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  1. Yeah, and to be fair Chelsea has a habit of ruining forward players. In the last decade + it's really only been Drogba and Costa that properly bucked the trend.
  2. "Another goal would not flatter chelsea" * Chelsea does this research *
  3. It appears not, since he came on he's actively made the team less of a threat. You might actually have been 3 up as 10 men.
  4. Lukaku to Werner - "Hey Timo, show them why they hired.... me"
  5. I have to keep saying it but it was less buggy that Watch Dogs Legion and Hitman 3 which I played either side of it and it ran just fine on a one x, never mind a series. The internet just "decided" it was bad actually, like they do. It was fantastically less buggy than anything Fallout/Elder Scrolls has ever been.
  6. Like the others say, you can't screw it in, it's like they've decided it "Should" go vertically and fuck you if you consider otherwise.
  7. Semi-related, one of the BTCC support races has a driver called "Aston Millar".
  8. Have any normal humans had them yet?
  9. Yeah and I'd imagine this is the best protection any machine has, that any dodge would be spotted because idiots get greedy. If you ever figure out something like that you need to tour the casinos in one day then get the fuck out of town and head for somewhere else. Yeah, before I ever knew about these things this was the giveaway to me too, there was one in my local bowling alley and it was plainly obvious that after someone did well the next few massively increased the number of silvers in the end game.
  10. The Hot Wheels one came pretty damn close.
  11. Yep, because if China doesn't want something, it's going to start affecting us. It's why BMWs are now all hideous. Tencent for instance own Riot Games and Funcom outright and have stakes in Epic, Dontnod (imagine their games without LBTQ), Frontier, Sumo, Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft, Paradox, Remedy, Roblox, Platinum.... Oh and Discord.
  12. I don't know Destiny 2 but if you've played expansions beyond what you own your save and gear are going to reflect that so it's never going to work to not have it.
  13. Sega's Yakuza games have always has functioning arcade machines in but this week's release of Lost Judgement marks a first, a functioning console. And it's a Master System. 8 games are included and 2 of them shouldn't work on a PS5 at all. What have they done there, which of the 8 games on it are worth your time and what might their choices of games, and indeed console mean for future products from Sega?
  14. For simplicity, Everton. For batshittedness, the Spurs 2/3 and Chelsea 3. To Liverpool, there's a fine line between simplicity and boring. I mention this because you're so far into boring you can't see the line anymore.
  15. So it's going to involve moving the Euros etc and having summer football 3 out of 4 years? I think I'd just stop watching summer football at that point. Same as I used to plan my life around Grands Prix but when it went to 21 weeks of the year I just gave up and now watch fewer live than I did when it was 15 a year I watched religiously.
  16. Not quite because you can't fit 500gb on a 500gb drive. But I believe it's clear of 200 yeah.
  17. He wasn't hounded at all, he posted "Hi fellow gamers!" and got very lightly teased about it before throwing a paddy and deleting all trace having not engaged at all. The post was essentially drive by spam. But yes, every sign is this is going to be horrific. It'll be, at best, a sanitised celebrity driven attempt to recapture the original which will please no-one. Either they should go full tilt 2021 and ignore us (good luck finding enough young'uns who actually watch TV) or actually make a show for us (good luck finding enough of US who watch TV) rather than "Lol aren't gamers nerds" which is what his original pitched seemed to be. It's almost like calling it gamesmaster is a bad idea.
  18. I'm sure those would 100% reliable, never hacked and that power would totally not be abused in any way.
  19. Ill-feeling and if you're in Vegas, shootings.
  20. tbh I was mostly pleased with "Calls of Duty". But yeah, Horizon 4 is over 100gb with DLC and it's unlikely 5 is going to be smaller.
  21. Feels like a complete waste of time too. You've got one slot and you're going to use it to expand the storage by less than 2 Calls of Duty?
  22. Yes, historically this has worked. Because the "selling" occurred before the deadline.
  23. That's broadly exactly how, they pay out... ooh 73% over a certain time. If you know the time and you've watched people lose for long enough then it's due to pay out.
  24. mm... and I should say I've not seen the documentary and likely never will so I'm just talking about pesky reality
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