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  1. I love it so far. I’ve managed to try it on some Elac speakers which sounded amazing, but I’m currently using it in the bedroom on some powered PC speakers that were going unused, at least for now. It scratches an itch for me that I don’t get with digital music - I can pick something I like off the shelf instead of scrolling through an endless list on my phone where I often forget about albums I like altogether before too long.
  2. First on-topic post in this thread with my new player:
  3. The guy on the right here
  4. I met the safety car team once. The main guy looked like he was probably a German assassin, most likely called Hans.
  5. I’ve gone for the gloss black. I like the white too, but I thought it might look dated more quickly (he says about a record player).
  6. Thanks again. I decided this morning to get the Planar 1, but I’ve ended up upselling myself, and ordered the Planar 1 Plus. I would have had to buy a preamp on the Planar 1 otherwise because I want to use my existing equipment, for the time being, with no Phono in! Even if it doesn’t sound better than the Behringer preamp I was looking at getting, fewer wires and fewer wall sockets being taken up is probably worth it.
  7. How big a deal are cartridge upgrades? Do they come before or after speaker/amp upgrades?
  8. Is there really a huge difference? I don’t intend to DJ, I just like the Technics look of the AT.
  9. Ha, definitely black. I gather the Rega RP1 is widely recognised as the best entry level, so am I likely to miss out on much?
  10. I’ve been listening to some LPs on my parents’ old hi-fi, and have the urge to buy a turntable of my own. I’m leaning towards the AT LP120X. Any strong reason not to get that as an entry level?
  11. How many laps before they stop the whole race?
  12. The time I’ve invested in F1’s hybrid era to finally not know who’s going to win today.
  13. Doesn’t look like anything he could do about it.
  14. The less powerful engine was clearly an advantage in the wet.
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