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  1. Some Deathcore from Brand of Sacrifice. Stumbled on these through a reaction video and it ticked the BLERGHS and Breakdown boxes. The video has some chuckle-worthy comments as well, so they get points for eliciting that kind of a response too!
  2. Haven’t enjoyed MP COD this much since MW2. I’ve finally managed to start running my Thermal/LMG class (Thermal scope is Level 55) which is great for Domination on Nuketown. Smoke cover on B and then it becomes a bit of a duck shoot as the opposition come running down the alley towards B.
  3. Yeah, it’s becoming a nuisance quite quickly on PS5 with the hitching.
  4. Thought it was my connection at first since it was smooth prior to the patch.
  5. Playing this on PS5. Liking the haptic trigger feedback and I’m enjoying the game itself. I’ve yet to see a map that rivals the unbridled horror that is Piccadilly. 9 maps is admittedly a bit tight, but honestly, I’d take 9 that are fun to play than 15 where you have a bunch of duffers.
  6. Double check that, I got something similar and it’s a tenner off £49.99.
  7. Mine is still in South West DC according to the tracking.
  8. Actually, you are right, the £40 offer is get either WatchDogs or Cyberpunk for £40.
  9. I’m willing to be a little lenient because they did send through £70 worth of money off on certain games. Not good if you didn’t fancy anything on the list mind. Having said that, not having tracking numbers or a contact number is plain bad practice.
  10. Ah okay, hadn’t realised that. Maybe tomorrow at the latest then.
  11. Dispatch email from Game yesterday, but no tracking number or anything. Maybe today, maybe Monday. Will see what happens.
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