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  1. Kylo has the high ground there. I assume therefore Rey dies.
  2. Agreed. But also: This is what I'm asking, I think. Are all these series and new stuffs happening because they've got good stories to tell, or because. Disney+ needs to fill its shelves with content?
  3. Actually, yes, sort of. Comics are forever needing huge 'events' to generate interest and reset buttons and retcons, and no-one likes them. I don't even mind. Clearly, there's going to be loads of people excited to watch all of this stuff. I'm likely to be a minority. It's just, Disney's mindset for Marvel, and Star Wars, and this latest trend for the 'live action' remakes of its classics and so on, seems to be to milk the golden goose as hard as possible before it becomes a dead horse.
  4. I guess there's a bunch of people for whom, the more the better, but am I alone in feeling there's a bit of over-provision going on here?
  5. Even that 90s dance music revolution only captured a subset. The rest of the country was bollocking along to Blur, Oasis, Pulp and Britpop/indie stuff. I suspect you're/we're just old and out of touch. Grime, the reggaeton stuff I don't really understand what it even is, drill music are all there bubbling away.
  6. I had forgotten Spider-Verse, to be fair. But for the live action movies, I think I'd stand by what I said. It's not like any of them really push the boat out for new takes, and I think the general arc of the story Firstly represents a solid Spider-Man story, secondly is well acted and put together, and thirdly captures the Parker/Spidey character more holistically than any of the live-action takes.
  7. In many ways (and you've got to overlook some pacing issues forced by it being a game) the Insomniac Spider-Man game tells a better Spidey story than any of the movies.
  8. Where does this idea that they don't have music and culture come from? We're just too old to know what it is.
  9. When Shadowkeep comes out, everything in your inventory or vault or whatever all gets boosted to 750 across the board. Not sure then what/if you can progress to if you don't buy anything. If you buy content on one platform and not another, you can access your gained loot on the not-bought platform, but you won't be able to get better drops or run that content on that platform.
  10. I mean, it's a cheap sale, but I also wonder how often (given they'd only have rights for specific movie-related merchandise) they'd have had to get lawyers in, and spend ages tooling and retooling stuff only to get nixed by a legal somewhere. It might have seemed like the right thing to do to let those rights go to someone whose business it was.
  11. Obviously, the movies have had a huge impact on the relative popularity of the MCU superheroes. But even now, I see loads more Spider-Man stuff on kids and in shops than I do Thor stuff or Captain America stuff. He's been Marvel's big earner generally speaking since pretty much the start.
  12. I think (but haven't looked it up) that everything pre-Forsaken goes Free when Shadowkeep comes out. So I think you'd get the new locations to run round in patrol, and the new Strikes, but you won't get the campaign, the Exotic weapons, the endgame stuff (Raids.) I assume you also don't get access to things like the Foundries etc in the Annual Pass, but don't know.
  13. It stems from the comics, rather than the much more recent movies. He's the most everyman of them all, he's got cool powers, and he's a smart ass.
  14. Rough maths, Disney made about $100m from the two MCU Spider-Man movies combined. Now, that's not nothing. But it's not a huge amount either. Endgame made them $2.8bn, admittedly for a lot more investment. EDIT: and that's just the box office takings. They obviously also make PPV and DVD revenue on top for Endgame that they don't with Spider-Man. But they can afford to ask for more, and walk away if they don't get it. If Spider-Man wasn't in Civil War, Infinity War and Endgame, those movies don't make much (any?) less money. They may lose some merchandise money, but it's probably not enough to stop them walking off. Also, if Disney wants to focus more on the stuff it owns, and needs to fill its Disney+ service with top-tier superhero stuff (which it obviously does) Feige's time and the MCU tie-in just got more expensive in terms of opportunity cost for Disney. Similarly, there's little incentive for Sony to give up much more than they do, as @McCoy pointed out. A lot of the apparent uplift in revenue for Far From Home can equally be argued as Hollywood just getting better at selling overseas (China). A crappy Spider-Man movie still makes more money than half of a good one, even if you assume that the only thing making the Holland ones good is MCU tie-in, which seems simplistic. It may be that the right deal is a win-win, but there might not be enough incentive on either side to find it. Which is presumably why someone leaked it, to try and generate some pressure to get the teams back to the table.
  15. Sure. But is he currently making Disney any money? And does him not appearing in the big ensemble movies lose them any money?
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