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  1. Thanks @ScouserInExile. I think I'll grab the first one and give it a go. I was also thinking about starting some of the Age of Sigmar novels, but have no idea where to start.
  2. Thanks @RFT. Quit intrigued by it, so may well give it a try when it is launched (dependent on price of course).
  3. Two GW questions: 1) I'm guessing this is a new edition of Aeronautica Imperialis rather than a new game? I've been away for a long time on the GW front. Feels a bit like the old Epic game? 2) Are the Gaunt books worth a read?
  4. It was the Edinburgh store. He checked some of the stores nearby but said there wasn't any. I'll check myself too though, just in case.
  5. Braved my local Game today and CEX, but no luck. If anyone sees one in the wild, preferably new, let me know please!
  6. Perfect, thanks @Dig Dug. I'll nip along to the my local one tomorrow. I had really wanted one at launch, but there was too much going on. I stupidly thought it would be available for a while.
  7. Is this still available anywhere? The few places that have it seem to be charging a fortune for it.
  8. Yeah, I thought it was just a nice wee montage, then it started firing new films and release dates all over the show. I thought The Marvels were new.
  9. I took it as a Four, meaning it's coming but we haven't given it a release date yet?
  10. Thanks @dreamylittledream and @Strafe!
  11. Anyone played Immortals Fenyx Rising on Switch? I've heard decent things about it, so was going to try it out. I've got vouchers for Currys and they have it reduced at the moment, but is the performance okay on Switch or should I get it on Xbox?
  12. Warhammer Fest announced for 3rd to 8th May online. Starts at 6pm on Twitch.
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