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  1. Some nice easy challenges for those of us that embrace the flame! And nice to see Flare guns back shoot one of those bad boys in to the spire and watch all those targets light up!
  2. Just use windows+g if you've got the Xbox thing logged in, and you can record from there. Or can you scream "xbox record that" like i do everytime something i want to clip happens.
  3. I've given up on two of the new Star Wars books, and I love me some Star Wars. The first I made through about 30 pages before the Halo Reach riff was getting on my nerves and then the introduction of the "new" big bad was so boring I just didn't find myself caring to carry on. The second one I gave up when they got to the space station which I felt was the main plot point, and it just wasn't keeping me invested.
  4. Hulk was another great read this week, and I'm currently sitting through the first issue of Heroes Reborn and wishing I brought another cheap Star Wars Omnibus instead!
  5. Well played@Pistol. Had a ton of shite games with the other half last night all top ten finishes but nothing to write home about. The other half had a fantastic kill by flipping a truck with the explosive bow, but other than a really lucky grenade bounce that was about as good as it got. Match making on this is so random when it comes to paring us up me (141) & her (89). One game we took down two gold season skins but then got took out by a lucky shotgun shot to the back of the head by a solo player. We then ended up against a clear bot tea
  6. DQB2 has an awful tutorial I turned it off twice as i didn't have time to sit through the drivel. Finally got through it and landed on the beach and ran out of time to play it this morning. I'm sure the first one on the Vita didn't put you through all that, it'd be nice to learn things, but that was too long and too much hand holding. A question though:-
  7. The Books Of Magic (DC Comics) (Various Series) (1st Mini 1990) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Books-Magic-TP-Neil-Gaiman/dp/1401246869 "Timothy Hunter could be the most powerful magician in the world, but does he really want to be? Guided through the magical world starting at the beginning of time by a group of DC Universe magicians, often referred to as the Trenchcoat Brigade (John Constantine, Phantom Stranger, Mister E, and Doctor Occult), they attempt to aid Timothy in his decision whether to embrace his gift. However, by the time Timothy makes a choice, it may have alre
  8. I'm not following? Or is it the fact they overlooked "Voice Of The Fire"
  9. No bother, the amount of things I gave up on because I couldn't find issues / volumes is shocking so always glad to help out.
  10. Yeah, was super chuffed to get the gold combat shotgun from a blue chest last night. I remember hating the infantry rifle before but really enjoying it this time round, the other half got a guy through the windshield of a truck with about three hits. Oh, god, how fun are the big Optimus Prime trucks with chunky tires on them, they bounce through the building like they are made from butter.
  11. That's in my local if needs must, and the girl at the till said that it can be ordered in again as it's not showing as out of print or anything.
  12. What would work for you dude? Don't have to be this week at all.
  13. It's just for hiring them and getting some of the powered weapons.
  14. Do you guys still play "late" ? How's Thursday evening grab people for some Squads..
  15. I reckon we should arrange a game of squads if we can this week? Don't get me wrong duos with the missus is great but i want some proper carnage.
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