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  1. I started this on Stadia last night and after getting to the first Sister fight it actually crashed. Well it locked up for a minute or so before dumping me out. I restarted and got dropped back into the fight and this time got a bit further before it crashed again. I turned it off and went to bed at this point. I take it you got further than that @ZOK without any crashes?
  2. Better results tonight by turning the flame right down before putting the pizza in. I actually had the stone a bit hot and got some burnt bits on the base for the first one. The rest were pretty awesome.
  3. I had another go with this last night in the browser on my mac. I tried pairing my series x pad which I used previously but it just wouldn't show up on the mac in the bluetooth settings so ended up plugging in my Stadia pad and using that instead. I tried Forza Horizon and it did not go well. It took forever to load, like multiple minutes which was a shock after playing on the series x and when it did load the image quality was pretty ropey. I know its capped at 720p at the moment but there were big periods of extreme blockiness which looked like streaming artefacts. The bigges
  4. Check out The Northern Dough Company pizza balls. They’re frozen from Tesco/Waitrose and you just take them out 4 hours before you want to use them.
  5. Check the local ads for a Weber 57cm Kettle BBQ. You should be able to get one for £50-£100 and it’ll do everything (apart from pizza). It doesn’t need to go in the shed and can live outside all year.
  6. Yep, grabbed the last one in Lidl. Might try our roast beef joint on it today if I get time.
  7. That was the kids pizza so yes, pineapple was involved. They like to make faces (they’re young :P)
  8. Yeah, see my posts in the uuni thread. I need a lot more practise.
  9. I tried this a bit but obviously the crust also gets into the hotness too. Ive since heard a couple of other tips, the first is using the peel to shield the pizza from the flames while the base cooks some more, the other is to just turn off the flame when it’s done on top and leave it to sit on the stone for a minute or two to continue cooking the base. I just want to cook loads of pizzas until I get the knack right.
  10. Thanks. I fed it again last night after transferring it to a new jar. I guess I’ll clean it all down again and start over tonight.
  11. Had a bit of a mixed bag first time out, not helped by everyone being tired and fed up before we even started. Anyway, biggest issue was soggy middles with overdone edges. And given all the grumbling from the sidelines I didn’t check the temps before cooking. I suspect I needed a hotter stone and then to turn the flame right down when I chuckled the pizza in. Teaching my family not to drown the pizza in toppings would also help. This one looks the best but the base was still super wet. I might try New York style pizza next time to try and ge
  12. I started on the sourdough path this week and on day 3 of my starter it’s got an area of pink developing: So far it’s just been 50g flour and 50g water each day, today though I’m supposed to chuck out half before adding the 50/50 mix. If I chuck out the half with the pink in it am I good to go, or does it suggest the whole lot is bad and I need to start again? Edit: Actually looking at that picture on a bigger screen I think I see more bits on pink developing throughout. I might bin it and try again after sticking the jar through the dishwasher o
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