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  1. Best race I can remember at this circuit I think.
  2. This will be easy for Verstappen.
  3. Latifi’s still circulating, I wouldn’t switch off just yet.
  4. Perez will be told to move over. They aren’t going to let the advantage of Leclerc retiring go.
  5. This is Verstappen’s race.
  6. I’m nearing a return. The TV has arrived and been set up, so now I just need to get hold of a PS5.
  7. He was very articulate on question time.
  8. Ferrari is blatantly using Haas to develop new parts with that annexe they’ve given them at their main factory. Now I want a sandwich.
  9. It’ll be a marina of fake coke
  10. Albon is doing a good job isn’t he. I was very critical of him at RBR, but he’s showing why he got signed in the first place now.
  11. It’s good to see Ferrari on the top step of the podium.
  12. Don’t bet on it.
  13. Are the trophies going to be footballs?
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