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  1. Skull Commander

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    The PlayStation is a strange one for me. Loved it at the time and absolute nostalgia as it was the first console I paid for off my part time job. I re bought one a few years back and found it distinctly unremarkable. For 3d games it was woefully primative and for 2d it was outclassed by the Saturn. I think if I were to make a personalised "playlist" for this new revision it would have to contain the following (even though there are better versions of games on other formats) : Tekken 2 (the best out of the PlayStation troligy for me) Soul Blade Bust a move 2 Super bishi bashi Catlevania sotn Vandel hearts Suikoden Alundra Doom (the best version in my opinion) Point Blank (in an ideal world if it came with a lightgun) Resident evil 2 Street fighter ex plus alpha (just for that soundtrack!!) Tony Hawk's 2 Rival schools Parappa the rapper Twisted metal 2 Ape escape Bushido blade Tenchu Spiderman Ridge racer revolution Street Fighter Alpha 3 (World tour mode!)
  2. Skull Commander

    Biggest discrepancy in gaming - your opinion Vs everyone

    The Japanese title soundtrack is soulless and unremarkable. The UK edition sounds so much more exciting and builds the anticipation much better.
  3. Skull Commander

    CHAS from Chas N Dave has passed away :(

  4. Skull Commander

    CHAS from Chas N Dave has passed away :(

    Absolute legend. Remember seeing a documentary about Chas n Dave and although people wrote them off as novelty, between the both of them they had worked with almost every important and influential act from the 50s till the 70s.
  5. Skull Commander

    Joker origin film - Joaquin Phoenix Confirmed

    Suitably different and creepy. I have faith in Joaquin Phoenix and his acting ability.
  6. Skull Commander

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    I really don't think ps1/n64 games hold up well nowadays. Jumping Flash?? It was interesting at the time but even then it was ugly and pretty cumbersome. Same can be said for a lot of the games which in the PlayStations case were angular and lacked detail. Pretty much the video game era I'd like to revisit the least.
  7. Skull Commander

    Biggest discrepancy in gaming - your opinion Vs everyone

    I'm going to counter my earlier negativity with some more positive thoughts: Dante's Inferno is pretty much as good as the first couple God of War games (if you ignore the whole source material thing). Too Human was a good game. Not perfect, but still good (apart from THAT unskippable death animation). Killer Instinct (the newest one) is the best fighter so far this gen.
  8. Skull Commander

    Biggest discrepancy in gaming - your opinion Vs everyone

    I have so much of these that it makes me look like a proper contrary bastard but here goes: Most "pure" 3d Mario games: I love 2d Mario but as much as I want to enjoy them and no matter how many tries I give them I just can't get into them in 3d. Half life 2: boring tedious Sci fi pish with crap shooting. This game has all the charisma of a failed reality show contestant. Metroid Prime Series: no I don't want to walk about your (admittedly lovely) levels scanning every bloody pixel whilst dealing with imprecise jumps. That's my 3 most that seem to be at odds with the world. For reference I've owned the 2 Metroid primes on the game cube, the orange box on the Xbox 360 and also Mario 64 and sunshine. I do quite enjoy 3d world (or whatever its called) on the wii u though.
  9. Skull Commander

    A movie watchers blog

    Just back from seeing "Upgrade" In the cinema. One of the biggest surprises of the year for me. Influence from a whole lot of films like The Matrix, Robocop and The Terminator (with a dash of Knight rider!> but still manages to be original. Don't want to give away much but any Sci fi/cyberpunk fans need to go and see this before it disappears from the cinema. Instantly one of my favorite films of the year.
  10. Skull Commander

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018)

    ^I stopped reading as soon as you started dissing the theme^.
  11. Skull Commander

    Spike Lee's BlacKKKlansman

    I thought it was the beefy "dumb" guy from the local charter, with the inference being that he has potentially became the local chapter leader. He was the least intelligent character in the film yet ends up in "power" within the KKK making them even more dangerous.
  12. Skull Commander

    Bad bits in otherwise good games

    The spikey rotating poles in the first God of War. The really lame Portal rip off level in the first Darksiders.
  13. Skull Commander

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Cheers to both of you for the tips!! I'm at work but that Videokid looks very Paperboy from the screenshot.
  14. Skull Commander

    Spike Lee's BlacKKKlansman

    Mixed feelings on this one. The tone was all over the place but it was fairly entertaining in places. The nods (both subtle and not so) to blacksploitation movies were well done. Mostly good performances from the cast, however the political commentary was ham fisted and clumsy to say the least. Also could have benefitted from some tighter editing. 3/5 skulls for me.
  15. Skull Commander

    Onimusha: Warlords

    Warlords felt clunky when the "enhanced" og xbox version came out. They would have been better going for one of the later entries. I always favoured the 2nd but I'm guessing that has likely aged badly too.

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