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  1. Butters

    Mafia III

    Need to get back to this. Not sure when, but I'll need to get back to it!
  2. Still waiting for my free copy to arrive, but really looking forward to reading it. I can see myself taking out the sub offer once I've checked it out.
  3. Butters


    Is this on any of the streaming services? Quite fancy a rewatch.
  4. Butters

    Daredevil - TV Series

    As a big fan of the comic books, I loved the first season. I liked the first half of the second, but when they moved onto Elektra and The Hand, my enthusiasm significantly waned. I was somewhat apprehensive for season three, but absolutely loved it. Thought they did brilliantly with Bullseye, Fisk was superb, and Cox continues to do so well with Murdock. What could have felt like a lot of over-brooding was actually done really well, and I thought the pacing throughout worked really well. And then there were those fightscenes...
  5. Butters

    FM2019 - Start Wearing Purple!

    In terms of the player unhappiness, does that include with training? I've been leaving the new training to my assistant manager, but I seem to constantly get moans from my players that they think we should be doing a different type of training.
  6. Butters

    FM2019 - Start Wearing Purple!

    Eurogamer weren't keen - https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-10-30-football-manager-2019-review-rare-blip-in-form-for-a-sim-with-permanent-class
  7. Ordered, and really looking forward to it arriving. The news about GamesTM and Gamesmaster had me reminising about when new magazines used to appear in my gaming heyday, and the excitement that came with them. Had thought those days were gone, but apparently not!
  8. Butters

    FM2019 - Start Wearing Purple!

    Thanks @spork. Glad it's not just me!
  9. Butters

    FM2019 - Start Wearing Purple!

    Is it just me, or do you a) get a lot more injuries in this version and b) get a lot more players complaining if they are out of the team for a few games?
  10. Butters

    FM2019 - Start Wearing Purple!

    Boy, what are you @Mike, a Chelsea assistant?
  11. Butters

    Do you prefer physical books or Ebooks?

    100% physical books. I have got a few ebooks, but mostly ones that I picked up for 99p and wasn't sure if I wanted to buy them. The vast majority of them lie unread. I know they take up more space, especially when you also really like hardbacks, but I much prefer reading from a physical book. For me there is much more of a sense of escape with a book over an ebook. When my girlfriend and I first met, she mostly read from her Kindle. She was aware from an early stage that I was a) a book geek (she calls bookshops my creches) and b) I preferred physical books. I've never pushed it with her, but having been around all my books for the last five years, she now reads more books than ebooks. And then there's the fun of a bookshelf reorganisation...
  12. Butters

    FM2019 - Start Wearing Purple!

    I've noticed a few bugs along the way - buttons labeled wrong, one of my players getting a straight red but it being two yellows in the match report etc. But early impressions are good. I didn't play 2018, so still getting used to both the new stuff in this edition, and the one before it!
  13. Just finished the first episode, and that alone was disturbing!
  14. Is it me, or is that a strange decision? Or is it to do with licensing somehow?
  15. So, if this is going to be on Netflix here, does that mean they are only releasing the DC streaming service in the US? Not that I have much interest in it.

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