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  1. Stick Nicehash on them linked to your Coinbase account and make yourself a few quid.
  2. Are you donating your points to charity? I’d inadvertently switched this on a few weeks ago and it caught me out for a few days.
  3. Just ordered a white one from Amazon. The Smile site gave an error for white but I was able to get a confirmed order via the normal Amazon site.
  4. MS emailed me to say they’ve given me the 250 for the RE8 punch card that didn’t work.
  5. I emailed MS support about the RE punch card not activating at the weekend, no response yet though.
  6. Does that mean it resets after a year though?
  7. It’s well worth hunting down and watching if you get the chance.
  8. I used the HotStock app - ordered one when it was in stock at Currys a couple of weeks ago and it arrived on release date.
  9. Go carefully with this one. I like to think I have decent VR legs but ISS makes me sick as a dog pretty much immediately.
  10. Unlike last weeks Series X photo, Sweep has got out of bed to inspect today’s Amazon delivery.
  11. Me too. Duloch massive represent! Mines dispatched btw.
  12. It does mean that. Whether its on Thursday is a different matter judging by last weeks experience. I live in hope though.
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