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  1. That’s rough dude, I run the worlds squishiest crit build with unbreakable on my chest piece and never die. I even have 2 skill tiers to stop my drone and firefly being worthless. What’s your damage output like? I can generally mow down people on solo Heroics before they have a chance to rush me, although the Hyena with the Tec-9 held sideways is a huge dick and usually strips my shield down from 10 miles away in one shot PS this isn’t a git gud post - I’m not that good
  2. Control “feels” right also. Playing Wildlands right now and it feels like I’m controlling a drunk Boston Dynamics robot. Div2 only got annoying for me when grinding for targeted loot in very late endgame, hours soloing Heroic missions over and over in the hopes of getting a pair of gloves with +.01% higher Weapon Damage or whatever. But that was after much, much content and fun with the homeboys. Now that my build is as good as I can be bothered to make it I just jump on every now and again with the mates Probs the best $10 I ever spent
  3. I got it for a similar price and it gave me hundreds and hundreds of hours of great fun. Probably the best value for money $10 I’ve ever spent. I wouldn’t have been annoyed if I’d paid full msrp
  4. Tbh if they rereleased the OG trilogy on PS4 with zero improvements I’d pay a hundred dollars for it. Need all the DLC though obviously
  5. Just use the white to make a sour, and use the yolk to make a flip later before bed. It doesn’t have to be an actual “flip” i.e. a designated flip recipe - I use yolk more or less interchangeably with heavy cream in drinks like brandy alexanders, for instance. Having made thousands of sours and fucked around with aquafaba and the fee foam etc I want to confidently say I believe that egg white is the king and anything else is second best. Pineapple juice is pretty good but can dissipate rapidly and then your drink tastes of pineapple which you don’t always want. Soy Lecithin is great and all but it’s way quicker and simpler to crack an egg. Pro tip: only use half the egg white in a standard-size drink. More than that is excessive I have actually been to Clyde Common a couple of times and chatted with Morgenthaler. I’ve been following his blog and buying his books for years, he is an absolute gent (and will chat with you if you message him on Instagram). A lot of techniques and recipes I’ve used, refined or developed have been based on blog entries he has written. Portland is such a fabulous city, my gf and I are planning on moving there soon. Northern Oregon is one of my favorite places in the states, highly recommend to everyone
  6. Thomas Keller is currently doing a techniques masterclass. I bought masterclass already for Gabrielle Camara’s Mexican classes and dipped into the Keller stuff, it’s excellent.
  7. Made a big ole taco spread with homemade salsas, spicy mayo, avocados, cojita cheese, watermelon salad, and some other stuff I can’t remember. Cooked the pork shoulder and octopus over a wood fire I threw together with some random cinder blocks and the grill from the oven. Oh yeah elote and asparagus Great success
  8. YMMV I guess, I use my cast iron for literally everything except eggs. I can cook eggs in it, but I prefer to use a non-stick with the method I employ. The thing I like about my cast iron is that unless my gf locks it in the oven on a self-clean cycle there’s almost zero maintenance and it just improves with age. I can also do a one handed toss with it, but I am an extraordinarily masculine character of Herculean strength and immense sexual prowess I agree that non-stick pans are an absolute must for any novice cook, or person who prefers not to spend the evening scrubbing their fucking pans.
  9. These two losers I work with play it around 8 hours each day when they get home from work. Does not compute
  10. Not true, it’s just so hard that it’s practically impossible. There’s a video on YouTube.
  11. I used to do this with MGS3, setting myself weird little objectives. I remember one of them was to grab someone and slit their throat, and leave their corpse somewhere someone would find it. Then when a guard walked by it and shit himself I’d grab him and slit his throat in front of his friend before he had a chance to react, and dump his corpse on top of the other. Repeat until area is cleared, luring distant NPCs to the pile of corpses until everyone was dead. Pretty psychotic 15-year-old
  12. Here is some ramen what I done made with my own broth (roasted cow bones). Pork belly, kale, NY strip, and a soft egg. I forgot to put the kimchi in before I took the picture.
  13. Pasteurized eggs are horrifying. I’ve been making and drinking egg yolk and white drinks for a decade and have never known anyone to get sick.
  14. Ive never played a Yakuza game. Which one are you playing? Is it good?
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