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  1. Was hoping for a discount on Links Awakening.
  2. https://www.bbqworld.co.uk/m/weber-barbecues/gas/weber-spirit-eo-210-gas-bbq.asp
  3. I watched this for the first time in ages last night. I was pleasantly surprised there was no awful guest interview bit.
  4. Is this not available in 4K??
  5. Jonny5

    Nintendo Switch

    You can see your horse on the map, it’ll be wherever you left it.
  6. Jonny5

    Apple Arcade

    I’ve yet to activate the trial, but I’m very excited to finally have a use for the Steelseries Nimbus pad I bought for my Apple TV about 4 years ago.
  7. I’ve only seen the first two so far but didn’t really like either. The first episode had a classic moment when the wife had been working in the US and comes back for the first time in ages to see the rocks the husband has placed to stop his dogs escaping into the roof (I know, right?) and flat out tells him she hates it and she didn’t think they’d be living in a cave. The round house was big but that’s about all it had going for it. Having an indoor pool in an outbuilding defeats the point somewhat no? As for the “music room” wtf was that all about? A fake recording studio for the wife to sing in??? I’ve been rinsing the other C4 house shows while we’ve been doing our own house project. Ugly house to lovely house is worth a watch with George Clarke as is old house new home. Building the Dream seems like it’s trying to be the new Grand Designs but isn’t anywhere near as slick.
  8. 10kg!? How long will it last once it’s pastrami? 10 kilos sounds like a LOT of pastrami.
  9. Jonny5

    Nintendo Switch

    Are you new to the internet?
  10. That looks like an English rolled brisket, way less fat innit than a US style one. How did it turn out? Edit: I’ll get some pics and a write up on the course up soon, had to strip out a kitchen & utility room today so been a bit busy!
  11. I’ve got my BBQ Masterclass at Riverside today. Quite excited to try some new things, feel like I’m in a bit of a rut bbq wise.
  12. I think I paid about £40 for a 4.5kg brisket a couple of years ago. Meater thermometers are 25% off on Amazon today in a daily deal is anyone is interested.
  13. I’ve put barely any time into this so far but have made a start on the story mode and added some of you makers to my favourite list, so keep pumping out the levels and hopefully I’ll get to play them soon!
  14. Jonny5

    Nintendo Switch

    It won’t be. Sorry.
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