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  1. Warcry scenery is as GW as it gets. I’ve just glued a skeleton to a spike.
  2. Cheers. If I get another sub set up that would be cool. It’s also finding time to actually play for the hour or so it takes to get though a game!
  3. @Bushtopher I have it on the xbone, and i played a few games but found people normally concede if they go behind so stopped bothering. I let my live gold sub lapse as I never use it anymore. @skittles its a really good memory aide, I’ll print off the list then write what each specialists abilities are next to each entry so I don’t forget to use them. Stuff like that.
  4. Holy crap there’s a lot of stuff in the warcry box ! finally got round to opening it. And there’s about eleventy sprues in there
  5. @skittles I think they look A good orky kind of green. Have you played before? Are you using BattleScribe to build your list up? If not give it a look as it’s really useful.
  6. Whut? I’ll just acquire more teams until I have 16. It’s easier.
  7. Good points. The variants mean it’s impossible to play say shambling undead vs necromantic undead, so I need to work around that (As the core of players is the same for both teams so while there’s 12 teams to choose from you can only play 10, humans and renegades being the other with crossover) So we add my mates skaven team into the mix to make 11 to pick from and 2d6 is ok though a d12 would be better but I don’t have one. Though we could use a d16 and ignore higher rolls. It’s not a perfect system. I’ll probably end up with more teams if they keep churning them out. Would like an updated chorf team or amazons maybe. Somewhat annoyingly we have 2 dwarf teams between us which is one of the only GW teams you don’t need to buy an extra box for to get every position.
  8. the science! Won’t somebody think of the realism in a kids film where space wizards and mainly humanoid shaped aliens fly around in spaceships to fight an evil empire capable of extraordinary infrastructure project building. I’ll bet that’s what’s on everyone’s mind going into these films. What’s scientifically possible. Let’s do an audit. I’m now really worried about superman. I mean how much harm could he do to the film if he ignores the very serious science of a godlike invulnerable flying alien? Maybe he’ll get Batman to do another pumping iron training montage to get him ready to take on his all powerful enemy space jesus. fucking hell.
  9. Managed a game of blood bowl last night. Because I’m becoming something of a team hoarder* we’re now randomly selecting teams with 2d6. We rolled Dwarves (me) vs wood elves. I took the classic dwarf lineup of all 6 positionals, 5 linemen and 3 rerolls He took a tree, all 6 positionals, 4 linemen and 0 rerolls. And lost because of it. I ended up winning 2-0 after kicking to him first. Managed to get the ball off him when he fell over going for it and couldn’t reroll on turn 2 and slowly walked up the pitch to score on turn 7, then slowly walked up the pitch to score on turn 7 in the second half. It was carnage though. at one point in the second half he had 6 players on the pitch and I had 7 due to a couple of guys getting knocked off into the sidelines and one getting sent off for fouling a wardancer to death (worth it). So it was a good game for me in that he only had hold of the ball for about 3 turns. He did have a bit of a shocker as his tree kept rooting itself to the floor and he had some bad rolls. Dwarves feel like cheating though. 9 players with block, 7 with high armour, all with thick skull means as soon as you manage to get the ball you’re extremely hard to beat. with the flipside being if you fuck up and let a fast team get behind you, you’re screwed. Im starting to really like Blood Bowl. As long as you come to terms with the fact the game hates you and wants you to lose and you’ll always roll a 1 when you need anything else it’s all about mitigating that. *I can actually field 12 BB teams. Though 2 are variants. I may have a problem.
  10. @Danno that will be fine if you just snap it and glue it with polystyrene cement Or the plastic glue games workshop sells - I’ve done loads of stuff like that - it just melts the plastic and effectively welds it together. Some of their models have joins you glue that size holding together the whole model and they’re fine once set. (Blood bowl skeletons I’m looking at you.) @skittles i looked at building an ork list and came to the conclusion you needed to be based around flamers and punching people A good melee unit in kill team is amazing as the shooting has so many negative modifiers really you need to be BS3 to hit anything reliably.
  11. Awesome. You picked orks for killteam!? Have they managed to hit anything yet?
  12. Shite news, a legend, soundtracked a lot of my formative years
  13. yes. Sorry, I'll rephrase the question, can i play the witcher on my zelda machine? (I've been and found out the answer already though)
  14. Ok. I’m caught up. Cracking. Really enjoyed it. cant wait for new series. if I wanted to play the games / read the books what’s the best starting point? Is Witcher 3 on switch?
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