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  1. I can confirm that something is definitely in the works, yes...
  2. I liked it. Hope it has the courage to stay this way throughout.
  3. I can't remember a time I ever used a shield aside from K in the DLC. Everything else was fast roll and hit.
  4. I'm hoping this is great, but my fear is this will be to REVII, what RE5 was to RE4.
  5. I got seen every time by the one that is stood facing the cave opening. Anyway, I killed the big guy in the corridor. I just did it bloodborne style, dodging round and through his attacks and hitting him until I could death kill him.
  6. There's the cave to the right but that brings you out where the two little shits are. Unless I've missed something...
  7. I'll give it a go, but won't the two below you see you and just knock you off?
  8. I'm a stubborn bastard.
  9. You know what I'm going to say here, don't you... Why? What point does this serve?
  10. Jesus. I'm not going to stop. I got past that section with the monks and spinny blade cunts. Right. Find the shrine. Make my way up the mountain. Have a good explore. To get up the mountain there is a thin walkway with a little bastard on it who shurikens you or poisons you. Get past him and then the way is blocked by a massive armoured bastard. Of course, he kills you. So now, you have to go back up the mountain. And you have to jump over the little dick on the walkway. And sometimes, maybe one time out of four, he'll hit you climbing up the wall. So, I ask, why is he there? There
  11. There was a broken bridge that I couldn't scope out because of the spinny blade cunts. The game feels schizophrenic in what it wants you to do. It feels like shoving the Souls dna into the corpse of Tenchu and it just doesn't fit.
  12. I spent two hours trying to kill the cunt with the spear, the floating woman and then made my way through an underground bit and came out the other side. Made my way past loads of monks and then got destroyed by two spinny blade cunts so that was wasted progress too.
  13. Yes. The fight with the old guy was perhaps the best fight so far because it felt fair. Then I just got destroyed at the top of the castle.
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