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    Games development and obscure football. One day I promise to combine the two.

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  1. Sure, if you ignore Eastwatch-by-the-Sea and Last Hearth.
  2. Fry Crayola

    Chernobyl (HBO/Sky)

    I thought that'd have been the geiger counters, rather than the torches. Geiger counters do make a terrifying noise, very Silent Hill radioesque.
  3. They're cousins - that might fly with Lannisters and Targaryens but not the Starks. Of course, normally I'd just say we never saw a marriage so no, but fuck knows what D&D decided happened in the time skips.
  4. I used to love sending a trireme out into the ocean in the hope that it'd find land we could claim before it sank. To hell with the crew!
  5. Fry Crayola

    Chernobyl (HBO/Sky)

    Absolutely, and made powerful by knowing what they were willing to show. The disfigurement seen on Ignatenko and the others was gruesome.
  6. Peter Dinklage has been absolutely brilliant throughout the entire show's run. Utterly superb.
  7. Two simple things I'd do to greatly help PES's career mode: Stop regenerating players with the same name and face as before. Make youth team players largely of the same nationality as the club itself It's ridiculous when the actual Robert Lewandowski crops up in your Hamiton Academical youth squad.
  8. Fry Crayola

    Epic Games Store - All Your Games Are Belong To Us

    Yeah, everything priced over £13.99 has a tenner off. Subsidised by Epic, so the developers get paid as though you bought it full price.

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