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  1. Same. The sentient vending machine, and a couple from Dino are marked as incomplete because their phone calls are bugged. In true Two Ronnies Answering the Question Before Last fashion, each phone call from Dino, Padre, and Regina was to discuss the last thing I did, i.e. enter mission area: "Hey great job on that thing, money's in your account lol." Complete mission objective: "Hey so there's this guy that needs to get got, sending you the deets." Sad
  2. I just love my Quadra too damn much. What will I say to it? “Sorry pal, you’re a Lotus Esprit and this is a Veyron.”
  3. Ok, but can you keep it and add it to your garage?
  4. much agreed, favorite missions in the game. Need Peralez DLC
  5. You know what this game needs more than anything else? The ability to filter shit on the map. I’m trying to blitz the couple of stray yellow icons on the map I have left before doing all the blue ones and I keep accidentally hovering over cars for sale. It’s not helpful that every now and again a new side quest will pop up. I’m laughably OP now to the point that even on hard the Crash revolver one-shots people. Might have to turn it up or focus on a different skill. 700,000 eddies, might spend it on the Caliburn or something. Takemura’s still checking his watch at the marke
  6. yeah I got confused, it’s a different missable mission I was on about and it doesn’t take you there. edit: so I take it I’ll have to install sandivistan or whatever to shoot an enemy grenade out of the air? Seems impossible in real time. I want that trophy!
  7. You get more XP on harder difficulties I think. So I guess you could just reboot optics and charge in?
  8. Who’s this joker @MNFRMTMRRW coming in and shitting up our nice thread with big blocks of text where he speaks in absolutes about how right he is. Ok, we get it, you are very smart and clever about games Also utterly wrong. This is one of the best games I’ve ever played, regardless of any future potential. I think my willy would have fallen off if it had been released in the form it will doubtless evolve to in the future
  9. The lack of an "a" presumably "Do not steal car. It belong to Tyger Claw. They do not take lightly, stealing of car." Idk I'm mad bored at work
  10. Yeah that's right @tronied, eat it For some reason @Thor I read your post in a Russian accent. "Don't be twat, comrade"
  11. Honestly you have a shitload more content to get through - I believe more sidequests open up as you do main quests. My advice would be to I've been feeling pretty bummed out these days, and I finally worked out why. I have Avatar syndrome, except I don't want to live on Pandora. I want a nice little flat off a backalley in Kabuki or something, and I want to open the bar I want to open in real life and have a big tiddy cyberpunk gf and take sunset rides on my Arch while I listen to a synthwave playlist. Pathetic Also I now have 600,000 Edwards
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