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  1. All I can see is they've added three of the original movies on there? I've watched them all years ago and remember being quite underwhelmed by Char's Counter Attack considering people think that was one of the best movies of UC-79. Iron Blooded Orphans is on there still, and I didn't mind it but make sure you watch it subbed as they really miss some important shit in the dubbing.
  2. Like you say it's consistent. I don't find all the characters annoying like I did with Arrow & Flash and there seems to be some good steady progression. My only fear is that pulling out the big storylines so early on will give them very little to work with as the time goes on, although logically I can imagine them moving back to Metropolis to all more frequently used Superman Villains to appear.
  3. Oh my god, that's amazing! They even have the double pack! Thank you for that. I used to collect SD version of the mainstream Gundams (Wing Zero, G Gundam & RX-71 etc) Then it turns out they have their own universe with Manga, Video games and storyline and some kits are pretty cool! I tried to find some "Romance Of The Three Kingdoms" based lines, but they sell like hot cakes, some model kits are mounted on horses etc.
  4. £45 including shipping? That's not to bad imo. I got a couple of the smaller SD Kits for my birthday nothing exciting, and i'm still trying to find the SD Son Wukong in stock somewhere even if it's in the UK and slightly more expensive.
  5. I dread to think how much that shipping cost you? Did you stung on customs? That's a nice looking model.
  6. Well done boys! Anyone else having a shit show with Fortnite for lag and lobby issues? We had so much shit trying to get a squad together that could both enter the game together and hear each other talk. We got there in the end but took over half an hour to get it all working, thank god that the weeks challenges were so easy to get through we didn't require lots of communication.
  7. I've only ever seen and thought there was two of them. I'll have to give that a watch!
  8. I second this, although I haven't finished it all yet as I've been reading it via the SCP site. I think i'm two or three stories in (Kims) and it is really special to give me a general sense of wonder an intrigue as to what will happen next!
  9. For fucks sake, how do you get things so wrong! It's not like this is some rookie team making their first IP is it. I think my plan of logging in getting the prize and leaving the game straight after maybe the best plan of action for the foreseeable future.
  10. And the best t-shirt in a comic book since Kid Omega's "Magneto was right" goes to Babs Gordon. Extra points for it being shown to Dick, whom is the Robin getting slapped in the panel.
  11. Thank You! That was the PSP title I was trying to remember! I really enjoyed that game, and I'll dig it out for another turn on it, I think later this evening. Even if MST turns out to be anything similar I will be happy with that, I just wonder what the gimmick will be.
  12. Without upsetting Tal further. Has anyone read The Joker Presents? It sounds wonderful from the premise and is reviewing favourably on the comic news sites (remember sponsorship when it comes to those reviews) and people on Reddit are mixed. It's a seven issue mini-series (the first of a few if all goes well) which puts me off a little going into it blind. If anyone has read it, what's your thoughts?
  13. I'd add:- 100 Bullets, Undersea Welder, Books Of Magic.
  14. Can't make my mind up if I should be excited by that or not! I really don't think there's much I look forward to these days when it comes to comics, nothing has been a "I must get that" since TMNT:Ronin and even that with its flaky schedule I forget about until it turns up through my door. I look at my list, and it's really thin with four titles and a few one-shots here and there. It's a bit sad really considering a lot of the Manga I read churns out fantastic content on a weekly basis!
  15. He was outstanding in the Stephen King mini-series for Mr Mercedes books, I didn't think much of Picard as a whole, so that was nothing really. I've never seen him in those movies with the cat either, but he must do OK for another to be made.
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