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  1. I'd say transformed is better than every Mario Kart except the original. I still hold Super Mario Kart in the highest regard. It just did so much right, from the time trials to the amazing battle mode.
  2. I'd love to see a return to the more restrained style of the Capcom vs Snk series. Easily the best "vs" games for me. I too like marvel vs Capcom but it's just too much. All this mega juggles and 100 hit combos isn't really my style of game.
  3. Ahh!! I was one of those people a couple of days ago myself!
  4. I'd agree it was better than expected and for me was superior to Detective Pikachu. A lovely surprise and the end credits are really cool too. Although Jim Carey was good enough in the role I must confess I'm not a fan of his and I once again a lot of it was just Jim Carey being Jim Carey and mugging to the camera like he does in practically every major film of his career.
  5. Sonic The Hedgehog: took my daughter into see this and didn't expect much. What I got was a solid entertaining kids film that is leagues above the normal slop churned out. Much better than it had any right to be. It's never going to win any awards, but it excels in being a good fun film that satisfied me and my daughter. 4 Skulls out of 5
  6. I have given this a shot since its on free play on Xbox this weekend. It's biggest strength and weakness is that it's a mixture of all the classic Sonic games and I will attempt to explain why. I get it that fans have lately wanted a classic Sonic since arguably Sonic CD, and this game seems to strike a balance with it's classic levels and remixes. For me this is also it's weakness in that it still has the fundamental issues of a 1990's Sonic game, such as instant crush deaths when you stand on a moving platform too close to the edge, even though in some instances you look safe on the screen. Indeed I think the whole instant death thing actually seems worse in this game than it was in previous classic sonic games. I'm perhaps not as big a Sonic fan as some. I did enjoy the first two games on the Megadrive, especially Sonic 2, but really didn't like Sonic 3 and found Sonic CD mearly alright. I can see how this game has been embraced by the Sonic hardcore but I really wish that it wasn't a warts and all approach to the originals. Also the blue spheres bonus stage can absolutely gtf. No room for that nonsense in this day and age. It was awful at the time and is 20 times worse now.
  7. Gads. Mackie's are absolute trash level crisps, and I say that as a huge fan of their ice cream and a local bias. Just hate the texture and the flavours are always underwhelming.
  8. I will defend this one to the death: Aladdin Snes is FAR superior to the Megadrive version. Graphics aside I just don't enjoy the loose feeling "Shiny by numbers" version and would much rather play the Capcom version which feels better in every regard and has an absolutely amazing soundtrack.
  9. I pretty much feel the same. I love most of the studio Ghibli films but never had the urge to revisit this one. I just remember being distinctly underwhelmed by it. Now that it's on Netflix I may give it a second chance to see if I missed something.
  10. Blue Ruin: Having missed this film's brief appearance in the cinema upon it's release, I belatedly have watched it thanks to it being added onto Netflix. A slightly underwhelming experience if truth be told, with none of the Coen Brothers flair or humour (which I had been lead to believe ran through this film, despite it not being connected to said directors). A simple revenge tale about a man out of his depth. Not a bad film by any stretch and all happens within an hour and a half. 3 Skull out of 5
  11. My local Cineworld has seen fit to now show this, so went in last night. What a film!! Claustrophobic, intense and a very oppressive atmosphere combined with some very solid cinematography. Loved the decent into madness and all the imagery used throughout. William Dafoe is an absolute beast and his performance is one of the best. Criminal that he wasn't up for an Oscar. Special mention to the sound too which really helped the atmosphere with the Purge like foghorn.
  12. I've had all my holy grails and mostly sold them on. My major one was a Neo Geo AES and while it was enjoyable, I moved out of the marital home and simply didn't have the space to indulge my gaming collection so sold it on. Nowadays my SNK itch is fulfilled with the conversions on the Xbox One. My other main grail was Undercover Cop on the Super Famicom. Managed to get an unboxed copy as there was no way I was splashing out on a boxed one. I still have it in storage, but it's up for sale too as I have totally downscaled my gaming and don't really do retro anymore.
  13. Think I'm done with this already. Feels totally unfinished in places with some of the fights breaking out into the platform bits and hurtling you down the screen if an enemy hits you down a gap. Surely the fight sections should be self contained?? Also i'm not feeling the fights, which can be confusing and not very well explained. I think I pretty much fluked my way through some of the bigger encounters and I can't actually say how I won. It's a shame as the graphics can be lovely and I enjoy the platforming bits.
  14. I feel the same. Loved the idea but it's a pretty sloppy game. Those graphics need to GTF too. I'm playing on an Xbox one X. Nae a bloody C64.
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