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  1. Clearly set up for maximum penetration.
  2. I wouldn't worry about feeling the need to go back and change things, or about needing to redo things. Your mistakes and their corrections are still part of your process in producing the final piece. You might not have nailed your style and your process, which will come with experience, but consider that those who have experience are going to price themselves accordingly.
  3. That's a reference to a meme that said the same thing about a Cyberdemon. https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Protip_meme
  4. Not in C# they don't! public int MyVariable { get; set; } That's equivalent to a private member variable with separate get/set methods. Though even then, for most usage, you're absolutely fine with public int MyVariable; The main reason to use the automatic get/set notation is if you want to control access - a private set would ensure outside code can't modify an object's variable. Technically it's also useful if you're writing an API, but that's not applicable here. But yes, generally I agree with the thrust of your post. Getting the simpl
  5. I can totally believe that for people who tapped out after an hour, irritated by the nothing in the story making a lick of sense, tactics that served you well four years ago don't work, and the game seems to stop every 20 minutes to explain yet another different thing you might want to level up. It's a while after that that it all clicked for me. It's such a wonderful trick that it pulls in keeping you right on the edge of your seat in combat, flitting between demons to refill on health and armour while taking pot shots at heavy enemy weak points in order to just last keep going f
  6. Motion control is a VR staple. VR itself is niche, but not a relic.
  7. Oh god, yes, I'd forgotten that entirely. I'd also note that while motion based controls for telly-based games have generally (but not totally) fallen out of favour, the same tech has been crucial in enhancing VR, so we can't even really say that it's a dead end.
  8. A gimmick is only a gimmick in comparison to what went before and comes after. That's why we consider waggle a gimmick, but not the N64's analogue stick. Innovation brings advances, but also dead ends. Nintendo don't play it quite as safe as their competitors, but they're not the only ones to have explored new avenues, and have also been copied - after the Wii's enormous success, both Microsoft and Sony explored motion controls that haven't really caught on, but people like to talk as if this is a Nintendo thing.
  9. Yes (as people have said), but also remember that you've got a hard limit of 36 months on Game Pass, so you probably won't be able to add your two-year code until you've only a year left.
  10. I feel that's the better attitude to take. If there are games that you can quickly amass achievements through playing rather than exploitation, then you're going to get more out of it than, say, using a mod or an exploit so you can rinse it. Each to their own though - given I spend the majority of my free time these days reading technical books about AI and graphics instead of actually playing games, I'm in no position to declare what anyone else finds fun!
  11. For anyone just looking at the quote, FY22 begins in April 2021 - PS and Xbox versions are still coming out this year but it'll be August, four months after the PC version.
  12. I think Microsoft have temporarily disabled it on some games, but to be honest I've barely read into it. All I really know is, it doesn't work for me, and it's a minor niggle that I can do fuck all about.
  13. That's fair, but it's just an example. I believe there's plenty football could do to safeguard the game at lower levels without just assuming the current way is the most sensible one.
  14. While true, this is not the only way money can be redistributed. The entire FA Cup pot for this season is just under £16m, and that money may be better off redistributed to teams at lower levels than giving over half of it to the clubs that eventually make the last 16. Tying financial security to sporting success during the pandemic is unnecessary.
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