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  1. An interesting little spoiler has been uploaded to Nintendo UK's youtube page. Don't click unless you really want to know.
  2. Good to see Digital Foundry highlight this. And as mentioned in the video, it's shocking to see how small the development team behind this was.
  3. Ignore the reviews for this. As the review above says: there's too many reviewers out there that simply don't like games like this anymore. Excitetruck is a pretty good comparison for this, but the first 3 Burnout installments as well. It's great.
  4. Balls to this. Just bought Monkey Ball 2 for the GC. Will maybe get this later when it's on sale.
  5. Fully expected these scores with the discourse around ‘content’ and what’s worth $50/60 these days. WarioWare wasn’t made for these times.
  6. The thumbnail itself is a big spoiler. EDIT: This quote from the development report is pretty cool: Can't wait to see what speedrunners do with this game. It seems way more open then Samus Returns and even that got cracked wide open when people found out what you could do with a well timed beam burst.
  7. True, but the Delta episode wasn’t revealed untill closer to the release of the game. Besides that, we’ve already seen significant changes to the content of these remakes. The underground being expanded significantly being the biggest so far.
  8. Meh. Between those screenshots of Oblivion and Legends, i’d rather take a stroll in the world of Legends after Oblivion bored me to tears. Graphical fidelity be damned.
  9. Wouldn’t expect that after ORAS ignored most of Emerald’s content. At least the Platinum Dex is included.
  10. Of the two games shown yesterday, this one looked like a day one purchase to me. Gen 4 with all the quality of life improvements since? Yes please. And that Switch Lite is dead sexy.
  11. Correct, though it will still have trading between players according to info on the website.
  12. The Pokémon games are usually pretty good at the recruiting and being easy part. Not exactly dungeon siege but still.
  13. The trailer and presentation made it look more like Pokémon doing Monster Hunter rather then BotW. Colour me interested.
  14. It is actually possible to do it per game Stanley. Go to Data Management in settings and select Transfer Your Save Data. Then select 'Send Save Data to Another Console'. It'll then allow you to manually pick the game you wish to transfer. That's how I transferred my Switch Lite save of Sword/Shield a few months back to my Hybrid Switch.
  15. 1 out of 2 ain't bad. This was a very good showing. Quite some games I want. Tetris Effect coming over being the best surprise. Also quite a few console exclusives.
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