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  1. Israel changed it in 2018 to a special status language, with Hebrew alone given the official status.
  2. An endless utopia awaits when they're all silenced.
  3. Football should have a new rule - anyone with a vested interest in a contentious decision (be they player, manager or fan) shouldn't be allowed to comment on it. Yes, the thread would be dead, but I think it might be an improvement.
  4. Pretty much me with club football. There's so much of it available on telly, every day of the week, that it's lost any real buzz of excitement until the business end of the season. It's become humdrum, and that'll happen to the World Cup too if keeps increasing in size and regularity.
  5. Knowing that you use speech-to-text, I'm now imagining you doing a lovely trill there for no good reason. Anyway, back to the topic at hand - A Small World Cup is extremely enjoyable as a side-on, 1v1 football game.
  6. Academic, as he won't win it this year either. Incidentally, he's played 183 games in Europe, and only two of them weren't in the Champions League - both legs of a 6-4 aggregate loss to Partizan Belgrade in the UEFA Cup when he was at Sporting.
  7. I love it when I'm playing a sports game with a decent career mode, in which the world does not revolve around you. The perfect example would be Football Manager. Sure, the focus is on you and your teams, and your news feed is generally full of things the game thinks is probably relevant to you, but there's a whole world going on around you that largely serves only to immerse you in the game. You're sitting there with your team of semi-professional cloggers on some godforsaken island in the Atlantic, and a few clicks away you can find out who's just won a crucial qualifier for the Asian Cup. It becomes a game of systems for you to explore and interact with, instead of some carefully funnelled experience where opponents might as well exist in suspended animation until it's time to face them, which so many games opt for. I can see why, it's a much simpler approach that a large enough portion of the audience won't care about, but when a game goes that extra mile, oh boy.
  8. It's real, but not a Valve project. Fan-made in the vein of Black Mesa.
  9. But when is it National Video Men's Day?!?
  10. Can't tell if that's a post-match quote, or an excerpt from one of his books.
  11. Fry Crayola


    Very enjoyable match, and one hell of a performance over the two and a half weeks she's had to play for an outstanding, unique achievement.
  12. Yep. The Club World Cup is a non-starter because in it's current format it's a two-game marketing jaunt for the European and South American sides, and the proposed tournament revamp is a watered down Champions League played with a fraction of the clubs at a time when most consider the season over and done with. International football is FIFA's only cash cow and they want to graft another set of udders to it in the hope that'll persuade it to pump out more milk. If FIFA actually gave a flying fuck about the game it'd be a non-profit organisation feeding all of those billions back into the federations that need the investment.
  13. I wouldn't like it. I watch the entire World Cup, so I'd basically not get to see any of the Olympics and still eat, sleep and see family.
  14. You mean played at the same time and in the same country as the summer games? That'll never happen.
  15. It's a terrible idea that taps into the same notion of companies experiencing continuing exponential growth. The World Cup earns billions for FIFA every four years, so every two years means two times as many billions! It can't fail! The world needs less football, not more.
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