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  1. Halkyon

    Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    Good point about the fast apertures. The 55-200mm f3.5-4.8 is about the same price as the prime (perhaps a little cheaper), but doesn't have the constant aperture of the pricey 50-140mm f2. Also I think I should rule out the 50-140 because it is massive. So the good old prime vs. zoom decision at the same rough price.
  2. Halkyon

    Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    @FishyFish The lenses under consideration are for crop; the Fuji 90mm f2 (135mm) and the 50-140 f2.8 (75-200mm). The prime can be had for ~£500 and the zoom ~£900(!). In terms of subjects - people, events like goodwood revival, holidays, the occasional duck in a park or deer in the highlands. Nothing super far off but I like picking out details in the landscape.
  3. Halkyon

    Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    I wonder if anybody has any experiences of working with a 135mm focal length? I remain torn between picking up a cheap(er) 135mm f2 prime and saving for a 75-220mm zoomy zoom zoom. I wonder if it's going to have enough reach and not be too much of a niche length?
  4. Halkyon

    Battlefield V

    I got shot in the head while crouched down in the turret last night. Does shit all really, the foward hatch gunner positions are actually far better.
  5. Halkyon

    Battlefield V

    Just had my first go post-patch and the game 'feels' a little more 'solid' to me now. Hard to describe, perhaps a more consistent framerate and the ADS zoom sensitivity smoothing thing has improved my aim. There is slightly less shooting the ground around people with my G43 and then having to run away to get through the long reload. I'll get these masteries done one day...
  6. Halkyon

    Battlefield V

    The AA change doesn't make sense to me either. I imagine they have data that points towards AA vs. Aircraft outcomes at rates and/or distances that they didn't design or think is a bad experience. Perhaps I'm rubbish but I already found it tricky to take out aircraft with AA guns because you're stuck in place (vulnerable and of less use to the team) and the bastard things overheat so quickly.
  7. Halkyon

    Battlefield V

    Surely the removal of the bombing reticule makes it more "skill based" and "jump shot no scope" is some form of skill. It seems to me you're slightly annoyed that your particular tactic has been rebalanced.
  8. Halkyon

    Battlefield V

    Is the Recon flare useless? Not that I ever want to play Recon anyway...
  9. Halkyon

    Battlefield V

    Had a couple of rubber band moments on PC last night but assumed it was my end. After joining and quitting a few matches I also found some squad mates that, while not K:D monsters, played the objective and seemed to appreciate my medic and ammo pouch spam. PC Origin: Halkyon
  10. Halkyon

    Games designed around addiction, not gameplay

    All F2P games are designed and optimised to maximise retention, as we call it, as each time you come back there is a chance you will convert to a paying user, or pay again. But then again, retention can be achieved through introducing content and what you're calling gameplay. It ain't just clickers!
  11. Isn't the physical object a distraction here? It could be a digital license that's resold, but the result is the same. The licensers have simply chosen to make digital licenses non-transferrable.
  12. This oddly reminds me of an episode of an economics podcast (EconTalk). There was a discussion of how inefficient it is that the average household owns something like 2.5 electric drills and that renting them might be a better model, but the infrastructure to support such a scheme is not in place and us silly humans value the convenience and self-image that comes with electric drill ownership despite paying further for storing the object. Games are moving quickly towards a rental system but the enthusiasts and die-hards like the intangible feeling and image that goes with 'ownership'. Given we don't really own games now and never really have (in terms of copyright) the model has always been a licensing service and now a pay-to-play service. Consoles' online subscription and "premium pass" semi-mandatory add-ons are the clearest examples of the future in my view. On mobile the relatively low cost of entry drove prices down to zero with the fee being paid through advertising and in-app purchases, contingent on the developers ability to design the game in such a way that a proportion (3% is often quoted) of users feel compelled to pay, or force enough user's eyes onto ads. I think it's our misguided perception of ownership that's lagging behind really. The only people who have ever owned these products are the IP holders.
  13. Halkyon


    I used to work with a guy who was a relatiely senior artist at Rare back in the day (the goldeneye years). The culture there sounded great until the takeover. It's such a damn cliché that these deals kill off creativity in such companies that it's amazing the leadership let it happen so often.
  14. Halkyon

    Why “all console” fanboys are the worst

    Fanboism is a useful flag for identifying the young and insecure or the old and stupid. Feeling the need to affiliate ones identity with any brand or product is not intelligent. Smart marketing encourages this of course, because irrational loyalty is a way to extract more cash while not offering accordant value. I suppose it could come from a good place and be poorly expressed in some cases. Perhaps if one thinks others are being miss-sold something or exploited and the only way you know to express your regret is to rant like a loon.
  15. Halkyon

    Battlefield V

    I always have a blast on this when with friends in a squad but am struggling to find a way to enjoy it with randoms in the squad - it's just no fun when you're more of a lone gun and inevitably get steamrolled by a squad of mates on the other side. How do you lot change your playstyle when solo?

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