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  1. Nice! Also I didn't realise Arnold Rothstein from Boardwalk Empire was in that scene first time I watched it.
  2. Yeah saw that so picked it up last night, reading now enjoy it!
  3. Complete change of pace this week, the shows utterly unpredictable I'll give them that!
  4. Currently re-reading the Night Lords trilogy. *MustnotbuysomeNightLordsMustnotbuysomeNightLords...*
  5. I don't know why but the use of Enya ended me.
  6. @Cocky That is an incredible emperors child! My own heretic astartes are looking at that and crying. How long did that take? Once you get to 6/7 marines you are good for a game of kill team.
  7. I totally love this show, I'm re-watching the most recent episode which I never do these days.
  8. Alright I quite fancy seeing that
  9. The games places in London are opened up again now, really want to get a game but my indomnitus made to order hasn't arrived yet, really wanted a copy of 9th ed rules and missions. Also I'm determined to play my Chaos Space Marines with 2W, but doubt I'll get that codex this year. I mean I'll lose anyway but want a chance! Might just take my imperial Guard which are pretty point and click, means I'll have to drive though to carry all the buggers. Will be able to have a drink once the new death guard codex is out as they fit in one bag!
  10. The cast make it, as does the overall production quality. I binged the whole lot.
  11. Yep enjoying this, on reflection after episode two I thought there was a risk that it would start going down a American Horror Story route, but it looks like they are keeping to the main themes and I'm interested to see where the main plot goes.
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