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  1. Skull Commander

    Hellboy to be rebooted, new director and lead

    I actually thought that was great fun. Went in expecting utter shite but the two hours flew by. It was clearly low budget but some good gore and over the top action. Stephen Graham's swear scouse accent for the boar thing was funny as fuck. I agree the psychic lassie was a bit rubbish but Harbour was far better than I thought he would be. 3. 75 Skulls out of 5!
  2. Skull Commander

    Currently playing...

    Does the two player on the Ninja Combat work ? I bought Shock Troopers and World Heroes 2 on the Xbox one (hamster ports) and the two player option seems to be broken and won't start.
  3. Skull Commander

    Xbox One backwards compatibility

    Just had a go of Ninja Gaiden 2 and so far so smooth. Popped it in performance mode and it's smooth so far. Need to get back into the swing of the game before I do another playthrough.
  4. Skull Commander

    Mortal Kombat 11 | April 23rd 2019

    I really like the look of this BUT I'm going to hold back for the inevitable "Komplete" edition once they have added all the characters and extra stuff. Would rather just pay for one package than have to spunk 8 pounds here and there on top of the initial layout.
  5. Skull Commander

    XIII Remake, Winter 2019

    That's my memory of it too. The art style was amazing and I loved the vibe of the game but the gameplay was pretty lacking. With a bit of tightening up it could be a lot better, but I suspect that it will be very dated in 2019.
  6. Skull Commander

    Xbox One backwards compatibility

    That is immense. Really looking forward to playing this again with all the improvements.
  7. Skull Commander

    Xbox One backwards compatibility

    The telling bit will be on the massive fight on the stairs. Can't wait to try! I won't be able to get my disc till Monday as it's sitting at my mums!!
  8. Skull Commander

    Xbox One backwards compatibility

  9. Skull Commander

    Huge Capcom Announcement - Home Arcade

    200 pounds!?! Wtf are Capcom doing? For that money I'd be wanting a hell of a lot more that 16 games. The design of the unit is pish as well. Why didn't they just go a rectangular unit with some tasteful game art?? Bloody idiots.
  10. Skull Commander

    Xbox One backwards compatibility

    Yasss! This is the one I have been waiting for. If they have sorted the framerates I may actually cum...
  11. Skull Commander

    Dumbo live-action remake by Tim Burton

    Took my daughter to this today expecting absolute rubbish. I haven't enjoyed a Tim Burton film since Big Fish, but this was superb. Darker than expected and lots of heart. I thought all performances were decent (even Colin Farell who I normally detest), and the look of the film was amazing. Pretty subversive too for a Disney film.
  12. Skull Commander

    Xbox One Console Thread

    I got mine for about 37 pounds from amazon france the other month with a gears of war code thrown in. Worth keeping an eye on HotUKDeals for similar.
  13. Skull Commander

    Retro Game Club - April ‘19: Golden Axe

    Inspired by this thread I have been playing Golden Axe plus it's two megadrive sequels. The second is pretty bland and is more of the same but without half as much charm. The third reminds me a little of Streets of Rage 3 but in a fantasy setting. It's not bad but again feels a little lacking, despite the inclusion of more moves and new characters. Did anyone ever play Golden Axe Beast Rider on the Xbox 360? It was an affront to the good name of Golden Axe and didn't even have a two player mode.
  14. Skull Commander

    The first one is still the best one

    What is with all the sequels being counted as originals?? I feel the point of this thread is being missed entirely.
  15. Skull Commander

    Microsoft Rewards

    All mine have tracked so far. Only got Elder Scrolls, moto gp and the one "new" gamepass title left to do. All others tracked instantly.

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