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  1. It was scalper avoidance that led to the £2500 PS5 on Curry's(?) that they then emailed you a £2005 voucher for, wasn't it? It takes some effort, but retailers can avoid scalping if they try.
  2. I'm not sure I remember JJ S3 very well. I know her mate goes off the rails, is that the main threat or is something else also kicking off?
  3. Yeah, but there are probably plenty of people that have had a decent experience on PS4 with Cyberpunk, is I guess the point. Miles definitely crashed like once or twice for me.
  4. And twice now, too, just on here this year to date. (Once for someone that wanted them to, and once obviously not.) I don't think I'm comfortable knowing that unlocking 2FA can be authorised by a chatbot at all.
  5. I'm sorry if I upset you Shimmy. It does get a little repetitive reading your hyperbole, but I just assumed you always knew you were being OTT and/or exaggerating. It certainly wasn't my intention to actually upset you. Apologies.
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2021/jan/22/scalper-bots-uk-xbox-series-x-playstation-5
  7. You just buy a bot. There was an article about it on the BBC.
  8. Somewhere in Microsoft's gaming division there is a leader that doesn't know anything and staff that won't tell them (or aren't listened to.) Given the rapid U-turn (and more than a U-turn, given the F2P change - is there word for more than a 180? I guess it's a reflex) I don't understand how the decision got made in the first place. It's sort of like how they apparently thought an in-depth showcase of Halo was a good idea, then instantly delayed it a year when outside people realised for them that it wasn't ready.
  9. I quite liked how the stained glass in their house as she's looking in the crib is also a TV pixel layout.
  10. It seems odd timing. I recognise that the prices of services tend to increase over time, so I wouldn't (and won't) get upset that things go up, but it's a bit weird to do it when all we hear about MS is how much money they're making. When they bought Zenimax, loads of stats were posted here about how that massive deal was relatively little money for them. They've got billions in profit, I think? And Covid, I thought, has been pretty good to companies like MS. So it doesn't feel like they particularly need to hike it? And it's less incremental and more of a hike at that.
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