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  1. I don't understand why anyone would watch that video. It's obviously clickbait of one variant or another and there's a person I've never heard of or seen doing a stupid face. The volume of people on here looking for crazy and then getting annoyed by it or snarking at it makes no sense to me. Just go to normal places, guys.
  2. I don't think they have, necessarily. Zemo was, as someone said upthread, talking in the most recent episode about how Steve is the outlier in his dislike for super-soldiers and their "supremacy". You can see nu-Cap already doing stuff I don't think he would have pre-serum, and they precede that with the chat about how they've had to do dark things in Afghanistan.
  3. I think Bucky/Winter Soldier has a metal arm + brainwashing + a super soldier serum variant, yes. The plot of Civil War is: people being upset about the consequences of the Ultron movie plus people being upset that Bucky was an international assassin for 50 years plus people being upset that there's super soldier serum and that Hydra have it and already used it successfully once (on Bucky.)
  4. I think that set of points is largely fine. Like, yes you roughly know who everyone is, and I also assume the chance of people watching from cold is essentially zero. But, especially with Zemo, I don't think I understand his motivation or characterisation really. He just dislikes superheroes? Maybe? But he doesn't seem to mind Bucky being one. He's helping so he can end them, and now he's done that and run away. And I think it's not always clear to the non-encyclopedic viewer how much of any given gap is in the current writing, the previous writing or knowledge you've been assumed
  5. Without having watched Winter Soldier and also Civil War, none of this series can make much sense at all, can it? You have no idea who Falcon or the Winter Soldier are, you don't know Zemo or Sharon. Even having watched every Marvel movie, I don't really understand Zemo's perspective on things, or really remember who he was/what he was doing. I don't recall if that's Winter Soldier or Civil War, mind you.
  6. The PS5 reveal was littered with smaller titles like Stray or that weird dinosaur apocalypse romance game, or whatever. There was this Indie showcase video recently as well, with lots of smaller titles getting airtime. I think this idea that they're only funding the biggest of big hitters isn't that strong, even if it's true that they're only interested in low-risk titles from their bigger names. But I'm not sure Schreier (who I rate as a journo in terms of doing actual legwork) has really demonstrated that in his piece. Some guys not gettin
  7. I mean, this is a fine point to make, except I am playing Zombie Army 4 on my PS5 (they just put it on PS Plus) and with a next-gen lick of FPS and it's not a game MS published.
  8. I don't really know how well this "only interested in 3rd person cinematic blockbusters" narrative holds up to scrutiny. Since the launch of PS5, we've had Sony exclusives in the shape of Miles Morales (which you would presumably include in the cinematic blockbuster group) and then Demon's Souls, Sackboy and Astrobot. The next big ones are Returnal and Ratchet & Clank. Obvs Returnal is more 3rd person than previous Housemarque games, but I'm not sure that's the same equation. It's also not entirely clear that the premise (hyper-focused only on blockbusters) and the
  9. I think that's very pot:kettle, but there we are.
  10. You did make both a personal dig (Can I keep this to see how it ages?) and a console-wars post (The same Sony that charges £70?) in the one post though. It's disingenuous to pretend it was actually a post about Rockstar somehow. Don't do the posts if you don't want the (something that rhymes with posts.)
  11. Pretty sure Rockstar properly announced that the next-gen upgrade for GTAV Online is free (for 3 months) on PS5 on one of the pre-PS5 launch streams. And you get some in-game cash monthly between that announcement and the launch for just logging in. I don't think they've said anything about the single player game for either platform, or for the Online version on Xbox Series consoles.
  12. There's boosters I think that always get you up to a sensible level to start a campaign.
  13. There are establishing shots outside the front door that don't show the corridor having that 45 degree turn, but I can't explain the cupboards extruding through the wall into the corridor.
  14. There was a game announcement for some kind of survival horror game called "Abandoned" for PS5 earlier this week. Apparently, (this is all news to me, and I'm only going from the quoted tweets) some people were baselessly speculating that this was a Kojima game. I don't know if Grubb is a reliable source that Kojima is talking to Xbox.
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