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  1. My guess is not but equally you can't upgrade it and it's a tenner extra so I'd probably just buy the top one.
  2. Yeah, between that and the game being simple enough they allowed people to share a controller 20 years before Nintendo invented it with the Switch you could do 8 player on a Mega Drive without ever buying a multitap.
  3. Dudley


    Yeah I nearly went and got that video myself, I remember it well.
  4. You mean the WEC engine formula right? F1 was a couple of years earlier and non-turbo. Spot on post though.
  5. I think if you're going back to it it's got to be Asylum, even if you don't think it's quite the best it's 95% of the experience in a tighter package.
  6. I don't know of a reason beyond "Different dev team didn't quite get it right".
  7. I just read this whole thread now because I don't want trailers and I quoted this as soon as I saw it because that's some nice work.
  8. I think it was Another Code that did a similar trick with the DS, where you needed to partially close it to reflect part of the top screen in the bottom one. As I recall one of the models unfortunately broke the spacing or wasn't a reflective enough screen.
  9. Origins had 2 major issues. A bug that deleted saves, now presumably fixed but that'll sour people on a game. The fact the timing on the combat is just *slightly* off compared to the Rocksteady games, but it's a game where that time can be everything. It really is still pretty damn good though as you say, noted by Rocksteady stealing bits back from it for Arkham Knight.
  10. All the series is good, yes even including Origins but that first one, with its slightly more restrictive "open" world and discovering their characterisation etc for the first time is just a stand out gaming moment. A game everyone will want to own and play when that era becomes truly retro.
  11. I literally never look in those options menus unless the game defaults to "Stupid looking". Halo didn't. I didn't even know it did the above until about a decade after I played the game.
  12. Halo's method of sorting controls. At the beginning of the very first game you wake up and the guy says "Look up for me". Whether you press down or up the view goes up and you just, without realising, told the game you preference for whether you like reversed look controls. Brilliant.
  13. He's a witch! Burn him! Ferrari didn't dominate for more than a couple of years though. Really only 2001,2 and 2004. Whereas there's been little to no questions of Mercedes walking both championships for six actual years now.
  14. I see the argument but that's not the rules of any motorsport anywhere. It is 100% your responsibility to rejoin safely. This isn't an F1 thing, it's an anything thing.
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