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  1. Strategos

    Punisher - Season 2 out now

    Yeah, bit of a slog was an understatement. And what's the pay off, a few seconds of actual Punisher, roll end credits.
  2. Ugh last night was disastrous. Awful games. I've decided I'm terrible at this and that's all there is to it. Bad randoms, quitters etc didn't help! I find it bizarre though, I'll play Titanfall2 and come top of the board quite often. Play this and I can barely hit anyone.
  3. Strategos

    Punisher - Season 2 out now

    Never read a Rllmuk thread about a book, game or film until you've read/played/seen it for yourself. of course even then it can ruin it retrospectively for you.
  4. Strategos

    Curious Game Design Choices

    Almost every decision they make in Atlas.
  5. Strategos

    Titanfall 2

    Had a game of this again, plenty of players and feels sooo good.
  6. Just remember this is the best thing about Apex. Got a game in 30 seconds ! It's back baby!
  7. Strategos

    Vegetarian / Vegan recipes

    just tried the Beyond Burger, bloomin delicious, my carnivore GF said it's the best burger she's had in years meat or veggie. It's certainly the best I've tasted. https://www.beyondmeat.com/products/view/beyond-burger
  8. This is one of the few games I've played where I actually do better with a sniper rifle.
  9. I feel the same with the gunplay, but then playing with VN1X and Pub and they are murderising everything in sight with pinpoint accuracy.
  10. Yup good games, you put me to shame! Impressive stuff. I guess it helps your revive stats
  11. Yeah just won a game with a gold 50 Cal Kraber sniper. Had gold armour and rucksack as well before. Some of the rare guns seem a bit OP.
  12. Quick lunchtime game with randos. One goes his own way at the start, and dies of course. Just two of us then! Luckily the guy i'm with is a monster running in and wiping squads while I support with a sniper rifle. We won. He got ten kills! I only got two, and one of those was the game winner Also I revived him so I feel like I did my bit, you know... as backup.

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