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  1. I was unaware David Whittaker did the game as well. This was his last one before he just focused on music, I take it...
  2. The main character has a hint of Jaz Rignall at the time about them... Maybe that's why... It was another victim of icon mania.
  3. Yeah, I played a hooky version of this round a friend's house. The Zzap gold medal was enough to ensure that people wanted it.
  4. I find it really sad that Activision were generally one of the most innovative developers back then, and now... Well... Alter Ego is a genuine landmark game in my opinion. It showed that games could be something more than simple pew pew and still be compelling and compulsive and addictive.
  5. BC's Quest for Tyres isn't one we covered. We did Grog's Revenge, but the first one was pre Zzap and we had no relationship with it so didn't include it in ep0. Ah, Pole. Such a bastard. Super Cycle... Don't think we've got there yet.
  6. I enjoyed this. That last scene in the water is very good.
  7. @Unofficial Who I got past the barrel lifting to the tug of war which was a bizarre weirdness of inputs that made no sense. He does like his budgies though.
  8. @Unofficial Whoyou should stick with it. Once you know the way through it doesn't take that long and it's a fixed design so no rogue elements. There's a pleasure to be had in completing it and the difficulty is, for a change back then, really well judged. Master of Magic is a genuinely great game.
  9. As a football fan, I found it strangely compelling and slightly nonsensical until it crashed on me in the final.
  10. Also, I presume this will be affecting Dwayne Johnson as well as Emily Blunt, or again, is this disproportionately impacting female stars?
  11. Right, just so I understand this. The stars in these films are getting their agreed percentage from both the cinema release and the Disney+ viewings, yes? Is that right? Or are they not getting anything from the Disney+ viewings? My read of the story is the former, but tell me if I'm wrong.
  12. 100m for Grealish from Man City!? Fucking hell.
  13. I keep looking. Have we bought anyone yet?
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