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  1. Who could have seen this coming? Apart from you know, everyone
  2. It makes sense, Total Warhammer and Vermintide provide so much free advertising
  3. Anyone else going to try but sisters? I really really don't need them buuuuut
  4. A bit of necromancy here but I've just started playing the second one and absolutely love it! Lizard men all the way
  5. Loads of pissed up South Africa's on the streets of Glasgow! Or just Scottish people wearing green getting involved
  6. Saw it yesterday as was at a loose end, agreed that Linda Hamilton and Grace were ace, Grace in particular. But yeah otherwise another disposable sequel.
  7. Taking my Death Guard Kill Team out for a spin tonight. I'll be hard pressed to beat last week's performance when my champion managed to kill the same Deathwatch Sergeant in 2 games using the tactic "Nurgling Infestation"
  8. What carry cases do people use? I've got a little Warhammer one for a kill Team, but Needing a big one for a 2000pt game
  9. Glad Scotland game going ahead, Japan looking pretty strong
  10. If he doesn't do a tedious slow motion scene then I'm out. Other than that I'm looking forward to seeing his two facial expressions again.
  11. Have you got to the plane bit or the evangelical Christian bit? Not sure which episodes.
  12. I'm okay with this, it's pretty enough to look at. Thought Cara Delevingnes Irish accent seemed pretty good and immediately made her even more attractive. More people should have Irish accents.
  13. Lovely work. Also what are you on about clearly you need another 4 to complete the Lance and fill out the Super Heavy Support Detachment. And at least 15 vanguard Skitarii, might as well get transports too to limit the drops....
  14. Post a picture of your admec team. I've still to paint mine, need inspiration for the cloaks. I've got 3 of the buggers built with plasma culvrins already.
  15. The Terrain is lovely, as are the minis inside. Just get it for yourself!
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