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  1. The fine stuff is silly. What goes around comes around, so at some point it’ll all work out.
  2. Ticktum doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near any racing car.
  3. No it was a serious question, thank you for the explanation.
  4. https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/aston-martin-vettel-hungarian-gp-fuel-analysis/6641069/ This is a great article. Now if someone could explain what a lift pump is, that would be awesome.
  5. That’s unbelievably generous of them.
  6. That’s a slam dunk penalty, even less point appealing this than the change in diffuser rules they went nuts over earlier this year.
  7. Vettel said about the shirt, “let them disqualify me, I’d do it again”.
  8. Absolutely amazing by Vettel refusing to take that t shirt off for the Hungarian national anthem.
  9. So the answer to classic grands prix is to put Bottas in an SUV on the front row every weekend.
  10. What on Earth is Croft doing discussing Nico’s security arrangements on international tv?
  11. I know it comes with many asterisks, but amazing job by Latifi.
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