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  1. Fry Crayola

    PES 2020

    PES 2021 will just be a data update along the lines of the Legacy Edition stuff EA pull on formats they don't like any more. It'll be cheaper, but no indication as to how much cheaper, and probably not have any gameplay changes. It will have the Euro 2020 mode they added to PES 2020 though. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2020/07/15/no-new-pes-this-year-because-konami-are-focused-on-next-gen-game/ The next game is being developed in Unreal Engine, so they're focusing on that. Hopefully they can take that as an opportunity to overhaul the tired old off-pitch mechanics in the Master League.
  2. Pretty much, yeah. Though I can't speak for the infinite map option as I've generally only played previous console versions that were limited in size, but I never really hit that limit anyway. Survival is a must unless you just want to exercise your creative muscles. Exploring caves and venturing out at night are nothing without the constant threat of spiders, skeletons and creepers.
  3. Oh yeah, fuck, I forgot it was an interactive thing.
  4. It's a documentary available on Steam for a tenner.
  5. Roughly half of each of the Euros and World Cup, some England friendlies, and that's about it.
  6. Fractional points are a fucking scouge. If you've decided to score stuff out of 10, fucking stick with the concept.
  7. For all its many discussed faults (or lovable quirks, depending on where you fall), I feel Red Dead 2 got many parts of the large open world map rather right. There's a lot of things going on in the world that aren't marked on the map, mission options are typically limited to a small handful at a time, and pretty much any building outside of the expanse of Saint Denis could be entered and had its own character. There's a lot of little details that only become apparent if you choose to explore, are never raised in dialogue, don't lead to subsequent quests, and largely only exist to satisfy your own curiosity. Compare that to something like Far Cry where every piece of interesting terrain is marked on your map as somewhere to go, the world is full of NPCs giving you the same set of tasks, and you can't move five feet without your radar flashing up yet another local scuffle for you to join in on.
  8. You can still buy Live Gold without owning an Xbox, so it'll still work. But as you'd only be saving £8 a year it's hardly worth the bother using it, and you'd lose the flexibility of being able to cancel when your attention is drawn elsewhere.
  9. The CL starts on August 8th, with single leg ties for all except the playoff round. Group stage kicks off October 21st and is played three weeks on, three weeks off, three weeks on. Knockout phase is then as normal. Europa League is similar, playoff is a single leg, and the group stage is played the same week as the CL.
  10. I never had a problem with the aiming in UC3, so I wonder if it was fixed in a later patch because it was three years ago I finally got around to playing it.
  11. The first game is like another series entirely, the second is a massive leap. For my money they never really nail the gunplay, everything still feels a little light, but move on to Uncharted 2 and you should have a better time of it.
  12. If you didn't read that first encounter in the correct voice, you're dead to me.
  13. That Sakho effort was shoulder by any reasonable viewing of the game.
  14. There's little to base this on for many of the options. Dyche and Wilder could be just pre-United David Moyes, getting good results with more limited sides but not really cut out for managing a side asked to go out and dominate possession. Nuno and then Rodgers are the two best bets, the latter deserves a shot with a top club (though I'd personally prefer if he just turned Wolves into one) and Rodgers has done a good job with Leicester and has the Liverpool near miss in his hat. The rest? It's just hope. Until we've seen them manage a team with top tier expectations, I don't think there's enough to say they could do a better job. I think he has earned the right to a few seasons before yet another swing of the axe, as long as he's delivering Champions League qualification. Few managers can really be parachuted into a club and turn things around instantly. Even Pep took two years to win the league with a Man City side with infinite pockets, finishing 15 points behind Chelsea and eight behind Spurs in his first season. I don't expect Solskjaer to be the next Pep. But I do believe we don't live in a world of absolute certainty, and that switching Solskjaer now for anyone other than a very elite few would be an act of hope more than anything else. May as well just place your hope in the incumbent, it's not as if United are stinking the place up at the moment.
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