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  1. More quick and dirty contrast guys. Been batch painting the colours on 16 of these guys using contrast and shades mainly with a few details and metals thrown in. I reckon less than 30 minutes a model on these. photos really found the mold lines I didn’t. I don't normally give my dudes names but the acolyte is definitely a Zoidberg.
  2. What the heck are they? Anyone interested in warcry? Looks a bit like killteam/necromunda for Sigmar https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/07/14/coming-soon-warcry/ starter box looks good and you can use other factions, might have to get it.
  3. Nope. They reissued it in 2014. Apparently never to be repeated (yeah right) so you can buy that but it’s $$$$$$
  4. Hit rolls just need to be higher than your BS/WS, so marines say hit on 3+ (unmodified) Wound rolls - There's a table in the rules: Is same for fighting phase. So S4 weapon vs T5 enemy would mean you need a 5 to wound.
  5. And


    I'm still playing but mainly dicking about in wild as I'm so bored of standard, "did anyone order a bomb?" yes mate, I'd love a really boring inevitable control deck to play against. This is the thing that pisses me off most in hearthstone, inevitability, way back to when ramp druid would force of nature you to death in one turn, jades, freeze mage, maly druid, mechathun, bombs, inner fire priest, etc etc. Just playing and knowing by turn 2 that you're 99% sure to lose no matter what you do. Standard seems very stone scissors paper and Dr.Boom's infinite rush mechs needs to be shot into the sun. So while i'm like rank 14 in standard i'm a few wins away from dad legend with my horrible resurrection priest deck.
  6. Cough, 3, cough. I've just been cherry picking what i want , forbidden planet does them for £7.50 plus delivery so if you order a few its quite cheap, otherwise the local wh smith by work still sometimes has them in
  7. There's just no reason to take an old marine with a bolter for 12 points when you can have an intercessor with 2 wounds for 15. I've got some chaos marines but haven't got round to playing them yet (also haven't got commanders or elites book yet) Dark elves are fun, wyches backed up with a couple of special weapon kabalites Genestealer cults are great in melee if you get acolytes with the heavy rock weapons. As for ad mech - have only played with Skitaari, but now have some sicarians and that robot too, its just hard to build him into a 100 point team as hes 30 points!
  8. A lot comes down to dice rolls in kill team. The number of times you roll well on hit and wound only for it to end up as a flesh wound is a bit frustrating. Multi-damage weapons like meltaguns or blasters are really good in this respect. Plasma is always a good shout though. I was toying with an admech list with 6 gunners all with plasma but 1) I only have 1 actual plasma Skitari model 2) I’m not “that guy” from playing against them, old small marines are only any good for the heavy/special weapons, but they get shot turn 1 more often than not. I quite like reivers. Most of our games degenerate into a brawl as I have a fair few decent melee teams.
  9. Awesome. He looks a bit like “bitch better have my money”
  10. I think they’re a great tool for making lots of things colourful, fast, but will probably for me be used mainly to quickly colour in stuff that would otherwise remain bare plastic. Rather than replacing proper painting
  11. @The Eagle Lord So I've done 20 Dark elves, 1 box of wyches (red), 1 of kabalites, (blue), and made 3 leader units from them (purple) so I've got most options covered for basic kill teams. All were basecoated with Grey seer spray and touched up missed bits with the same from a pot Blue guys: Tallassar blue, drybrush temple guard blue. Some details done in either ylanden yellow or space wolf grey. no highlights. Gold weapons are liberator armour gold, reikland fleshshade, auric armour highlights Dark weapons are stegadon green, ceolia green shade, soteck green, temple guard blue. Eyes are mephiston red and a dot of wild rider Purple guys: Just magos purple, no highlighting, grey and yellow and eyes as above - power sword done in the blue, rough highlights with off white, another coat of the blue. bases are just stained with coelia green shade again to give a more alien looking floor and then tufts of brown grass. Quick and dirty, I've done all 20 of these guys in less time than it would have taken me to do a single blightlord terminator.
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