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  1. Really great work on everything this year guys. A really informative, fun, incisive and timely awards ceremony.
  2. PC gaming is an odd beast. Whenever someone says it's too complex and that they prefer gaming on simple consoles, everyone accusing them of living in the past. But then the thread for every big game that comes out on PC has pages of people struggling to get it running right.
  3. I'm not so sure it's a bad thing. I think some programmes might be better for being killed prematurely than late, having found out that they didn't know what they were doing.
  4. Essentially unplayed.
  5. Jon Hopkins - Immunity Daft Punk - Random Access Memories James Holden - The Inheritors A Tribe Called Quest - We Got It from Here... Thank You 4 Your Service The Avalanches - Wildflower Daniel Avery - Drone Logic Andy Cato - Times and Places The Roots - How I Got Over Au Revoir Simone - Move In Spectrums Beck - Colors Bicep - Bicep Lazy Habits - Lazy Habits. And then I need to think. Maybe Grimes? I really liked First Serve. Maybe Psychodrama? Maybe one of Poppy Ackroyd's albums, or Hidden Orchestra. Maybe Robyn's Honey or the two most recent Chemical Brothers albums.
  6. Uncle Mike

    NFL 2019!

    I really want to watch the Chiefs/Titans game. What's a sensible way to do that? SF/Packers optional, as I'm assuming the 49ers take that one.
  7. Is it, though? It seems to end up with people getting awfully het up and calling each other cocksuckers and so on very quickly.
  8. Can't believe the moaning that some people are being slightly snarky about a game. Jesus.
  9. Like the article said, you could see the logic last year - but this year, with the PS5 here? Seems crazy. Even though I think the importance of E3 for normal people is massively overstayed, industry hype and goodwill isn't, and it doesn't feel like Sony is working hard to gather much of that.
  10. I feel like the repeating nature of them collectively is starting to wear on me. I went to see The Play... And the Bank Robbery one at the theatre and really enjoyed them, but now obvs I know what I'm getting in these shows.
  11. Uncle Mike


    Prepare for it to be revealed that there was some kind of prophecy, and an ancient ancestor that looks just like the modern one, and some such.
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