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  1. Been playing this again after not giving it much time a couple of years ago, seems better than I remember playing it on PS5 and just exploring the maps one at a time I see the New York and Haven Island maps are in the sale until the weekend, are they considered to be good maps? And is Patient Zero worth bothering with?
  2. Just spent 30 minutes on hold waiting to speak to someone at Sony, hung up as I can’t be arsed waiting any longer WD40 it is!
  3. My controller X button gets stuck down 50% of the time Is there a DIY fix or do I have to call Sony and arrange for it to be collected?
  4. Few in stock at Argos this morning looking at their app. If you fancy a trip to Arbroath or Montrose to pick it up that is.
  5. Cex look to have 69 disc consoles for sale and looks like they are no longer buying Maybe that’s the bubble burst?
  6. https://www.very.co.uk/playstation-5-disc-console-with-optional-extras/1600516836.prd This works, I’ve just ordered with an extra controller, seems to be going in and out of stock
  7. I don’t think I could’ve been any quicker to get one in my Amazon basket after getting that stockinformer discord app message, literally 3 seconds. Still didn’t work
  8. I got the same, stockinformer alert at 13:09 but already long gone. Looking at hotukdeals it was first spotted about 50 minutes earlier https://www.hotukdeals.com/comments/permalink/42912137
  9. That’s right, I remember the price dropped from I think £400 to £300? From memory I got an extra controller, dead or alive and that oddworld game, Munch’s odyssey Edit: It dropped from £300 to £199 soon after release http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/1936791.stm
  10. @Skull Commander you live in Aberdeen don’t you? I’m nearby
  11. Do you have a decent Saturn collection? I sold off my sizeable collection about 7 years ago but keep getting a burning desire to buy an instant Saturn collection
  12. I’ve now found that a barbecue burger flipper is ideal as a turning peel Did lamb chops in a heavy frying pan at the weekend, worked really well
  13. yes, the basic metal peel with no handle is what I’ve got I’ll look into a wooden peel for launching. I’m finding one peel just isn’t enough, any second peel would be good to get the next pizza set up ready to launch while the first one is in the oven
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