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  1. I've hit something of an impasse at the moment. I've got to Sen's Tower or whatever it's called.
  2. My son is now up to MWN... He'll have it clocked tonight, I would have thought. Although he does have the DLC to do as well. I think he did up to L already, though. And he still needs to do FCC. OK, tomorrow, he'll be done.
  3. Whatever works! Onwards!
  4. Hmm... I'm sure I've looked round there...
  5. Sweet. I'll get my boy to give you some pointers.
  6. Do I get to be you guys now when I started out?
  7. APM

    Dark Souls 3

    I am having a good poke around. There were since bits in the opening castle area with the dragon and some locked doors that I couldn't get open though. I did release a thief who asked me to give a ring to someone at the base of the wall who I have yet to find.
  8. Really enjoying 3, finding 1 a bit of a slog, if I'm honest. I can see why it's reverted and everything at it is very, very good and cleverly designed, but it's just so slow coming to it after BB. And that's really hard to get around at this point. DS3 feels like it's taken loads from BB and I'm finding it much more enjoyable. As for ML his magic attacks are quite telegraphed. His multi skull is easily rolled through, his short range one always comes from one side so go the other way and if he does the big one, dodge away from it. When he switches to the melee attack and sticking his sword in the floor, lock on to the sword asap and just shoot it. Keep moving, keep your distance and try get him in the air so when he heads towards you run under him and twat him in the back. TOR... I never bothered with the bell ringers. Just fired up my saw blade, got round the back of him and killed him. I think I did him first go first time around.
  9. APM

    Dark Souls 3

    I picked mercenary because it looked the best balance.
  10. APM

    Dark Souls 3

    Just two handed Broad swording my way at the moment. I think it's a +2 at the moment and I've enhanced it with some kind of rock.
  11. Martyr Logarius? Yeah, he's tough, but there are some tricks to him. I posted a video a page or so back of me beating him. That might help. I just kept my distance and get him to do the rise in the air attack. Your can run beneath him and get him from behind. Oh, and my son beat Rom on his second go.
  12. APM

    Dark Souls 3

    Well, I am, just playing it fairly basic and brute forcing my way onwards.
  13. What well? Also, at some point I came back to FLS after killing a boss and someone was snoring, but I couldn't find anyone asleep.
  14. APM

    Dark Souls 3

    No idea what that is. I pay no heed to stats. Just pump everything into health, strength and stamina. Anyway... I got invaded by someone, though. I have network turned off. I killed them because fuck them, but was it another player or... An AI? They were all purple.
  15. @JPL just watched my son kill the Shadows on his third go... He's off to kill Rom now having slaughtered that hunter. The boy's a monster.
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