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  1. Yeah, 3 wasn't perfect on PC but it was playable right back on my old 970 so your megarig will be fine I imagine. If you've played another Horizon and liked it, you're probably fine, the thing to watch is the opening festival sites by completing "progress". It's got a nice variety of map. I'm semi certain Ultimate does not include the DLC, which is probably worth bearing in mind too, like 4 it follows the "Interesting" then "Batshit" expansion pack approach, the Hot Wheels one isn't entirely successful but it's a very different experience and one that's worth picking up in the also inevitable sale. Blizzard mountain by comparison is very clearly just a test for the season tech of 4. If you get an expansion pack pass it's worth having but if you've played 4 it's considerably less essential than the Hot Wheels one.
  2. Oh yeah, if you're smart enough to do the media ahead of time like I didn't it's about 30 minutes total and your interaction is basically the first minute and last 2 minutes.
  3. And literally all of them ultimately got cart versions I believe. You're possibly right though, Hang On could easily be the best actual game.
  4. Oh you should try the Gunstar ep, I get to rant And next week.... Amiga Power themselves on trial.
  5. Dudley

    Formula One - 2020

    If I may, given the spirit of this thread, you have both Minardi and Sauber's years wrong there. They should be 1985 and 1993 respectively. It's also possibly worth pointing out the current Williams (Williams Grand Prix Engineering) first raced in 1977 but the key figures were in F1 for most of the 70s as "Frank Williams Racing Cars" and the first "FW" chassis were run by them.
  6. Ah, the Vive is more than happy to use Hdmi so I've got the 3 monitors on DP and the vive in hdmi. It's the best Oculus option. The Valve Index exists.
  7. Fair enough, you could not do it with the one I bought. Not that it's a bad idea to nuke a random install someone gives you to be fair.
  8. "Screenshots taken from other formats"
  9. I've got an SMS1 with Hang On built in, so at least that's one card I never need. Although, whisper it but despite 25 odd years of periodic SMS collecting I own 0 cards.
  10. You might though. PCS supply an unregistered windows home. If what you have is an OEM Pro key of the sort most cheap sellers sell, you can't use it to upgrade home, only to activate pro. Fun extra fact, the install media creation tool will also fail. After downloading the whole install. What you actually have to do is get the tool to just download the iso, "burn" it to USB with something else, install pro, THEN activate it. If you buy an OEM windows home instead I imagine it's literally putting a key in.
  11. There was a discussion in the LIS thread but you're not alone there. Loved 1, adored BtS, didn't finish episode 1 of 2. Conversely plenty of people did have counter arguments.
  12. Dudley

    Megadrive Mini

    I followed that diagram and I think it's told me my birth stone is "Mick Jagger".
  13. It probably is, in my case I essentially paid PCS £100 to put the thing together (and also of course give me a unified warranty etc). Money well spent as far as I can tell, the thing is beautifully built. It is indeed 8.
  14. No connectors of any other type? I've got 3 DP and an HDMI on mine.
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