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  1. Has he met it head on, he stepped down in March, presumably everything was "known" then. The best part of 6 months on sufficiently little has changed that employees and ex-employees are whistleblowing.
  2. Those companies probably had more employees though. "6 other employees agreed" in that passage above for instance. In 2016, around the release of Gone Home, Fullbright apparently only HAD 8 employees total. They currently apparently have 6 according to that article. That's the entire workforce having the same experience essentially.
  3. This post but "Spurs" and "Kane".
  4. Yep, and I maintain for those going on pure memory of the Mega Drive era, Sonic 2 is the game they think Sonic 1 is. Because Sonic 1 does a LOT of that shit.
  5. I'd say if that "one guy" is the founder it's a cultural thing.
  6. If you can broadcast a personal wifi hotspot on your phone it's not gonna use a lot of internet to authenticate. But yeah, I was without internet for last night and this morning. Lucky I've got a switch and 260 Master System games really
  7. I always confused Walker and Hired Guns for absolutely no reason whatsoever.
  8. Actually both, with my usual timing I did a video on Zool last month and coming back, it's Sonic with Mario's level design. Which is one of the major reasons it doesn't work. It got released (sociable soccer). It's weirdly huge in China.
  9. Much appreciated, is at least the plan. Another mid-month special already uploaded too, involving Sonic the Hedgehog and 4 individual pieces of hardware in order to, essentially, talk about one game. I'm an idiot.
  10. That was one of Vega's wasn't it. We'll see, it's a pointless expensive product but I spent £200 on a sim racing chair so I've not got the moral highground there, I hope people get what they overpaid for
  11. If you have an everdrive or the SD card rom loading firmware for the SG, yes. It has been dumped.
  12. Nothing says real races like appealing to Daddy BoP whenever you're not quick enough.
  13. I do love how they've done "English, perceived by the Japanese" in case one. (Spoiled simply because there's an image of a character you meet during the trial, no plot spoilers).
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