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  1. Both made by Q Entertainment and released in a similar timeframe (Lumines end of 2004 and Meteos early 2005). At the time they were always compared, as Lumines was a PSP exclusive to start with and Meteos was for the DS.
  2. I got it in 1 and a half runs last night on Xbox Series X no problem.
  3. The Beer 52 warehouse clearance box is back: https://www.beer52.com/20for20?utm_source=www.hotukdeals.com&utm_campaign=idealo 20 beers delivered for 24 quid. Last box was a good selection for me and well worth the money.
  4. I've been trying to play out if my comfort zone in survival and have been trying out some of my lesser used characters. I really want to like Floyd, but he is far too slow for me and without a decent rush blitz move he is too open to environmental hazards on certain stages. Having said that his alt blitz is ace and I can imagine it working well in story/arcade mode.
  5. I must share the responsibility after buying Katamari in the same sale!
  6. This week's survival challenge seems a lot easier to make progress with. I anticipate some very high scores this time.
  7. I heard on the radio that Dusty had said "The Show Must Go On" and that his tech was filling in. After a career spanning all that time I'm sure they discussed and prepared for the eventuality of one of them shuffling off the mortal coil.
  8. Totally have no problems with the Max/Shiva room now. Hit another stumbling block at level 21 which is a boxing ring with very little health pick ups and tons of enemies. Couldn't get past there till today, where I managed to survive it with very little health then got all the way to level 29. Unlikely to have anymore time for this weeks sim but happy with my eventual placing!
  9. Hoping I can get an hour or 2 today to try again. I've only used Blaze and Max so far, so may try Shiva. I tend to favour the ground based attacks normally. Maybe an idea to mix it up a bit and see how that goes.
  10. I had a little shot when I finally got the UK update, and was picking out lots of familiar Aberdeen sites. It's stunning that I'm seeing all this on a games console.
  11. They seriously need to sort the downloading of the extra maps. I tried to download the UK one last night but it resets as soon as you go off the download screen. I'm having to leave my xbox on when no one is around and leave it to do it's thing. I only want to fly over my house!
  12. I'm finding this week's survival challenge very tough. The boss fight with Max and Shiva (level 16 maybe?) is a proper stinker with Shiva diving about chipping energy off you and Max doing his invincible armour thing. It either bests me or I get through it with low energy. Must get better!
  13. This is an oddity of a "game". I've just sat for the last half hour, flying from LA to Tacoma without actually doing much. In fact as I type this I'm still flying but not actually required to do anything. It looks lovely and the detail is amazing but I can't see myself spending too long on this.
  14. Folk are raging on Twitter over the extra update. Does seem a bit of a pisstake when they hyped up the whole download before launch aspect.
  15. I've never been into flight sims, but will have a go on this thanks to Gamepass. Curious to see how this controls on a game pad and how accessible it is to a newbie.
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