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  1. I do not live on the edge. What what what? I've been digging mine up based on the previous info!
  2. Find one of those glowing holes in the ground. Dig up a bag of bells. Either replant that one, or make a big of bells in your inventory (up to 10k) and then Bury in Hole. You now have a baby money tree that will grow and fruit once.
  3. I blame lockdown somehow.
  4. Isn't that the point though? Or are you making a funny joke and I got sucked in?
  5. Fucking hell, @Robo_1 what the fuck is that guy doing with his voice? Who are all these looney tunes and their 40 minute videos everyone keeps finding?
  6. Good luck Nate, you've been a good egg!
  7. Things like the Uncharted games absolutely stage transitions between areas, it's only a question of artistry. All those bits where you need to get a bunk-up off your AI buddy, or wait while they throw down a ladder. The bit where you get a quick cutscene of the scenery as it loads. And there's a huge difference in the level of detail in Forza where you're travelling at 200mph versus Flight Simulator at 600mph versus Uncharted where you're running. I think it's vaguely silly to say that because Flight Simulator exists, no games need faster storage.
  8. I think I have the recipe for a green wrought iron bench. I'll check when I'm next on, but if you're interested and bring nuggets I could make you some.
  9. Also, we got the Island Designer this morning, so I can be even more ashamed of my no aesthetics now.
  10. I find my lack of creative spark embarrassing when I visit elsewhere also. Need to do something to my island. I have been focussed on the progression so far, but I'm a long way off having it look nice.
  11. You may be able to wrap the nuggets in giftwrap and send as one item that way?
  12. 1. Don't know. I think so when you've got a lot of pre-requisite steps completed. 2. A few days. It unlocks when you've upgraded Resident Services, which has it's own set of things to do. 98k bells per incline. 3. Yes you can make more bridges. Bridges and steps will cost you 98k bells for the basic versions. 4. Yes, with the upgraded Resident Services. It's like 60k bells. 5. No 2k is what it is, although you'll have a few easier ways to earn them over time. 6. You need to stand next to the wall where you want it to hang. 7. It's a design from the Nook phone, that someone has selected and chosen "display here" with. That creates the easel. 8. Maybe? It's definitely a do-a-bit-a-day game.
  13. So I meet the bunny. He says if you find all six types of egg, there's something in it for you. I get 6 types of egg, go chat and nothing. Eggtease.
  14. My other half left you 20k also, @jonnyalpha. Thanks!
  15. Thanks @jonnyalpha. Left you 10k above the plaza.
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