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  1. So that's why my heating bills are so high!
  2. It doesn't have to be a direct address to the player - they're merely indirect examples.
  3. It's funny how the same fact - clubs currently have to qualify through results on the field - is an argument against the super league for most right thinking people, and an argument for it for the self-appointed elite.
  4. I also enjoyed the dawning realisation I had that the game's budgetary concern was much like that of a TV show, with some episodes getting a much larger proportion of the budget, and a bottle episode or two needed to rein in the costs.
  5. Steam reckons I've spent 3,312.6 hours playing Football Manager 2019, but then Steam's blissfully unaware that it sits open during my working day so I can dip in and out. Still, it's probably my most played game even in spite of that. And it's 7,661.7 hours for the games in the series that Steam has tracked (10, 12, 14, 17, 19). Which is a good reason why I think viewing games as the consumption of time, and chasing the best ratios of cost to hours entertainment to be a pointless pursuit. I've played far fewer hours of, and paid more money, for Silent Hill 2 but that's a game that
  6. I love my S, but then I play on a 22", 1080p monitor, virtually all my Xbox One games are digital, I don't play many games at once (so storage isn't an issue) and I don't mind* 30 fps. I like that it fits my niche and gives me the option of playing newer games without the much larger outlay. Had it not been BC though I'd not have bothered. * Not "can't tell the difference". 60 fps is clearly better but it's not a dealbreaker.
  7. When people say things like this, they should be banned from the internet - and perhaps even the planet - until the game is out.
  8. Indeed. Points per game matters more when comparing relegation fodder but even then a difference in league sizes, the format, and often, distribution of quality within can greatly affect what counts as a reasonable target. This is NeoElite though so the Football League is basically the King James Bible to him. If the rest of the world are different, the rest of the world are wrong!
  9. Citation needed. I think you're blinded by the 46-game seasons in the Football League, which are far from the norm.
  10. Indeed, it's worth remembering that the Atatürk was due to host last year's final, before the move to a shortened tournament pushed them back to this year. Really, it's on UEFA to not have sufficient get out clauses to minimise unnecessary travel if the situation demands it.
  11. Do shoot the messenger if he gets the message wrong! Maybe just to maim, for now.
  12. Future wouldn't just shut down a popular forum and force the members to scramble somewhere else. That's a silly notion.
  13. The video makes no claim to being definitive, exhaustive, or representative. That's all on the OP.
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