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  1. Captain Novaforce

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    Probably my best face yet
  2. Captain Novaforce

    Warhammer 40k Kill Team GW Campaign NOOBS WELCOME!

    Had my first two games of kill team today and incredibly won both! Was at a games pub night, my opponent and me were both newcomers to kill team but there were others there to help us. I went Primaris, he went Tyranids. The first mission was basically me hanging back and shooting, combat was mainly defensive and my pistols did a lot of time work, plus the dice god's here definitely on my side. His Tyranid warriors were terrifying but the termigants were so useless they basically could be ignored. Genestealers were decent but squishy, they did the most damage. Second game we were more comfortable with the rules but he ignored the objectives and zerg rushed me. I got lucky in my first turn of shooting and took out his synapse, them my hero combat specialist reiver sarge with a combat knife (5 attacks!) Dominated the centre field by charging two genestealers then surviving a charge by a third. He killed one, wounded one then fell back to let the others get bolted to death. The absolute legend however was one of my random intersessors who my opponent planned to outflank and shoot to death with his termigants. The Primaris marine in question threw a frag grenade over his shoulder without looking rolling a 6 for shots, which I split to one each bug, hit 5 times and wounded 4. They then failed all their armour and I fatally wounded 4 times. I killed 4 Tyranids with 1 frag grenade! I felt pretty bad about that I mean what are the odds. My opponent conceded and I went home pretty chuffed.
  3. I'm okay with this ending, of course there was some things they clearly fudged.
  4. Captain Novaforce

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    Decided to make some fabulous Marines. WIP obv
  5. Captain Novaforce

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    On a different topic Skitarii are fiddly little bastards to put together.
  6. I liked this Book stuff / speculation
  7. Captain Novaforce

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    Yeah kind of wish I had this before I painted 38 pox walkers. Or 50 imperial guardsmen. I think you could bring it up a level with a bit of dry brushing, or at least blend in with rest of an existing army a bit more.
  8. Captain Novaforce

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    Actually, terrain. Things like crates and pipes, this will be good
  9. Captain Novaforce

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    Looks interesting, but yeah very situational. Maybe could be used to cut a few steps out. I have 20 odd skitarii that I haven't decided what to do with might fire this on.
  10. Captain Novaforce

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    You can get it cheap if you back order Warhammer Conquest
  11. In a shock twist Cersei is murdered in first 10 minutes. The majority of the remaining run time of the next two episodes is devoted to Daenerys feeding children to her dragon.
  12. They've clearly stepped on the accelerator to try get everything wrapped up and it shows, but I'm still in the enjoying it camp. Even if some of the events feel a bit cheap now.

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