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  1. Someone did a poll on Twitter. I suggested the "Sega Thunderbastard" so I am with you sir.
  2. To add the Sega branding presumably.
  3. I think the Sega Xbox thing is probably false but it's appealing because at least on the surface it's a "Well why the fuck didn't they do that 3 consoles ago?".
  4. Dudley

    Nintendo Switch

    Ugh. Although that at least means that Borderlands 1 will still be playable once the servers go.
  5. Yeah, it's another 7 games to cram in when you're trying to finish a league quickly.
  6. Amazon have updated the date on the Mega Cat Studios cart. By pushing it back to the 10th of June.
  7. Autosport made a good point with Williams that having a probably cheap title sponsorship contracted to 2023 might actually make it harder to sell the team, since anyone with money is going to want to brand the car in a way incompatible with that. I'm not sure I agree, contracts can be negotiated out just as easily after a buyout as now but it's a theory.
  8. Dudley

    Nintendo Switch

    Assuming you can read Japanese, no problem at all.
  9. Dudley

    Xbox Series X

    The problem is, quite a lot of the time it's not always obvious who you can even ask.
  10. Amazon still saying 8th of June but if they're getting stock nowish I assume they'll turn it straight around and not hoard it.
  11. Oh yeah they're interesting at least, although their founders DO have good pedigree. John Dejoria founded Paul Mitchell cosmetics and Tequilla Patron, both of whom are huge and the latter of which were a motor racing sponsor of perfect respectability for years (at least in terms of paying their bills) until he sold them.
  12. The problem is anything they go back to a lookalike of is just going to ram home they're not that good anymore. With one exception. Their only remaining sponsor of scale is Lavazza coffee, through Nic Lafiti. They've been sponsored by Lavazza before. Or rather they haven't. Before Frank Williams started Williams Grand Prix Engineering he ran a team called Frank Williams Racing Cars through the 70s under several entrant names such as Politoys, ISO Marlboro and eventually Wolf-Williams. He sold the team and they became the Wolf team Jody Scheckter won with and James Hunt finished his career with. This car though was a one off for Lella Lombardi, who came with the sponsorship and was entered as Frank Williams Racing Cars. The car didn't make the start thanks to an ignition issue. If they're going throwback. Throwback properly.
  13. Oh we've always known that full stop. I've seen plenty of people never get remotely past karting who would wipe the floor with those that did. Ayrton Senna himself said the fastest driver ever born probably never raced, although if I could find it he probably phrased it better.
  14. So it is just basically a track pack for pCARS?
  15. It does depend what they do with it. For instance, 61 cars start the LeMans 24hr, no game has (officially) managed to sim that yet. And if you get that, a couple of hundred start the Nurburgring 24hr. We can't do these things in games yet and this generation and their PC equivs might just be able to.
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