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  1. I was talking about Ubisoft+, which only seems to be on PC. Is Ubisoft+ a streaming service or do you play locally?
  2. Is this available on consoles or is it just PC? I know I could Google it but I'm a lazy, lazy man...
  3. I'm not endorsing this or saying it's been perfect, but I've been using this for background music for a while now and it's got some great music on from many a game.
  4. Quite like the look of this. I can see it looks very Breath of the Fortnite, but it's not like we're swimming in BOTW clones. I'm all for a bit of this kind of thing.
  5. Beat the Soul of Cinder tonight. Took about half a dozen or so goes. He wasn't that hard, it was just his magic stuff that tended to muck me up. Anyway, that's that done. Ending spoiler. Anyway, just The Ring City and The Night King to do now.
  6. The original Space Invaders. I remember reading that the reason it got faster as you cleared more invaders off the screen was only because there were less invaders to render and not a design decision. Is this rubbish or true? Is the C64 the first modern style computer? By that, I mean is it the first computer to have bespoke CPU, GPU and sound chip?
  7. Good job I'm not doing that, isn't it. There's a difference between saying it's their fault and I'm not surprised it's happening. Which is what I said. You take it whichever way you want, though. We don't all have to like the same things or have the same opinions on them. I don't believe name calling and labels really helps discussion, and I've done neither. Neither do ui have genuine concerns or anything else. Nor do I have opinions on car engines or other things as I have no interest in them. I've said what I think, and you can take all your pearls and clutch them as hard as you
  8. I'll nail my colours to the mast here. I think DF and what they do are bad for the industry. I like how you're all up in arms because people said bad things about what you like. But go a step further, and think about the impact that these videos have on the people making the games. As if crunch and the internet trolls aren't bad enough, here's a site specifically dedicated to picking up on what is technically deficient in the work you do. That's it. That's there whole purpose for being. And in doing so, they provide ammunition to the very people they decry as being horrible to them. I'm sorry,
  9. I agree with you. It's shit. But that's the world at the moment. Are those dicks who say terrible things likely to change? Probably not. So what options are left?
  10. I'm not victim blaming at all. I've said I don't agree with the abuse they get. Am I surprised they get it, though? Of course not. They are choosing to make these videos and make money from them. As Wahwah states, they could turn off all comments, release them through their own channels and not have to wade through the shit they get. They have choices open to them. I find equating what they do for a living to the abuse a woman might get for wearing clothes highly disingenuous and a bit whataboutery, personally. I also never said they should change their content. I have no issue wit
  11. Yes, but that is never going to happen. I mean, we're pretty decent on here, but even then, we all know of certain posters who fall under your description.
  12. The counter argument there is that they want their cake and be able to eat it, too. The internet is mostly a cess pit, and I don't believe the argument that they are ignorant of playing to a certain crowd on it. They need all those views to keep the cash coming in. They will know how the videos they produce are going to be framed and used. Do they deserve any abuse for this? Of course not, no one does. But we all know what the net is like, so wading into this quagmire with certain videos and then complaining that you got bit doesn't wash with me.
  13. That's my take, too. Their retro stuff is good fun, looking at all different versions of a game, but this obsession with visual fidelity in new games... It's just such s non issue. Unless the game is fundamentally broken in some way, there's just no point.
  14. That seems slightly dismissive. People can have a negative opinion of DF and their reasons for doing what they do if they so choose. This is not a pro-DF forum last time I checked. I try not to watch their videos any more. I find they suck the fun out of games, and reduce it down to frame rates and pixel counts and so on. I don't begrudge anyone else watching them, but found their content overly negative for the most part.
  15. The Phalanx? Really? You just keep moving and hitting it. There's nothing more to it.
  16. Surely 5-1 is Blighttown? 2-2 is just dull.
  17. Well, that's a good resolution to all this.
  18. Yeah, main game final boss.
  19. Oh no, I haven't done the ringed city yet. Only just got there after the demons. At the moment, I think I'm about to hit TNK in AP and the final boss at the kiln.
  20. In the normal game? Or the dlc?
  21. I'm a sucker for punishment. I'll give all bosses a go at some point, just to have a go. I mean, I've read that some people had real problems with those demons, but I found them pretty easy. Same with PS. It's odd the bosses I get stuck on.
  22. All the way to the demons? Yeah, wasn't that bad. Another boss? In the dregs? Interesting. I looked online and saw the recommended soul level is about 120 for this dlc. I was at 98 killing the demons.
  23. So I beat the twin demons and their big brother. Thought I'd have a crack at the final boss. Got his health all gone, but hey, this is Dark Souls 3 and no one has just one health bar. He killed me after that.
  24. Well, by a vote of 2 to 1, @johnjtakes it! If you want to do this again, give us another word, thread and deadline, John.
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