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  1. 10kg!? How long will it last once it’s pastrami? 10 kilos sounds like a LOT of pastrami.
  2. Jonny5

    Nintendo Switch

    Are you new to the internet?
  3. That looks like an English rolled brisket, way less fat innit than a US style one. How did it turn out? Edit: I’ll get some pics and a write up on the course up soon, had to strip out a kitchen & utility room today so been a bit busy!
  4. I’ve got my BBQ Masterclass at Riverside today. Quite excited to try some new things, feel like I’m in a bit of a rut bbq wise.
  5. I think I paid about £40 for a 4.5kg brisket a couple of years ago. Meater thermometers are 25% off on Amazon today in a daily deal is anyone is interested.
  6. I’ve put barely any time into this so far but have made a start on the story mode and added some of you makers to my favourite list, so keep pumping out the levels and hopefully I’ll get to play them soon!
  7. Jonny5

    Nintendo Switch

    It won’t be. Sorry.
  8. I think the pedal box moves rather than the seat, if there is any adjustment that is.
  9. Jonny5


    Is it as big as it looks? Because it looks MASSIVE. Does it fill your entire worktop?
  10. Jonny5


    Seventy five quid for a mat!
  11. Jonny5


    Post pix pls
  12. Which pellets are you using? The hickory ones seem to be the “strongest”, the others all seem very mild.
  13. I got a bbq cooking class at Riverside for Father’s Day
  14. My Slow & Sear arrived very shortly before my wife got me the Traeger for my 40th, so Ive never actually used it for a slow cook!
  15. I do as mine doesn’t have a bottom to it. What would it sit on if you took that out?
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