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  1. Fry Crayola


    Galaxy 2.0 is very nice - shame it doesn't also connect to the Oculus store as well, though most of my stuff there is Oculus exclusive anyway. Also, the Xbox section only seems to include Xbox One games that I've grabbed at least once - stuff like The Witcher 3 which I own but haven't yet installed is absent. This applies also to Game Pass and EA Access stuff - plenty of games there, but only if I've already played them. No Xbox 360 games at all, even those backwardly compatible.
  2. Fry Crayola


    It's the same screen for Save & Quit. If you were to go back to the Map, it'd start you at a chapter checkpoint (there are two or three in each chapter), but that's only really applicable if you're hunting for missed strawberries or crystals.
  3. Fry Crayola


    Yeah, it's just the original game that this was based on, nothing more.
  4. Fry Crayola


    I wouldn't call this sadistic. It's tough, sure, but there are options to reduce the difficulty and it's always fair.
  5. Tis but an entry level stout.
  6. While the headline is objectionable and they deserve pulling up on it, let's not forget our rags have been peddling racist hate for years.
  7. Given Microsoft's continued refusal to allow PES to use edit files on Xbox, may I advise prospective Master Leaguers to choose one of the licensed leagues like France, Italy or Brazil for their shenanigans. Truth is, PES has almost as many licenses as FIFA these days, but the lack of those in Spain and England and the complete absence of the German league remain glaring and offputting. If seeing teams waddle around in fake stripey kits bothers you (as it does me), steer clear and get to grips with one of the best football games ever made. And then buy it next year on PC/PS.
  8. No reason for it to do so. BBC's live channel streams don't do that, for example. Unless you pause for more than 2 hours, I suppose.
  9. I'm torn tonight as to whether or not to watch the goals show, pick a match, or just wait for MOTD like @Mike. On the one hand, BT's Champions League Goals Show is my favourite way of watching the European football - all of the goals from all of the matches, as they go in, interspersed with chat, lots of excitement and no risk of picking a duff match. But then BT have James Richardson and a suite of knowledgable football writers. Amazon have Robbie Savage. You could pause their tennis coverage, so I expect the same here.
  10. Steam would always be my first choice for things that merely have VR support as opposed to being VR exclusives - the Oculus store is still ultimately attached to a line of hardware and I don't really know where it'll be in five years. Games mostly tend to run just fine on either - Dirt 2.0 was a notable exception on its initial VR release as it didn't work properly on the Rift via Steam, but that got patched soon enough. Elite, I've had no issues with.
  11. That specific Yorkshireman, or is this a Liam Neeson inspired prowl of the streets?
  12. It's so tight as to be bullshit if given any other way.
  13. She said that right from the off when she put herself forward for PM. I can't believe none of the fuckers shot her down when she started claiming the 15 years' experience.
  14. "I have played this 20 hour game twice and intend on a third run. Solid 7/10." What do you do with a 10/10?
  15. No joke intended, my memory is failing me. This time next year I'll be calling everyone "that guy from the thing", except for Kurt Russell who will be the one from the doofer.
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