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  1. It’s gonna be Alonso Vettel at Renault with Ocon as reserve
  2. Also, that autopolis short course is quality.
  3. My strategy wasn’t the fastest given that I never saw pimp or scarliley, but it was fun enough and let me run somewhere near the front without worrying about fuel.
  4. Is that the Chinese restaurant thing?
  5. Looks like the stewards are going to try and impose a reverse grid
  6. And only in their first season since Paddy Lowe left. I’d like to know what happened.
  7. Alfa Romeo running the Ferrari GP3 engine
  8. It’s obvious why. They got done for cheating on the engine last year so this year they’re running a GP2 engine
  9. Total shambles from the red cars.
  10. To be honest, I think it does more than has been uncovered. Mercedes have been way too casual about it.
  11. That Alfa Stelvio advert with Kimi is just about the worst thing I’ve ever seen.
  12. Hamilton’s helmet is the best he’s had I think.
  13. Sky showing the 1999 Austrian GP just now, sure I saw a young Mattia Biniotto standing by Eddie Irvine.
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