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  1. Apparently there is a limit of 3000 things per base, with a limit of 20,000 things overall. There is is also an maximum construction radius of 120iu (I think) from base computer. But you can just build another base computer past the radius and keep building. That’s how people have built ridiculous bases floating in the sky, which is what I might do - delete my island and have a fortress hovering above the water.
  2. You could be me and have a 5mil, 29-slot fighter 10 hours in that only has three free slots because the rest are all broken things that need 200-500 rare elements or components to repair. It will probably take me 10 hours to fix the fucking thing. Can’t wait to find something comparable to trade. Fucking hate the way it looks, too. Like a grumpy red robot spaniel.
  3. Yes. They’re different experiences. NMS is cartoony, pastelly, bright, and comical. The risks are mostly more manageable and the gameplay loop is completely different. Elite is isolating, often lonely, unforgiving, bleak. As Yamiks says, it’s “Serious People Serious Time.” The flight controls are a hell of a lot better, and generally it’s a more “realistic” experience, as far as realism can be stretched with aliens and technology that doesn’t exist (yet?). You really do get a sense that you’re in a pressurized capsule hurtling through hard vacuum with an explosion at your backside. NMS feels like you’re flying an aircraft through a really big room when you’re in space. The planets don’t move around the sun etc. Elite has real-time orbits and high-gravity planets etc. They share a lot in common, especially with the NMS updates that have borrowed some Elite features and in everyone’s opinion added a lot of depth to the game. Both are two of my favorite games ever. I slightly prefer Elite, but that’s just the way my bread’s buttered. Partly because I like to come hurtling into a space station at full speed like a javelin with flight-assist off and then flip and burn in the opposite direction to slow down and land. I think Elite has a greater sense of scale, despite the fact that the galaxy is ostensibly smaller (the Milky Way has fewer than 15 quintillion-or-whatever stars). BUT No Man’s Sky is an experience of its own and really is a charming delight to fuck around in. Elite definitely is not for everyone. I’m having a kind of fun in NMS I never had in Elite, and I had fun in Elite I’ll never have in NMS. So definitely play both of them. When you get sick of one, play the other, and vice versa.
  4. I sort of like looking like a 3rd member of Daft Punk but I’m not sold on it. The suit isn’t shiny enough.
  5. Space Sudoko is a piece of cake man, just wait till you get to the vault on the spiky toxic planet You have to hit all these switches in a certain order just to get into it, and there are no clues as to which order it has to be. Also, if you fuck it up you have to reload a save because you have to start from a certain “position.” I wimped out and used a YouTube tutorial.
  6. WAIT WHAT THE FUCK This was my favorite game as a kid. Fond memories playing this with my uncle and clicking random inventory items together to make George say “Hmm, maybe not. Hmm, no way.” To this day we still say it to each other. Last year I sent him a message asking if he was inviting my dad to his wedding and he sent back “Hmm ... Maybe not. Hmm ... No way.” The pot contained a key ...
  7. Looks just like the ship I lost Gone but never forgotten. My ship had longer wings with the turbines on the tips. Can someone explain ship classes to me? S is the best, right?
  8. I just unlocked the Nexus and I’m overwhelmed again. Not to worry. First step is to get some salvaged tech to unlock the medium refiner, and then print money for a while. That will give me the ability to buy a bunch of bullshit I need.
  9. My girlfriend’s dad (late 50s) was asking me yesterday what games he should get now he has time to play them as he retired recently. I was like, you’re a Stargate and Star Wars fan right, why don’t you get Elite Dangerous, or NMS in VR? He has them already. Piece of shit. I don’t even have VR yet
  10. Orly? Mine was valuable enough to straight-up trade for another ship. I didn’t accept the trade though because it was so damn ugly.
  11. Glad to see no one is hyping themself into a fury. Hey everyone check out these fab mixes by one of my favorite YouTubers. This is how I get myself hyped up
  12. Oh, fucking cunts. It said “claim and add to your collection.” What a lie. New ship is all fucked yo but is worth 5 mil, so I’m trading it for the first decent one I see at a space station.
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