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  1. Yeah, 'cos he was only 26 then.
  2. Ah, I misunderstood and thought that you were talking about excluding them from the FA Cup. The League Cup approach is feasible.
  3. Removal and acceptance of teams mid-season presents a problem for the draw. You don't know who's definitely in or out of Europe until after the second round of the FA Cup has taken place. The size of the first and second rounds are dependent on the teams that enter in the third round, ensuring that 64 teams play in the third round. The fallback of giving byes to teams would be unsatisfying.
  4. Shrewsbury have played 25 league games, 6 FA Cup games (including the Liverpool match), one EFL Cup match, and four games in the EFL Trophy for a total of 36 matches. Liverpool have played 23 times in the league, twice in the FA Cup, three times in the EFL Cup, six games in Europe, twice in the Club World Cup, plus the Community Shield and European Super Cups, for 38 in total.
  5. A Mega Drive and a SNES. Throughout my childhood, these were unattainable. We got a CPC in 1987, and then that was it through until the PlayStation arrived in '95. The only way we'd get to play the 16-bit consoles were at visits to friends' houses, or the occasional borrowing - which my mum disapproved of on the basis it didn't seem right to be taking expensive electronics from our friends. So we had to be sneaky about it when we did. The portable TV was stashed in a wardrobe. If we heard footsteps, everything got chucked in, the door closed, and we commenced looking natural. We often failed. The Mini consoles have somewhat filled the gap. They're cute replicas, the controllers feel authentic, though the games are now ones I've played more than plenty thanks to emulation and compilation packs. There's still something to be said though about thunking in a cartridge and playing on the original systems, and to this date I've still never owned either of them. Where the barrier back then was my parents, now it's me. It's not the cost, it's the space - there's simply nowhere for them to go right now. So maybe some day, I'll have a bigger house, with somewhere to put them, because I'm not buying them to keep in a box.
  6. AAA stuff will come to me, I don't need to remember that, while the chances of my buying damn near anything on release are so low, it doesn't make a difference if I miss that window. I use a Steam wishlist for stuff I probably want to play at some point, just not right now, or for interesting looking indies that I'm bound to forget, but otherwise I just go with the flow.
  7. A TV show that attempts to take the same story from a game will likely fail, just like most movies do, because as Broker points out the story in most games is there to serve the interactive experience. It's fleshed out only as much as it needs to be, and is often a pure power fantasy. However, there's scope for shows that take the core premise or setting of a game and developing its own tale based on that. While I'm not particularly desiring it, a game based on The Last of Us doesn't need to follow Joel and Ellie, but it doesn't take much effort to imagine a show like The Walking Dead emerging from it. A Bioshock series could explore a pre-collapse Rapture with a whole set of new characters. Sleeping Dogs could be The Sopranos set in Hong Kong. Mount Your Friends could replace WWE as the oily muscle-bound sports entertainment of our time. The problem is attracting the writing talent to pull it off. I assume it's easier to adapt an existing, strong work than it is to develop a new one. Just look at Game of Thrones.
  8. The PS1 soundtrack was ambient music, except for the main menu which you posted, and the level complete screens. Not cheesy guitars at all, more babies crying and distant moans. Oh, and Club Doom went in a different direction entirely. 1:52:54 in the vid above.
  9. I'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest that Pete likes God of War, Uncharted, Spiderman and Wipeout, and this strategy of deciding his own opinion shouldn't be a factor in his decision and that he should instead like some other games on PC isn't going to work.
  10. Doom 2016's mechanics don't lend themselves at all to a horror game, or developing tension for the player, in my view. It asks you to engage with its system and get knuckle deep in the action to keep your ammo and health high enough to survive. Attempts to play it conservatively often result in swift death. Compare that to the original game, where (and especially on PlayStation with the expanded lighting effects and excellent soundtrack) the game really embraced the foreboding atmosphere, and the mechanics generally favoured avoiding the heat of the battle. Going further down that route with modern expectations leads to Doom 3.
  11. What's the general consensus on the best way to get Game Pass Ultimate months on MS Rewards? Wait for another Hot Deal to roll around, or just claim the extra month for 12000 points each time I hit it? I suppose the question there is how often does the Hot Deal show up.
  12. Doom 2016 has. The others, not yet.
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