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  1. Storm in a kids tea cup. Pogba scores that penalty and the discussion point doesn’t exist.
  2. We didn’t implode. Truth be told, apart from Neves’ strike and a 15-20 minute purple patch for Wolves, I thought we were relatively comfortable. Granted, neither keeper had many saves to make, but we didn’t look like conceding either. I’m enjoying the football we’re playing at the moment. More of that please.
  3. Great second half performance and a thoroughly enjoyable win.
  4. We haven’t been great, but Maguire and Wan-Bisakka have acquitted themselves quite well in that first half.
  5. Underwhelming on the first listen for me, but I need to give it time to see if it sticks. Might be a grower.
  6. Wishful thinking I reckon chap. Sounds like more of the same. Having said that, if it is in, I’m back on that bandwagon. I only played the last one a few times, so at the moment, I doubt I’ll bother with 20. Same with the new COD as well. Just can’t be arsed with it these days and the kids have got to an age where they won’t stop playing Garden Warfare 2 either, so I don’t get near the PS4.
  7. The one that smashed 30 goals in a season at Arsenal would be nice.
  8. I wish I shared your optimism, but we’re reliant on a number of factors to propel us into those top places. Ideally, we need either or both of Rashford/Martial to break the 20 goal barrier this season. Something neither have done yet to my knowledge. I also fear we’re over-reliant on Pogba, a player who doesn’t really want to be here and we are a couple of injuries away from being in a bad spot. Yes, we have the young lads and I look forward to us giving them a chance, but I wonder if it’s too much too soon for them with no experience to help ease their transition into the starting eleven. We’ll see soon enough though.
  9. Sorry for the negativity, but I’m so disheartened with the Club because there is no tangible change happening. 6th or 7th we’re finishing this season. That’s a best case scenario in my opinion. We’ve improved in one area and failed to address two others. Haven’t replaced Fellaini. Haven’t replaced Herrera. Haven’t replaced Lukaku. Obviously I hope beyond all hope we subvert expectations and do well this season, but until Ed and his paymasters fuck off, we’re doomed to repeat the same mistakes. They have no interest in doing what’s right for the club, as long as it’s making them money. It’s clear that they don’t intend to appoint a DOF, instead opting for a committee of a thousand, on transfers when in actual fact, the decision probably lies with Ed still anyways. Spurs, Everton, Arsenal have all done good business over the Summer. Like OT, we’re getting left behind, investing poorly and living off past glories.
  10. Bleeders


    What WK said. So, whose going to be splashing £80 on the Special Edition CD that comes with a 4” HD screen and speaker? Continuing their affinity for pushing the boundaries of physical packaging, the GRAMMY Award® winning outfit has created a deluxe, limited-edition CD version of Fear Inoculum. The collectible offering, which was conceived by and directed by Adam Jones, features a 4” HD rechargeable screen with exclusive video footage, charging cable, 2 watt speaker, a 36-page booklet and a digital download card. Pre-orders for both the special package and digital downloads are available NOW. The 85-minute collection was produced by TOOL, with Joe Barresi engineering and mixing the release. Barresi also worked with the band on 10,000 Days.”
  11. Dybala ain’t happening then. #mufc have pulled the plug on a deal for Paulo Dybala amid reservations of his desire to move to the club, his wage demands and agent fees #mulive [telegraph]
  12. I was planning on doing that
  13. We’re not signing anyone else. It’s simply a case of keeping up appearances. 6 days to get potentially 2 deals over the line? I don’t think so, this lot are a fucking shambles and have zero interest in the betterment of this club, unless of course, it stops making them money. Unless Ed pulls it out of the bag, it’s shaping up to be another season where we move further away from the top four. Wan-Bissaka and James aren’t going to make up the 30 point difference. It took us 6 weeks to get the AWB deal over the line and suddenly we’re hearing comments like ‘the early deadline isn’t helping us’. Fuck off, the board have had plenty of time. Best case scenario is that we get Dybala and Maguire. I very much doubt it’ll be Fernandes, Dybala and Maguire. Either way, it’s another shambles of a transfer window. I’m refusing point blank to put any money in the Glazers coffers whilst they are not investing in the squad.
  14. I’m not wholly convinced we’ll get Maguire, Fernandes and Dybala. This is Ed, remember. Maybe one of the above might come in, but we’ll see. Given how long and protracted our transfers have been this Summer, I doubt we’ll get three deals done before the deadline.
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