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  1. Really looking forward to getting this, managed to order a copy on simply games, thanks @gossi the dog Hopefully post won't be too disrupted
  2. Yeah was going to ask, where is everyone ordering this from? Can't see this on Amazon or Argos
  3. I'm enjoying this so far, really like the look of the future they've made. Next episode tomorrow right?
  4. It was... Okay. 5/10. I mean I finished it unlike discovery. Will probably go watch the Orville now.
  5. They are indeed, the Chaos Cultists are also pretty decent. The Game can be played solo apparently, depending on how long I'm stuck in for might give it a go. From the original set the only model I've not finished yet is the Man of Iron.
  6. Recently I convinced myself my shame pile wasn't big enough, so I have Blackstone Fortress: Escalation, a Knight Desecrator, a Forgefiend and a Hydra battery in the post. Should keep the hands busy for a while
  7. Apparently all the GW stores shut down from tomorrow in Germany. I've already got a knight on the way, might use this crisis as an excuse to build up my shame pile.
  8. New HQ for my Genestealers. Went a but heavy on the face but think she looks alright. I got the plastic sisters in the end so my plastic soldier collection is going to be more gender balanced
  9. 8 wasn't so bad, still doesn't work with the swearing. Like someone doing a shit in the pool while you are swimming.
  10. Given that I'm going to be stuck at home much of next week, I think it's finally time to get some Artis Opus brushes and a Knight. Possibly two. Literally any bloody excuse.
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