thanks, someone from work just lent me it!
  6. Completely unaware of this game, but loved twilight struggle (with no time to play it) - one tom vasel video later and I'm £30.39 poorer! Thanks!
  7. Really enjoyed episode 1!
  8. Love playing my switch in the bath. It's up their with a good book. So relaxing. Life's too short to not take some risks
  9. With everything else Sony nick from Nintendo is only a matter of time before they make a Sony Direct with the same status as a Nintendo one. But I suspect they are trying to pull a Boris Johnson, this new generation 'election' is theirs to lose. If they've the weaker console, and not to much to show for the near term, then like Boris, you can get bad PR amongst those following the events by not turning up, but the general populace don’t notice and you still win.
  10. So this was trying to do really important things, and whilst it didn't hit them perfectly I really appreciate the effort. It tried to do Princess Monoke's conflict without 'baddies', but didn't quite hit the same heights. But I'm so glad Disney are trying to aim that high. Also, this is entirely personal, but Anna's 'Next Right Thing' hit me on such a personal level. Just spectacular. For that? Best film ever.
  11. Whenever apple release a product, reddit comment threads are full of PC fanboys saying how it should have been designed whilst ignoring all the design rational behind apple's design choices. This looks like those same people were talent scouted and put in charge of redesigning the switch. Specs >>>> design >>>> UI Imagine getting it out on a train. Bet it sounds like a PS4. Jesus wept.
  12. This is the best compliment a game can get. Loved the ‘smallness’ and ‘density’ of CotM, wish moe games do it.
  13. LaveDisco

    Apple Arcade

    it’s just wonderful. Thoroughly recommend. Production values through the (4x8 studded) roof.
  14. At the in laws for Xmas. Left my usb c charger for the switch. Woe is me. not that it matters. Gotta keep playing this 20 year old copy of trivial pursuit.
  15. I really enjoyed this. Smiling throughout, and a bizarrely powerful vehicle for acting.
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