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  1. It's worth it for Battle Chasers, Black Science, Pretty Deadly & Heavy Liquid alone.
  2. That sounds and looks awesome. I've been looking at it online and the art reminds me of a smilier TCG i had years ago. People are reviewing it as The Invisibles as a RPG game.
  3. Happy Birthday dude! That Snyder book is well worth it, was one the best runs of Batman we had seen in a long time. May have to dig my trades out for a re-read at somepoint soon, feeling inspired now lol.
  4. I can see Marvel doing the whole retcon thing as usual when they title ends. Pisses me right off as this has been a Hulk i can get behind!
  5. Cheers dude added them to my account. Still fighting my way through the tutorials. I play some many TCG & DB games online i get really confused i need to slow it all down.
  6. I wonder if theyll leave it for a bit as a run isnt going to garner any fame after the masterpiece that was. I see were also getting a new she-hulk title soon but didnt take in the creative team maybe thats what is replacing this title.
  7. I can't find anything mention Ellis but loads on Stewart. This is exactly like Brian Wood earlier this year or last year i can't remember.
  8. For context:- https://www.cbr.com/cameron-stewart-grooming-allegations/
  9. Please can i see that Bronze Tiger close up! It looks amazing!!
  10. So I'm three pages into O̶l̶d̶ ̶M̶a̶n̶ ̶L̶o̶g̶a̶n̶ Dark Knights Death Metal and it's already making me lol at the ridiculousness of it all. The T-Rex oh god the T-Rex (laughing emoji x10)
  11. Is that Rhino included too or is that just image art?
  12. Anyone reading Daredevil? This week's issue has just tied off the latest arc in such a great way, i know all the fucking noobs on reddit are saying the end is a Bendis copy if they knew fuck all about Daredevil they would know Bendis took it from classic Frank Miller. I'm a little out of touch as i seem to have missed a one shot or mini explaining the return of one said villain or in true Marvel style they probably returned in another title >_<
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