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  1. Uncle Mike

    Great lines in videogaming.

    I don't remember that bit at all.
  2. Uncle Mike

    Edge #333 | Playdate

    It is really annoying that the digital version is always slow.
  3. New plan: invent time travel and Terminators, then send one back in time to take out anyone who tries to make a Terminator film after T2.
  4. Uncle Mike

    Edge #333 | Playdate

    I don't want to stick you on ignore. I want you to break out of your loop. It's as bad as NEG or some shit.
  5. Uncle Mike

    FREE SOLO - out 11th December

    Watched it on Channel 4 last night. Man, they really butchered the ad breaks into it. Some of the worst transitions I've ever seen. The film is obviously incredible. But I think the main memory for me won't be the incredible rock climbing achievement, it'll be the fucked-up personal relationships. His parents, his girlfriend. Wow.
  6. Uncle Mike

    Edge #333 | Playdate

    It's so bloody incessant, though. Seemingly every thread in here has you wanging on about how RDR2 wasn't very good. Just like the Film folder and your opinion on TLJ. We get it.
  7. Uncle Mike

    Edge #333 | Playdate

    Jesus fucking Christ.
  8. probotector is a troll. He knows what he's doing.
  9. Uncle Mike

    Playdate-A new handheld console thingy

    Base GBA was the only one I had. But I absolutely rinsed that bad boy. I 100% completed every one of the 5 run throughs on COTM.
  10. Uncle Mike

    Playdate-A new handheld console thingy

    Don't you go slagging off the GBA; that console (with Castlevania: COTM and Mario Kart) saved my fucking sanity when I was laid up for 6 months.
  11. Uncle Mike

    Codemasters Announce GRID | 2008 or 2019?

    It definitely looked like the same track as the previous Grid. I wonder if that's an indication of things being done on the cheap and reusing assets, or if it just means that's a track they liked. I liked the look of that Nemesis thing, where if you're bad at passing a driver and piss them off it seems like they'll have it out for you. I wonder if that's a one-race thing or season-wide. It could get pretty hairy for the more lead-footed drivers here. I also still like Grid's happiness to have the AI cause massive fuck-ups. I'm still not used to seeing AI drivers do much more than drive in a nice queue.
  12. Uncle Mike

    Just Cause

    All of the fun in Just Cause is in the playing, and none of it in the story. Prediction: not going to get made.
  13. Uncle Mike

    Codemasters Announce GRID | 2008 or 2019?

    I really enjoyed GRID (although I know some people don't get on with Codemasters' handling models.) Given PS4 is lacking in that semi-sim driving type of game since Driveclub, I'd be interested in this.
  14. Uncle Mike

    PlayStation gets its own movie studio

    I'm not going to look it up, so I'll take that at face value. But that's not really the point I think I was making. How much actual story is there? Not a lot.
  15. Uncle Mike

    PlayStation gets its own movie studio

    It's possible they missed your posts about it. There's not enough story in most games for a TV series, is there? There's barely enough for a film for most of them. The story in, say, God of War or Horizon Zero Dawn is pretty padded out so that you have enough game to play. Not sure that works in passive TV. Film makes more sense to me, especially now when you don't really have to put them in cinemas. Or very short-form TV. They have the flexibility to just make the correct length content in way neither "TV" nor cinema encourage.

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