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  1. Uncle Mike

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I don't really see why you'd fish for anything that isn't the Legendaries, and they're barely worth bothering with.
  2. Uncle Mike

    Aquaman - 14th Dec

    Oh come on. It's basically moved up the scale from "actively terrible" to " passively mediocre".
  3. Uncle Mike

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I had something very similar happen to me. I think I bumped into one of them. There was a man clearly kidnapping a woman earlier (not one of the Lawmen escorting a prisoner events.) I shoot the man, lasso tbe horse, calm it down. Take the woman off the back of the horse and put her down to cut her free. Arthur gets his knife out, acquires negative honour, and she freaks out and runs off. At least I got a new horses I guess.
  4. Uncle Mike

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    If anyone finds themselves wishing they were exploring The Grizzlies or Big Valley when they're at work, I highly recommend you download or stream Bruce Langhorne's soundtrack to the movie, The Hired Hand.
  5. Uncle Mike

    Best 'not gamey' games

    And there's that new From Software VR one? Deracine?
  6. Uncle Mike

    Best 'not gamey' games

    The BBC have a VR thing about being a Syrian refugee you should experience.
  7. Uncle Mike

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I'm in Chapter 4 now. I'm really enjoying it. I still have issues with a whole heap of the mechanics. The Wanted system is inconsistent as fuck. Your horse is annoyingly prone to charging into trees, or over stage coaches etc. It's too easy to accidentally aim at someone or start a fight without meaning to. The map is huge, but horses aren't that quick and fast travel options mostly leave your horse behind. Only being able to stroll slowly around camp is annoying. Trying to steer Arthur round to pick stuff up or search cabins is painful (there's a reward item in my room that I'm never going to be able to pick up, because the game won't ever highlight it.) And some of the classic Rockstar reluctant villain stuff doesn't quite gel with my playthrough (Arthur's now had multiple chats with the camp women where he seems troubled by killing animals, women and children for fun - he hasn't - and where the women just go "oh, that's bad, you shouldn't do that. See you later." It's never really clear why Arthur (as opposed to me) wants to spend time helping these Strangers. But when it's good, it's great. Hearing Dutch spin us all another load of obvious bullshit, and I'm almost buying it. Believing these guys are a gang that, however dysfunctional they might be, constitute a real family. I want to spend time in this Wild West, and I want to do it with these guys. I want to shoot every O'Driscoll, Lemoyne Raider or Murfee Brood I see. I want to treat my horse good, and bag myself a perfect deer pelt. I don't buy all of it, and I could totally see why someone with a low tolerance for mostly-needless busywork and crappy controls would rate it low. I think it's amazing, even though most of this post is slagging it off.
  8. Uncle Mike

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Discless is smart, I reckon. Should allow a significant cost saving, and the amount of disc usage must be falling through the floor. Presumably a disc-free customer, unable to use CEX etc as a cheap source of old games, would also be more likely to subscribe to Game Pass and buy more stuff in the frequent sales. Win/win.
  9. It's entirely possible none of them are. Is Comic-con, where increasingly all the major movie studios turn up with all the superstar actors, a mass-market event? No. It's a news headline that Sony won't be at E3, I guess. I just don't really see why anyone not involved in the marketing of games would care.
  10. OK, let me rephrase. It's just for American nerds, and worldwide nerds who like to stay up late. Sure, everyone here is in a thread posting gifs they got off where-it-is-these-days, but no-one outside these sorts of places hears about E3 or Gamescom of the Playstation Experience or whatever. They're not for the mass-market. They're for the specialist market.
  11. I'm not quite sure what your point is here. It's a conference to advertise stuff to Americans and journalists. Who cares, really, if they decide it's not worth the marketing spend? I don't really see how it's consumer-impacting at all.
  12. Uncle Mike

    Destiny 2: Forsaken

    If Destiny interested you at all, Forsaken is the best it's been for a long time. But, as always, the best content is at the end game and benefits from friends.
  13. This is it - we've had a great couple of years of titles, and most of what's coming we've already seen. The chances of any of MS's acquisitions doing something significant this gen seems slim, so why try to fill a big conference with disappointing content?
  14. That presumably ends tbe speculation that PS5 is next year. It makes sense, I guess, in as much as they're not going to have a huge amount to show next year? Not enough to fill a conference at any rate. Ghost of Tsushima will be out already, I think? A demo of The Last of Us 2 isn't really going to fill an hour, nor a set of made-up pretend 2020 PS5 footage.
  15. Uncle Mike

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    What a fucking ridiculous advert for a controller. Boys are terrible marketing victims.

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