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  1. Ajay1986

    Microsoft & Sony sitting in a tree...

    I think it's good to see big companies choosing not to go with the current defacto AWS. AWS is an absolute behemoth and frankly it's scary how many companies are relient on them now.
  2. Ajay1986

    Path of Exile

    I started this the other night on PS4 as well and apart from some weird controls and the steepish learning curve I'm loving it. I may be missing something obvious but so far there doesn't seem to be much in the way of F2P nonsense and microtransactions. The amount of content seems crazy for something that's free, I'm assuming in the end game there must be someway they start making more money.
  3. I sold my copy to CEX for £38 cash about a week after launch. Was in there today and there must have been 20+ copies on the shelves, surprisingly enough they're only offering £15 for it now.
  4. Ajay1986


    I've got a Baratza Virtuoso myself so can't give a personal recommendation, but I remember James Hoffman of Square Mile Coffee reviewing the Svart http://www.squaremileblog.com/2018/06/26/wilfa-grind-size-guide/ He was pretty impressed with it for the price. Workshop are impressed with them as well https://workshopcoffee.com/blogs/journal/83014913-wilfa-grinder Seems like a good sign that two established quality roasters are happy with them, pretty sure it'll be quite an upgrade on your old one.
  5. Ajay1986

    The Division 2

    Hmmmm I might actually do that although it does mean having to step foot in Game. Think I'm done with BF V, it's pretty clear they're only working on the Battle Royale mode which i couldn't care less about.
  6. Ajay1986

    Battlefield V

    All of the these tank ones are utterly shit. I think I've only had chance to use a tank properly about 3 times since I got the game. They could have added a big tank battle mode/map to actually make it fun. As it is it's pure luck and not fun in the slightest. Also on the PS4 the latest patch seems to have made the menus and unlock notifications even slower and more shit than they already were. Also in game it seems to have broken the camera when you're watching squad mates while waiting to respawn. It's a shame the patches and content updates have been so poor. At its core there's a really good game here but there's so many issues that need fixing.
  7. Ajay1986

    D2 Work night raiding. This week

    Anyone fancy helping me out with the raid? I'm 355 light and haven't done any of the raid stuff, the guided game system seems utterly useless.
  8. Ajay1986

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    I definitely preferred the story and characters of Hearts of Stone over Blood and Wine but let's face it they're both brilliant. Oh and Hearts of Stone has David Beckh........ uh, I mean Olgierd Von Everec in.
  9. Ajay1986


    Yay! Didn't think they'd get them back in stock at that price! Ordered.
  10. Ajay1986

    Is "Game" finished?

    I went in CEX the other day and saw they had a copy of Kingdom Come on the PS4 for £55! It's only £43 in Argos.
  11. Ajay1986

    Is "Game" finished?

    Grainger were definitely cheaper than Game and you didn’t have to spend 10 minutes telling them you didn’t want any extra shite they were selling (£1 disc insurance FFS). It’s a shame the one in York has already closed, presumably because of the outrageous rents and business rates are in the city.
  12. Ajay1986

    Is "Game" finished?

    I went in the York store the other day and had them trying to sell me on the new games room thingy and the "beast" computers you can use. That was after they'd tried selling me the Game Elite membership, pre-orders with deposits and £1 disc insurance. It must really be shit working there having to give people the same sales patter over and over again. Also noticed that Grainger across the street now have a sign saying they'll buy luxury watches off people, I'd love to know how many people have gone in there to sell a Rolex!!
  13. Ajay1986

    July 2017 - What a rubbish month for games.

    I'm still on with Zelda as well but Pyre looks good from the old videos I remember seeing.
  14. Ajay1986

    Super Mario Odyssey - ALL CAPS

    Man i want a new Mario Golf game with the RPG elements that the GBA game had.

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