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  1. Yeah, it's a true technical showcase. The game's rock hard until you develop the muscle memory around the flame thrower.
  2. I managed to grab this 3 months free pro offer for anyone who's bought a Chromebook since 2017: https://www.engadget.com/chromebook-stadia-pro-3-months-trial-015128319.html Useful timing as I was starting to feel like the sub was running out of steam but this will keep me going for a while longer and I need to get through Metro 2033.
  3. I think the argument Apple are taking with game streaming is that this is a slippery slope to just generic app streaming which would totally backdoor their whole walled garden. Not only would it nobble the garden, it also threatens Apple's hardware upgrade cycle by making devices "dumb". So this is a big deal for Apple's overall iphone business model, I don't expect this to be resolved any time soon. I also expect this to spill over into MacOS as inevitably, we will start seeing streaming of the apps there that demand lots of local compute and storage (e.g. the Adobe design suite). Streaming basically does Apple over big time and they'll die in a ditch over it because the cloud providers are coming to eat their lunch. Netflix and Spotify have been cited by a few here as comparable models but the nature of the media ultimately isn't interactive and doesn't threaten the garden.
  4. Are you sure it's not a local issue? All 3 of the cloud gaming services perform much better than what you're describing above. I've only tried xcloud once or twice but Now and Stadia are very good in my experience. You'll need a 5ghz mesh wifi (or 5ghz in the same room as your router) to get the best wifi experience, signal strength doesn't mean much.
  5. It's probably your WiFi that's the bottleneck given that both Now and Stadia provide higher fidelity streams.
  6. My experience on Stadia is that a modern processor is fine up to 1080p but 4k streams need dedicated decoders and/or a dedicated graphics card (a shit one will do). I'm guessing xcloud will be the same when it starts pushing higher res than 720p.
  7. It'll be interesting to see how MS are thinking about xCloud over, say, a 5 year time horizon. My gut feeling is that streaming will ultimately replace local gaming and it's conceivable that the next generation could be the last where local hardware is offered. Much of that is contingent on how quickly low latency broadband continues it's rollout, particularly 5G. My sense is that MS don't want to force anything onto customers this generation after the debacle that was the original digital strategy for the One. But it'd be nice to not have to buy a Series X if you already have the network to support it.
  8. Have MS announced 4k HDR streaming on this yet? I'd really love to not have to buy local hardware next generation if I don't have to.
  9. Visually, if someone had told me this was Xbox One X I wouldn't have been surprised. Maybe part of the issue here is that the game ultimately has to scale across One, One X and Series X. Previous generations have had a clean break on the other hand so the difference is more marked. That kinda means that Series X is left with glitter, higher res and fps.
  10. Hass

    1440p or 4K

    It's 750 nits isn't it? My understanding is that hdr1000 is a bit overkill for monitors because you sit so close to them
  11. Hass

    1440p or 4K

    Not yet with HDR. Eve are leading the charge here - I've got one of these on pre-order: https://euro.evedevices.com/pages/spectrum?gclid=Cj0KCQjwu8r4BRCzARIsAA21i_Af71AtPYT7Phu-8BA7npnj3nQ15itetUbd48_oOmSyn_JCFSkhPkgaAihOEALw_wcB
  12. Hass

    1440p or 4K

    It's totally fair to not want limits associated with sub-par hardware running on the backends. Stadia's not there yet at this moment as you say, Now seems closer but it's hard to tell because it's 1080p limited. But to bring this back on topic, the current hardware is showing that picture quality won't be an issue and the option of a 4k stream makes opting for 4k a sensible option on an investment that's going to last for probably 5-10 years in my opinion. If Google and Nvidia's only issue now is solving the problem of how they get bigger GPUs in their backends then it's just a matter of time right?
  13. Hass

    1440p or 4K

    It's really not. I've got a 4k monitor and and 1440p monitor, both 27inch. The 4k stream looks much sharper and is definitely better than local 1440.
  14. Hass

    1440p or 4K

    It depends what your expectations are I guess. If you don't like watching 4k on Netflix then you probably won't appreciate the 4k stream from game streaming services.
  15. Hass

    1440p or 4K

    Yeah, that's not happened yet. It seems like they've undercooked the backends.
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