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  1. Those are really cool. How do you emboss in the numbers? In fact - just how?
  2. Yeah the painted ones are terrible. The boy has a necron and I’ve got one of these to get round to
  3. Thanks! I only need one to bring a unit up to spec, pm’d. Must have got 2 on a mixed sprue from mortal realms. I love this bit of a project. The planning and building. Before the enthusiasm wears off! This should see me through winter painting this lot. I’ve about 1500 points of stormcasts And 1100 points of khorne. Already hankering after a bloodthirster.
  4. Necrons 5xflayed ones Chronomancer 2 royal wardens sprue of 3 warriors All new and on sprue. 3 spite revenants Warcry skaven warband which is now out of print. new in box with cards maybe more to follow as I sort through stuff. I don’t suppose anyone has a spare stormcast castigator floating around they’d sell? I’ve somehow got 5 and they’re in Units of 3
  5. @Pelekophoros while that’s all true, but since 8th launched there’s still been more primaris lieutenant models released than eldar models.
  6. eBay seems quite pricey for models most of the time but Sometimes you just get lucky. Looking for a korgorath for warcry and managed to snag A complete 1st edition age of sigmar starter. For £36. 47 models! For slightly more than the cost of a khorgorath. So now we should have enough khorne and storm cast dudes to have some 1000 odd point games. This has prompted a bit of a cull of the pile of shame though so I’ve put some stuff on eBay.
  7. Cinderella on Amazon. 0/5 - the worst thing I’ve ever seen.
  8. Awesome. I’m mainly painting scenery. Lots and lots of scenery
  9. Just a head up but our local works has the warhammer champions card game starter decks for £2 a pop. Grabbed one of each for the nipper
  10. If the chaplain gets the buffs he goes to hitting with 7 attacks at S9, -2AP, D4, on a 2+, with wound rolls of 6 adding a mortal wound. Assault doctrine gives an extra ap and damage. oh and he can move up to 20” with advancing before charging, which can also be rerolled. Or him and his biker buddies can do 14” then put in 7x2x2 bolter rounds into a target - then charge. The 6 bikers will also do 32 attacks on the charge, which becomes ap-2 and d2 with the assault doctrine. So in theory you could be punching a knight to death in one turn, but it’s unlikely.
  11. I only really get as far as theory crafting at the moment but if I had chance to play a 2 k game I’d be looking at something like this: Scars 2k Adeptus Astartes - Strikeforce - Eternal War ( 12CP - 2000PT - 0PT ) Adeptus Astartes Battalion Detachment ( 3CP - 2000PT ) SUB-FACTION: White Scars HQ WARLORD: Primaris Chaplain on Bike (115) TRAITS: The Imperium's Sword LITANIES: Mantra of Strength RELICS: Benediction of Fury Primaris Librarian (95) PSYCHIC POWERS: Might of Heroes, Null Zone Primaris Lieutenant (90) Master-crafted power sword, Neo-volkite pistol, Storm shield TROOPS Assault Intercessor Squad (100) 4x Assault Intercessor 1x Assault Intercessor Sergeant: Plasma pistol Intercessor Squad (100) 4x Intercessor 1x Intercessor Sergeant: Astartes chainsword Intercessor Squad (100) 4x Intercessor 1x Intercessor Sergeant: Astartes chainsword ELITES Bladeguard Ancient (85) Bladeguard Veteran Squad (110) 2x Bladeguard Veteran 1x Bladeguard Veteran Sergeant: Neo-volkite pistol Bladeguard Veteran Squad (110) 2x Bladeguard Veteran 1x Bladeguard Veteran Sergeant: Neo-volkite pistol Judiciar (85) Primaris Apothecary (80) Redemptor Dreadnought (175) FAST ATTACK Outrider Squad (150) 2x Outrider 1x Outrider Sergeant Outrider Squad (150) 2x Outrider 1x Outrider Sergeant HEAVY SUPPORT Eradicator Squad (135) 2x Eradicator 1x Eradicator Sergeant Repulsor (320) Icarus rocket pod, Onslaught gatling cannon, Twin lascannon Total Command Points: 3/15 Reinforcement Points: 0 Total Points: 2000/2000 the idea being the chaplain on bike is buffed to be an absolute monster in melee, shoots off to kill whoever wants killing with outrider support. Use the encirclement stratagem to drop the librarian in within range using might of heroes on the chaplain and maybe null zone to remove invulnerable saves. Meanwhile the repulsor turns into a murder bus with the 6 blade guard, and the 4 support characters all piling out as a blob of stabby horribleness, with the tank itself a good general Dakka platform. Dread & intercessors are to hold the back field, eradicators are general fire support. The assault doctrine will make both the chaplain and the blade guard a total nightmare as the attacks and ap build up.
  12. I’d be going dark grey then nuln, then light grey then white.
  13. Sounds nasty. I don’t like that can only take so much damage per phase rule. My mate is threatening to get the nightbringer which looks like a total beatstick and can only take 3 per phase!
  14. Interesting list, my mate plays necrons and those -2ap gauss guns are a fucking bastard. How come no skorpekh lord / destroyers? as they seem to mince anything they come into contact with. Had one punch my knight to death, to be fair I was playing like a penis, but didn’t expect it to get ripped apart by something that came up to its knee!
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