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  1. Although in the top class, you'll still know who's going to win before you leave the house.
  2. I've not seen that but it's worth remembering that any of "it" even touching the line means in the area. Disallowed goal thanks to what appeared to be VAR measuring parts of both players you're not allowed to play the ball with, so I've no idea if it was actually offside.
  3. Not that I'm saying that particular decision was wrong (39th minute not a penalty in the Chelsea game) but it says something about VAR that I just assume any decision is going to overturned.
  4. Yeah and that's the key really. Admittedly it's an edge case but COD is now 190gb. That's over a day of saturating my connection, if it holds full speed and while ruining my chance of doing much else with it. So in reality it's probably 5 days of overnight downloads. It certainly took me a full day in reality to download Cyberpunk's day 1 patch. If I had the 900mbps a friend of mine can get I wouldn't worry for a second, that's 29 minutes.
  5. It's almost like they prefer it this way isn't it? If it worked like pretty much every other product I'd just order both from the first retailer to do it but literally none of them are interested. Yes there would be scalpers in that list but they would have to decide exactly how many and if they wanted more later, they would go behind real people. Also their market would dimmish rapidly because people would be guaranteed one asap.
  6. Peugeot have unveiled their totally like the race car road version first.
  7. So in short the rules are "Design a race car then produce 12 of whatever the fuck you like".
  8. Yeah the difference between a Master System in glorious RGB SCART and a NES with the best it can do, which is basically a rusty coathanger jammed in the side is rather striking these days.
  9. You can presumably get it digitally at least in the meantime.
  10. Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out literally every manufacturer cheated that in some way. And the of course there was the late era "Production GT" rules that required them to make 1 (one). Just after Dauer had spotted the huge hole in the production class rules and dashed off a few custom 962s which didn't need to follow the "Giant fuck off air restrictor" rules and won LeMans with the thing.
  11. I know right. If it's any consolation I didn't look up months but. Spectrum : 1982 PS2 : 2000 RG : 2003 Now : 2021
  12. Did they do that with the Pugs? Because I remember that story being told about Enzo Ferrari. Showed half of them, took everyone to lunch then showed "The other half" in the other car park.
  13. I imagine a while, Yakuza 0 is still on there and it's been on there for a very, very long time. If they were going to switch them out before music licencing or whatever makes them I imagine they'd have done what they've been doing with the Jackbox packs and swap them as a new one comes on.
  14. <insert usual rant here about the state of UK broadband> Although if it is 35mbps that's certainly not 48gb an hour.
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